Is the Boltz Pro Charger Scam or Legit? What is Your Review?

The popular Boltz Pro Charger has seen its rise and fall, from claiming to be the fastest and safest charger for gadgets to receiving mixed reviews about its functionality.

And even though the official Boltz Pro website claims the charger has an 89% positive, 4.6 ratings, it is still hard to believe if the Boltz Pro Charger is a scam or legit?

The Boltz Pro Charger is a fake product sold under the false name of a US-based company. It is a complete copy of the original Chinese Oklarich Us Adaptor and has no official logo. Furthermore, the product doesn’t charge gadgets faster than a regular charger, and often involves risks of heating devices and puts the batteries in danger. It is also sold at a much higher cost than the Oklarich Us Adaptor.

Let’s learn more about the Boltz Pro Charger in the following guide and see whether or not to trust this product for your devices!

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What Does Boltz Pro Say About its Product?

Boltz Pro markets its charger as the fastest, safest charger for all your devices. Some of its cutting-edge features are given below:

●    QC 3.0 Technology

The charger is equipped with QC 3.0 technology, is twice as fast as Quick Charge 1.0, and is 38% more efficient than its predecessor Quick Charge 2.0. Hence, with Botz Pro Charger, users can enjoy a faster charging rate without worrying about time or space.

●    4 x Times Fast Charging

The charger claims to be manufactured to meet the modern requirements and thus, can charge your gadgets at 4 x times faster-charging speeds than a standard charger.

●    70% Charge in 35 Minutes

Another bold claim by Boltz Pro is that their charger can charge multiple devices at once, increasing the battery level from 0% to 75% in just 35 minutes. Thus, even if your devices are dead, you can have them all ready and fully charged in less than an hour with the Boltz Pro Charger.

●    4 USB Ports

You can charge up to four devices at once with the Boltz Pro Charger, whether your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, earbuds, headphones, or even power bank.

●    Adaptive Ports

The USB ports are manufactured with great care to provide a stable current flow to all your gadgets attached to the charger. The bottom three ports are designed for 3.1 Amps output, while the top port is compatible at 18W.

●    Intelligent Multi-Current System

The charger also has an Intelligent Multi-Current System that deals with various Amps (as stated above). However, such a feature also lets the charger detect and adjust the required output level for every device.

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●    Heat and Safety

The built-in Intelligent Multi-Current System is also stated to protect your gadgets from getting too heated, thus, making the battery last longer. Even if four devices are attached to the charger at once, it won’t let them heat up and maintain the temperature throughout the charging session.

●    Clutter-Free

Because all your gadgets can be charged using the same charger, it would be much more organized than using separate chargers for individual devices.

●    Saves Time

An obvious claim – the faster the charger, the less time it will take your gadgets to have a full battery.

●    Portable

The charger is tiny and can easily fit in a small space. It is marketed as an ideal, must-to-have accessory for travelers, office workers, and students who deal with multiple devices at once.

The Truth About the Boltz Pro Charger

Surely, the marketers did a great job advertising their product as the ultimate savior of modern world problems, but is there any sound basis for that? When tested in practical terms, is the Boltz Pro Charger scam or legit?

The truth is, the product is full of red flags, and though the official website has many positive reviews, various factors unveil the truth to life.

1.  False Claims 

First, the Boltz Pro company makes false claims about their charger’s originality, as mentioned below.

No Logo?

The product’s name is “Boltz Pro Charger,” but nowhere on the product is mentioned neither its name nor any company logo.

When the product arrives, it has “Power Quick Charge 3.0″ written on it, which raises straightforward questions about the charger’s authenticity. Nowhere on its body does it say it is a “Boltz Charger.”

Made in US or China?

The official website of Boltz Pro states that the company “began with a group of “techies” from San Francisco,” which is entirely inaccurate. The product is not manufactured by a US-based company; instead, it is “made in China.”

It is because users can easily spot the “made in China” mentioned on the side of the charger, which, again, raises questions about the product’s originality.

However, the official website doesn’t have any side pictures of the charger, which is often suspected as an on-purpose attempt to misguide users.

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Actually a Chinese Charger Labelled as a US Product! 

Boltz Pro Charger doesn’t exist in reality; it is a Chinese charger imported and sold under a false US company name.

The shocking truth came to the surface when users compared the Boltz Pro Charger with the Oklarich Us Adaptor, which is exactly the same product as Boltz Pro Charger!

Notably, the so-called US-based company doesn’t list its products as made in China. But the Oklarich Us Adaptor is the original product claimed as Boltz Pro Charger.

2.  No Rigid Facts

Next, the Boltz Pro company claims its charger to have extra-ordinary features, which, in reality, are extremely harmful to gadgets.

●     3.1 Amps? Really?

The company claims that the charger is 4 x times faster than an average charger, and it can take your device’s charging level from 0% to 70% in 35 minutes.

It is because the charger charges at 3.1 Amps (the bottom three ports) while providing the current flow to all the four devices attached to it.

An average charger usually charges at nearly 2 Amps, which is considered safe. However, various chargers in the market also charge at higher outputs (up to 10 Amps).

The thing is, a 3.1 Amps current flow is safe for your gadgets (phones, tablets, smartwatches, earbuds, etc.) ONLY if the device supports such higher Amps.

Most of the time, the gadgets are not designed to endure such higher current flow, which can mess up the battery. Not to forget that the charger is designed to charge multiple devices at once – all within 30 minutes. In such a case, charging your gadgets with a higher amp can easily damage their batteries and ruin them.

●     Heat & Safety

Boltz Pro claims that the charger won’t “fry” your devices, but on the grounds of common sense, a higher Amp rating of 3.1 A is likely to result in a rapid temperature rise.

Even if the charger comes with a claimed “Intelligent Current Recognition,” there is a high probability of increased risks (overcharging, blowing up, short circuits).

Thus, the safety of gadgets comes into great danger since the current flowing at 3.1 Amps to four devices at once can easily damage them.

●     Charging Time

The most claimed fact by Boltz Pro Charger is a 4 x faster-charging speed and from 0% to 70% charging in just 35 minutes.

It may seem fascinating at first, but is it? Users worldwide who have bought the charger unveiled the truth of its false reality: the Boltz Pro Charger isn’t as fast as it claims to be. It is simply like a regular charger and does no wonder regarding rapidly charging multiple devices at once. 

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Also, it should be noted that charging several devices at once will eventually slow down the process, and hence, no fast charging!

There are also various Youtubers who bought the charger and showed the real-time charging speed of the Boltz Pro Charger. A video even shows charging rates for individual devices using the Boltz Pro Charger, and the results were utterly disappointing.

3.  The Drastic Price Difference

The backstory mentioned on the Boltz Pro website is interesting, as they “calculated the cost of BoltzPro to be between $50 – $70″.

Moreover, you can even get a 50% discount on your first purchase, after which the product costs $29.00 (excluding shipping which is around $7.99 making the total cost $36.99).

Such a high price drastically differs from the Oklarich Us Adaptor (the original charger), which costs somewhere between $6.33 – 6.76.

Such a significant difference between prices makes the Boltz Pro Charger a scam since you can get the same product (claimed to be worth $70) in as low as 6 USD.

Even after a 50% off discount, users are still at a loss since they would be paying $29 for something they can get for $6.

It is highly suspected that the higher price of the Boltz Pro Charger is due to the increased shipping when the product is imported from China to the US. Thus, again, the authenticity of the product is highly questioned!

So, Is the Boltz Pro Charger Scam or Legit?

After carefully considering all the false claims made by the company, it is evident that the Boltz Pro Charger is not a genuine product. It is a copy of the original Chinese Oklarich Us Adaptor and is sold under the name of a false US-based company.

Also, the charger doesn’t fulfill what it claims to be; it is no different from a regular charger and doesn’t offer a 4 x times faster-charging speed.

Regarding heat and safety, the charger is likely to result in a rapid temperature in devices attached to it, given the 3.1 Amps current flow, with which most gadgets are not compatible.

Lastly, the drastic price difference is a big NO since the company sells a product at the double (and even triple, minus the 50% off discount) price of the original Chinese Oklarich Us Adaptor!