Can You Buy McDonald’s Toys and How Much They Are?

McDonald’s is famous for its food and gives you toys with their happy meals. You can even buy toys without a happy meal. That’s why children always wanted to visit McDonald’s as they sell valuable toys.

Without wasting time, move ahead to know completely about McDonald’s toys and much more.

Can You Buy McDonald’s Toys In 2022?

Yes, everyone can buy McDonald’s toys, and if you want to buy without a happy meal, they sell an only number of toys. Moreover, you can order them online through different online stores, for example, bay, amazon.

However, discretion lies with the manager, and they are confused about whether they should give toys.

Can You Buy McDonald’s Toys Without a Happy Meal?

They have not restricted buying happy meals with toys; moreover, you cannot buy a certain amount of toys. For example, visit McDonald’s and ask the vendor to give them a whole box of toys. No, they will not provide you as you can buy just a few pieces of them.

However, they may deny your request for toys as there is no such thing in company policy, and they can stop selling toys without a meal at any time; however, they may take bigger steps for selling McDonald’s toys.

What Do McDonald’s Toys Cost?

When you buy toys without a happy meal, they will cost you $1.69; however, prices are flexible and can be as low as$1.59.

However, when you buy a happy meal, McDonald’s toys only cost you $.79. Thus in some situations, it is recommended to purchase toys with happy meals as they cost less, helping you save money.

Can You Ask for a Specific McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy?

Whatever toy you ask, the McDonald’s team will give you a few out of the box. However, if you receive the wrong toy by mistake, you can exchange it. But make sure you exchange it within 2-3 days.

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However, if the toy is available in limited stock, they may not give you that toy without any meal.

Can You Buy McDonald’s Toys Online?

You cannot buy McDonald’s toys online from McDonald’s as they do not deliver them. However, you can get them from other marketplaces, for example, eBay, Amazon, Facebook.

So open any online store and select the toys you want to buy. However, the toys that these stores sell are a bit old. But if your timing is correct, you can find new toys as well.

Is McDonald’s Stopping Happy Meal Toys?

No, the company has not taken any such decision; however, they have announced that by 2025 they will not sell plastic toys. The company is trying to make toys from plant-based products and recycled material.

Moreover, all the movie characters sold in plastic will not be sold as the company prepares 3D cutouts to represent the character.

Environmental pollution is increasing very much to control it. McDonald’s has taken the initiative and decided to change plastic packaging. Thus now they will be selling things in plant-based packing.

This step will prove beneficial for the environment, and all living things as plastic are non-degradable and cause severe issues.

What are the Most Valuable McDonald’s Toys?

Following is the list of very valuable toys, if you have enough money, you must buy them. A complete set of toys is expensive, so you can buy a few pieces of them as they will cost less.

1. Full Set of TY Teenie Beanie Boos

It was the matter of 2000 when McDonald’s started selling a full set of TY teenie beanie boos, and if you have their full set, you get almost $400 for them. However, if you only have a few of these two little cute cuisines, you will only get $40 for them.

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2. Underwater Monsters

If you have a complete set of underwater monsters, you can get $400 for them. Is not it amazing? These toys were released in 1979, and they were not appreciated very much. But these are the most valuable of all toys, and you must buy them.

3. Robots by Diener Keshi

These robots were also released in 1979, and they cost $400 for each robot. However, nobody knows what these robots are and what they can do, but these are valuable and very expensive.

4. Fraggle Rock

There was a show named muppet, and it was the best show for children, so because of its fame, McDonald’s released a toy in 1992 known as Fraggle rock. These are considered very rare and are sold at $300 in different online stores.

5. Inspector Gadget

These are very famous cartoons, and children love to watch them for hours. Moreover, when the movie launched in 1995, it earned much fame. In the meantime, the inspector gadget hit McDonald’s, and now you can make $350 for just one toy. Are you not excited?

6. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

It is counted in the classic toys of McDonald’s, and it always brings back a lot of nostalgia. They sell a complete set of mighty morphin’ power rangers with vehicles for $350. So if you have enough budget to spend on toys, you must buy them and cherish yourself with sweet memories.

7. Furby

In the 90s, children were obsessed with stuffed toys and loved to have their collections. When McDonald saw this, they released a whole set of stuffed toys that cost very much. If you only have Furby from all set, you can get $120 for it.

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8. Snoopy

When it was the 50th anniversary of McDonald’s, they launched a snoopy set in the early 2000s. These are considered very valuable worldwide, getting $180 for them.

9. 101 Dalmatians

They tied up with the movie’s release and launched these toys with their happy meal in 1996. People liked their set so much, and lines of people were observed outside the McDonalds to buy these toys. Today you can get $220 for the full set.

10. Mario

Super Mario is the most popular video game, so McDonald’s released a complete Mario series with their happy meal. Nowadays, you will get $250 if you have finished the Mario set series.

11. Jerry, the Minion

It was included in their happy meal in 2013 after the successful Despicable Me II. And if you have his toy, you can set it for $120.

Final Words

In short, you can get McDonald’s toys without a happy meal from different marketplaces like Facebook, Amazon, eBay. However, you can buy only a certain amount. Moreover, they have a few very valuable toys.

You can get $200-300 by selling them. The price of each toy is different, and it varies according to its worth. Most of the toys are paired with famous movies and videos game characters.

Nowadays, McDonald’s is planning to change the material of their toys and replace its plastic packing with plant-based material, so there is a reduction in environmental pollution. Moreover, they will use recycled material for making toys.

You may have some questions in your mind; feel free to get in touch with us in the below comment section. Thank you for your visit!