Can You Do Postmates With a Friend?

When you’re looking to earn some extra cash on the side, one of the most popular options available today comes from Postmates, which allows you to pick up packages from local businesses and deliver them to customers.

Therefore, when it comes to the answer to the question “can you do Postmates with a friend? The answer is YES. According to Postmate’s official website, you can do Postmates with a friend. Moreover, you can also order Postmates for someone else. Keep reading to learn more about Postmates with friends.

Postmates Overview

Postmates is an on-demand food delivery service that makes life easier for users by letting them order anything they want from restaurants around town or items from nearby stores. 

The service makes it possible to get any product within minutes of placing your order, perfect for those nights when you just can’t be bothered to go out. 

So How Does It Work? 

In short, the app allows you to browse menus and menus of local restaurants and stores and select a location. When you find what you’re looking for, please place your order and wait while one of their couriers picks up the food or item at the restaurant/store and delivers it straight to your door. 

Customers are provided with helpful features such as text notifications about the progress of their order, which ensures that you know exactly when your meal will arrive. 

For anyone who’s ever been let down by an unreliable delivery service or sat hungry in front of the TV with no food in sight, this is an absolute godsend! 

It’s also great for people who are too busy to cook dinner but don’t have time to do a supermarket shop either – now they can have everything delivered right to their door in under half an hour.

What are the Pros and Cons of Doing Postmates with a friend?

If you’re looking to make some extra cash with an app like Postmates, you might wonder if having your friend come on board with you will pay off. If so, what can help you and your friend succeed together? Is there anything that could hurt your chances of delivery success? Keep reading to find out! 

Below are the pros and cons of doing Postmates with a friend. Start by deciding if you want Postmates as individuals or as a team (two people). 

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  • One pro is the idea that the person who has the car can do most of the deliveries since they don’t have to wait for the other person. 
  • Another pro is making more money from each order because one person can cover deliveries while another drive. 


  • The only con of doing Postmates with a friend is that driving can be challenging when both people want to get in on the action. 

However, this may not be a bad thing depending on how you view it. It could mean less time spent waiting around for someone else. 

It’s also worth noting that if you work together, divide all duties equally, so no one feels like they’re doing more than their fair share.

Things To Consider Before Doing Postmates With A Friend

It’s important to understand that you cannot go into business together and do it as a partnership. Instead, one person owns and operates their entity while their friend posts orders for them. This way, there is no question about who has liability or responsibility if something goes wrong. 

If the friend does not have the funds to start a new business, they can post an order under the owner’s account. The downside of this situation is that the friend will not be able to be reimbursed for their expenses until they take over the budget by taking out loans. 

Another issue may arise when the original account holder stops using Postmates. If they don’t update their settings, all incoming orders will still be processed through them even though they’re not operating their own business anymore.

Ways To Enjoy Doing Postmates With Friends

No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, there are times when you need to share tasks and workloads with someone else.

Sometimes it’s easier to tackle these tasks; other times, it can be more fun. Luckily, Postmates has no problem with group orders – so here are some ways you can use our service with friends.

Split the order into two or more parts

Sometimes, one person doesn’t want something from the restaurant, but their friend does. For example, I might get chicken nuggets and fries from Chick-fil-A while my friend gets their classic chicken sandwich. 

Order for both people in your household at once

We all have our preferences – especially in food! One of us may like steak, while the other wants pasta. And sometimes, we don’t even know what we want until we see what everyone else is ordering. 

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Postmates lets you quickly browse nearby restaurants and add items to your cart before placing an order. It’s simple, fast, and perfect for those indecisive moments. 

Choose things that will go well together

If you’re ordering multiple dishes from different restaurants, consider choosing things that will go well together as sides or appetizers. Pizzas often come with breadsticks or a salad – choose something that complements the pizza if possible. 

Split order into several portions, giving everyone a choice

Suppose you have a big family gathering planned. Everyone will show up hungry and wanting something different to eat. If they are present during the ordering process, why not let them pick out what they want? 

With Postmates’ Group Order feature, you can set up the group order in advance and send out invitations. Everybody gets their menu, so they know what they’re getting beforehand.

How do I sign up to use Postmates?

Signing up to use Postmates is quick and easy. It will also cost you, however. A delivery fee varies depending on your market and how much you’re delivering but expects it to range between $5-$7. If you’re doing more than one order for someone, the person paying for the orders must go through the sign-up process once for each order. 

They can’t be with the person making them during the process, either – they have to fill out their info separately in an app or web browser of their own. The service does not allow someone else to create an account for another person (including a spouse). 

The only way around this is if the two people are roommates or family members and both live at the same address. And there’s still no guarantee that both of those people will get credited as helpers because there’s no way to link the accounts together. 

One person could be a helper for all the orders and never even know about it, while the other ends up getting left behind. Finally, remember that you’ll need to provide a photo ID when setting up your account, so make sure you have access to one before signing up!

How Does Payment Work In Postmates?

Postmates (owned by Uber) uses a fee-per-delivery system, so no money is taken from you until you complete your order. 

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And unlike many delivery apps that don’t offer tips for drivers, Postmates does! 

The app will automatically add 20% to your total order cost and send it directly to your driver. Itis also one of our favorite things about using Postmates.

How Should You Split The Postmates Cost With Your Friend?

Before you decide how to split Postmates’ expenses, you should consider a few things. First, consider your friends and ensure splitting costs will enhance your bond rather than strain it. 

If that’s not an issue, here are some strategies to consider. You can each pay for one hour of the shift (i.e., if one person’s shift is 3 hours, they’ll cover 2 hours of the cost; if both people’s shifts are 2 hours long, they’ll each cover 1 hour) 

If you have different schedules but need to work together as a team, then set up an informal contract and use PayPal or Venmo to transfer money from one account to another. 

Again, this might be a little more difficult because you’re dealing with cash, so keep good records of what happened to avoid any disputes down the line. 

Lastly, it might be time to reevaluate your friendship if you find yourself trying to do the deliveries without their help.


Here are some faqs about Postmates

Can You Share a Postmates Account? 

Anyone can use Postmates, but sharing your log-in information is not recommended due to security concerns. With Postmates’ “Group Ordering,” you can conveniently share an order with others.

Can You Have Two Postmates Orders At Once?

Using Group Orders, you can have food delivered, picked up, and drinks offered. You can start your group order by opening Postmates, selecting a restaurant, and tapping the Group Order icon.

Share your order link via text, social media, or email to encourage people to participate, then go big or set a spending limit.

What If Something Goes Wrong With Your Delivery?

If something does go wrong with your delivery, don’t panic. The chances are that your Postmates is willing to take care of it immediately. If they’re not, be persistent and ask to speak with someone who can help you out. They may need more information about the problem before they can fix it for you.