Costco Brats Review: Price, Nutrition, Ingredients, and More

The Costco Bratwurst is very popular among the midwest folks. You may have heard or seen many people around you love to have a Brat dish at their table. But your suspicion doesn’t let you eat this fantastic food. Various people hesitate while trying something new in their life.

Suppose you haven’t tasted bratwurst just because of some insecurities. You don’t need to be concerned anymore. In this writeup, you’ll get the genuine Costco Brats Review. Here we come.

Kirkland Signature Brats-Costco

You can find brats in the various grocery stores like the local butcher, Johnsonville, etc. But the brand of Costco named Kirkland mainly offers bratwursts. Brats are the organic juicy sausage treats you have to try. Most communities are unaware of these tasty sausage treats, but the midwest people are always ready to have a saucy brat dish at their dining, especially in summers.

If you’re thinking of trying the brats at a restaurant, you should first check out that they offer bratwurst. This policy may seem strange, but many restaurants don’t like to provide brats to their customers.

When you converse about the Costco Brats Review, folk will tell you how mad they’re for yummy brats. A person also reviewed somewhere that if you know how exactly to make a brat dish, you don’t need a bun like burgers.


It is mandatory to check the ingredients of the food you’re buying. Numerous people face various allergies to distinct elements. Thus, purchasing the wrong food may put you in significant health issues. Here are the ingredients that make luscious brats.

  • Pork
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Corn syrup
  • Monosodium glutamate
  • Lemon juice powder
  • Spices
  • Natural flavors
  • Potassium lactate
  • Dextrose
  • Sodium diacetate

The pork and the water are the main elements of bratwurst. Except for these two items, all the enlisted ingredients combine to make only 2% of a brat.


Nutrients are the most crucial part of every edible thing. So, here you’ll see all the nutrients present in a single serving.


  • Calories – 290
  • Trans Fat – 0g
  • Sugar – 2g
  • Dietary Fibers – 0
  • Saturated Fat – 8g
  • Cholesterol – 60mg
  • Carbohydrates – 2g
  • Sodium – 730mg
  • Total Fat – 23g


  • Total Fat – 35%
  • Sodium – 30%
  • Cholesterol – 20%
  • Carbohydrates – 1%
  • Saturated Fat – 40%
  • Dietary Fiber – 0%
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Costco Brats Meat Suppliers

There are a lot of rumors that say Costco doesn’t make their brats. But this statement is wrong. Certainly, Costco makes its brats by itself, but the meat can be imported from others. Costco uses three kinds of flesh in their Kirkland Signature Brats.

Costco doesn’t make its meat plant yet. So, it is said that they sell the repackaged products of other well-known companies. It is also possible that they make brats according to the procedure of famous brats selling firms.

Here are a few countries and corporations that deliver organic meat to Costco for making bratwursts.

●      Pork

As we know, pork is a significant component of a brat. The pork meat for brat is supplied by JBS swift USA.

●      Beef

The brats are also made of beef meat. It is said that the beef for brats is bought from San Joaquin Valley, California.

●      Organic Beef

The organic beef used for brats is supplied from various countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, etc.  

Costco Brats Price

In Costco Brats reviews by consumers, you might be seen that bratwurst is too expensive for an average person. However, it’s just a myth created by the opponent. Let’s dive in and find out the genuine price of Costco Brats.

  • When you purchase a 19-ounce package of Johnsonville bratwurst at Walmart, you’ll get it for $4.98. So, the per-pound rate will be $4.19.
  • Meanwhile, if you go to the Costco outlet, you’ll get 3.5 pounds of brats at $8.49. Thus, the price of Costco Brats is $2.42 per pound.

Therefore, shopping brats in Costco will save you $1.77 per pound, which is 42% of the aggregate payment. An ordinary person can easily add Costco Brats to their meal.

How to cook tasty Brats?

Costco has shared the official instructions on cooking brats like Kirkland Signature brats. There are three basic methods to cook tasty brats. Here we go.

1.    Grilling

The first and the most basic way to cook brats is to grill. When grilling the brats, the gas flame should be medium to low. Suppose you’re cooking on charcoal. Burn it until the formation of white ash. Then you’ll have to place the brat links on the grill. Continue barbecuing the brats for 20 to 25 minutes. You can also grill the bratwurst at a temperature of  165F.

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2.    The stovetop

While cooking the tasty brats on the stovetop, before adding brats, the cooking spray will be sprayed all over the skillet. The flame of the stovetop will remain medium to high. Firstly, the brats will be cooked for 5 minutes until they possess a brownish shade.

In the second step, the flame is reduced, and a half cup of water is added to the skillet. The water is added to simmer the brats for approx 15 minutes, depending on how fast the temperature reaches 165F.

3.    Broiling

In the broiling method, you can also use a baking pan for cooking bratwurst. Place the brats in the broiler and change their sides every 3 to 5 minutes to avoid sticking. In a broiler, you’ll have to cook brats for 10 to 13 minutes to get their brown color. You can enjoy the meal with brats when the internal heat reaches 165F.

Benefits Of Costco Brats

Costco is a top-rated company who’s delivering products all over the world. You can purchase Costco or Kirkland products without worrying about the quality. Brats are known only in a few countries, so you’ll be confused about the pros and cons. Hence, Let’s jump in and find out the promising benefits of bratwursts.

●      Lack of Preservatives

All-natural ingredients manufacture the Kirkland bratwursts. The brats don’t contain preservatives like an artificial flavor or artificial color, chemical residues, etc. Therefore, you can eat the brats without bothering about the harmful effects of chemicals. Brats are considered organic food, so it is good for you and your family’s health.

●      Low Carbohydrates

According to the Costco Brats review, the best thing about Kirkland brats is that dieting people can also eat them. Brats contain a considerably low amount of carbohydrates. So, if you’re on dieting and only following the intake of low carbs food, Costco brats will be a fantastic partner for your cravings.

●      The rich amount of vitamin B

Vitamin B plays a crucial role in providing energy to the human body. Vitamin b breaks down the Bulk molecules of protein, fats, and carbohydrates and converts them into the form of energy.

As brats are composed of pork or beef meat, they will contain a large ratio of Vitamin B. Therefore, intake of brats will provide you with the energy and fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin B.

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●      Presence of Selenium

You might be unaware of selenium and its benefits, but it is the most needed mineral in the body. Almost all types of meat contain a tremendous amount of selenium in it. The pork meat also contains selenium that can boost your immune system and deals with rheumatoid arthritis, breathing problems and thyroid issues. Hence, the presence of brats in your meal will give you energy.

●      Presence Of High Protein

All the meats, including pork, beef, and mutton, contain a high amount of protein. Protein plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy body and life for you. Adding up high protein meals to your diet will boost your immune system. If you’re not eating anything else, only intake of brats can fulfill the needs of protein in the body. Hence, the Costco Brats are suitable for the people on a diet and weak people.

●      Boost Muscles Health

As the Kirkland signature, bratwursts are composed of all the organic ingredients. It contains a very high amount of protein, cholesterol, and a considerably low amount of carbohydrates. Hence, the Costco Brats are proven to be the best choice for your muscle strength. The Brats also strengthen your immune system and enable your WBCs to fight against foreign bodies.


Do Costco Brats Need To Be Refrigerated?

Yes! It would be best to refrigerate the Brats until you’re not using them. Once you open the packaging, you’ll have to consume the Brats within five days. The Kirkland Brats can freeze for approx 30 days, and when you open it, it’ll be ready to use.

Does Costco Make Kirkland Tuna Fish?

There’s a rumor that Costco does not make the Kirkland fish. Kirkland Tuna fish is made up of all organic and high-quality ingredients. So, this fish has a different fan base. Therefore, it is believed that it might be copied from other companies.

Bottom Line

Presently, you have a complete Costco Brats Review. You’ll find all the valuable information, including the price, nutrients, benefits, and many more, in this writeup. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned anymore. You can give it a try to couple this delicious sausage item with your meal.