Does Postmates Deliver Cigarettes and Alcohol?

In today’s digitized world, people depend greatly on food delivery services to meet most of their needs. From ordering food online to getting groceries, medicines, or clothes delivered to your doorstep, you can do it all with just a few clicks on your phone. With this technology revolution, life has been easier, better, and more fun for even alcoholics and smokers.

Smoking and drinking alcohol have become habits that not many people can break despite being injurious to health. Whether you are a chain smoker or a frequent drinker, you can often have none of them available at home. So is it necessary to head out every time you are short on cigarettes or liquor? Well, you no longer have to.

A reliable food delivery service – Postmates has started to deliver cigarettes and liquor right at your doorstep. Therefore, if your cigarette stock has ended or wants more liquor to keep the party alive,  you just need to place your order on Postmates. Read on to know how to place your order of liquor and cigarettes on Postmates.

Does Postmates deliver alcohol?

In recent years, food delivery apps have become more popular. At first, they were only meant for delivering hot meals from the restaurants.

However, soon many popular food delivery apps came up with an idea to expand their delivery options and started delivering groceries, medicines, makeup, clothes, and shoes to people’s doorsteps.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, when people started following work-from-home orders, the idea of alcohol and cigarette delivery became less prohibited, and many food delivery services started delivering them to people’s doorsteps.

Postmates also delivers alcoholic drinks with food orders as well as on their own. However, they do have a limited variety of liquor.

Therefore, you might not always find what you are looking for on Postmates. Only a selective range of spirits, wine, beer, and liquor is available.

Does Postmates deliver cigarettes?

In the United States of America, the delivery of any tobacco product is illegal. However, it varies from state to state.

The laws regarding the tobacco industry for quite strict, and they are heavily regulated. The laws state that the relevant courier will be held responsible if caught in a case of delivering tobacco products to minors.

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Also, these laws are not only limited to the customers but also the couriers. Considering the strict laws and regulations, Postmates has set strict procedures to ensure that no alcohol or cigarette delivery is made to any minor by them.

Furthermore, they have created a list of restricted areas where any delivery of cigarettes or liquor cannot be made:

  • Public or private school
  • Hospitals & health care facilities
  • Sports venues
  • The place hosting a sporting event
  • College campus
  • Prison and reformatory
  • veterans’ home and state capitol grounds
  • P.O. Boxes
  • Locker or similar package storage service

How does Postmates alcohol or cigarette delivery work?

Ordering alcohol or cigarettes from Postmates is the same as ordering from any other food delivery app such as DoorDash, or GrubHub. To place your order of liquor or cigarettes on Postmates, you will have to log in to the app and head to their cigarette or alcohol delivery pages to see which cities have this option available.

Is your city on that list? If yes, here is what you will need to do to place your order of liquor or cigarettes on Postmates:

  • Open the app and type in your delivery address.
  • At the top of the screen, you will have an option to choose what you need to be delivered.
  • All the nearby liquor stores will be displayed when you click on drinks.
  • Choose the liquor you want and continue the checkout process as you would do with any of your Postmates orders.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that you will not find a wide range of liquor available at Postmates as you will physically find it in any liquor store.

Also, you can order the liquor alongside the food you ordered from a restaurant. However, not all restaurant allows the takeaway of alcohol.

Whether your order is put through with food or is an independent alcohol purchase, the payment and delivery process will remain the same.

Once you have added your desired liquor or tobacco product to the cart, you will check out and receive an estimated delivery time for your order.

What does Postmates check before delivering liquor or cigarettes?

As the U.S. government strictly regulates liquor and tobacco products, Postmates take strict measures to ensure no liquor or tobacco product delivery is made to any minor. Therefore for placing an order on Postmates for liquor or cigarettes, you should be above 21.

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It is not only a requirement that you can ignore and still place your order. Postmates enforce it through their Fleet app, where you will be required to scan your I.D. to ensure you have a valid I.D. and are of legal age to consume liquor or cigarettes.

Also, it can be done with a driving license or passport to ensure that you are over 21. The order will not be delivered to you if:

  • You are not present when the courier arrives
  • You are under 21
  • You do not have a valid photo I.D.
  • Your ID card or passport, or license is expired

Therefore, it is quite evident that for a Postmates delivery of liquor and cigarettes, you will have to show proof of your age. Due to this, you will not have an option of contactless or absent delivery. 

What happens if you don’t have a valid I.D. card?

If your valid I.D., license card, or passport is not present when the courier arrives at your location, the order will be returned and marked undeliverable. Therefore, if you want to receive your Postmates liquor or cigarettes order, you must have valid “proof of age.” Else, your order will not be given to you at the time of delivery no matter how hard you try to convince the courier.

Also, even if you feel you do not have to prove your age to consume liquor or tobacco, you will still have to, as Postmates is quite strict about its rules. For example, it does not matter whether you are 21 or 70; your Postmates alcohol or cigarettes order will not be delivered to you if you don’t have valid age proof.

Some customers may try to convince the couriers by tipping them extra. Therefore, it does not help at all. Postmates’ couriers are strictly trained, and even if they want to go the extra mile for you, they cannot. They are only permitted to leave the alcohol or cigarette order with the customer if a valid I.D. card is scanned into the system.

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Also, Postmates have asked their couriers not to deliver the liquor or tobacco order if the customer already looks intoxicated. By doing so, Postmates can avoid delivering to minors and have control over people who are over-consuming.

However, now you must be wondering what if the courier is unable to scan your I.D. for any reason? Does the courier will still not deliver the order? Absolutely not. In that situation, couriers can manually enter the customer’s information, such as name, date of birth, and more, in the app.

Courier will need the following information for the manual entry:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Full ID number
  • Type of I.D.
  • The expiration date of the I.D.

Does Postmates make deliveries 24/7?

Do you know what makes Postmates the most popular food delivery app? The 24/7 availability. Postmates knows people can have midnight cravings and needs. Therefore, it delivers 24/7 and 365 days a year. However, the delivery of your order does not only depend on Postmates’ availability. Instead, it depends on merchants’ availability too.

Postmates cannot alert their couriers for deliveries if the restaurants or stores are not open. However, before placing an order on Postmates, make sure to check the restaurant or shop’s opening hours.

The best approach is to log in to your Postmates app and quickly search restaurants or shops based on your location. Then, if any restaurant or shop is open, you can get your desired item delivered to your doorstep through Postmates.

However, if no results are displayed after searching for the restaurants or shops, it is a sure sign that every eatery, restaurant, or shop has closed.


Postmates is undoubtedly a popular and reliable app for alcohol and cigarettes delivery to your doorstep. It is a convenient option for those above 21 and has valid proof of age.

However, Postmates will not deliver the liquor or cigarette order if you do not have a valid I.D. card, license card, or passport. Therefore, make sure that you have a valid “age of proof” before placing your alcohol or cigarette order on Postmates, even if you are above 50.