How Far Does Postmates Deliver? Here is All You Need to Know

Postmates is an extremely popular food delivery service for whenever you need a “pick me up” or don’t feel like cooking anything. The broad range of restaurants available on the app makes it perfect for turning to whenever you feel hungry. But even if it does deliver in several locations, every app has its area limit, so you might want to know how far Postmates delivers.

According to the last update on Postmates’ official Twitter, the current radius for delivery is around 2.5 miles. This number can vary to around 3 – 4 miles according to your location and the area. This range means that the number can go up and down if you live in a highly-populated or less dense area, which factors into the final cost of a single delivery for food delivery companies.

What is the Postmates Delivery Radius?

As mentioned above, Postmates currently has a delivery radius of around 2.5 miles. However, this does not mean that this is a set number, and you will not be able to order anything from the app if you live a bit farther. The main reason apps have a delivery radius is to make up for costs and turn as much profit as possible.

Hence, depending on your area, the delivery radius might be extendable to 3 – 4 miles. That said, it might also depend on your order and delivery zone. The drivers must pick up your order first and maybe send up to 11 miles from the delivery location for a candy bar. But as long as your location is in their prescribed area, you will get your order.

But for the best customer experience, it is a good choice to choose your order from somewhere closer to where you live. That way, there will be no inconvenience, and you will get your order in no time at all.

What is the Standard Postmates Delivery Procedure?

Postmates has the same standard procedure as most food delivery apps. First, choose a restaurant from their associated eateries list and click on your order. After pressing add to cart, you can check out and select how you want your order to reach you.

You can choose to have it delivered to your doorstep like most apps or pick up your order yourself if you do not want to dish out those delivery fees and tips. The app informs you when your food is ready, so you don’t have to wait at the restaurant.

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You can also have a ‘party’ order, which is a service unique to Postmates. If other people are ordering from the same restaurant within 15 minutes, you can group your order with theirs. While it may take longer than standard delivery, your fees will be waived, and the food will be at your doorstep without any trouble.

Can Postmates run Errands?

During the pandemic, several food delivery services expanded their field of service to various others, and Postmates was no exception. The app offers not just restaurants but thousands of retailers and stores from where you can order anything, from groceries to household objects.

Gifts, decorations, toys, and even all sorts of household objects, as long as you have the right retailer on the app, they will deliver whatever you need directly to your house. You will never have to leave for things like toiletries or soaps and shampoos when you suddenly run out again.

You can order groceries daily from the app, add whatever you need to your basket, and press checkout! And with the many options there are, you can choose whichever distributor you prefer.

Can Postmates Accept Cash?

Unlike many other food delivery services, Postmates does not accept cash. They have adopted the method of cashless delivery by implementing their particular method; Postmates cash. This payment is a method that most apps now offer, even if they do not handle transactions exclusively.

Postmates cash is just like your Uber Wallet. You convert your money into Postmates cash, which they can keep track of strictly. All transactions are done in this manner, and they can have a clear record of everything and prevent the use of objects like gift cards or vouchers.

Postmates does not even have a cash-on-delivery option and will not deliver your order unless you pay for it first. And while you can tip your driver when they are making the delivery, it is recommended that you do so on the app using your Postmates cash.

Which Food Delivery Service Delivers the Farthest?

With all the major food delivery services in heated competition, it is obvious that they would try to expand their services and advantages to attract customers as much as possible. These services include how far they will be willing to deliver. GrubHub is generally known to deliver the farthest among the apps.

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While the average distance varies according to the location, restaurants, and number of drivers, according to UberEats, the decision also depends on the restaurants themselves on how far they want their delivery radius to be. It also depends on population densities and the number of branches.

While Postmates’ official radius is 2.5 miles, this number can go up to an average of 5 miles for pretty much every delivery service, based on the area. Suppose you are living in a busy city such as New York. The delivery radius might be particularly low depending on where you are ordering from because of the high number of people living there.

Do Postmates Drivers know if you Tip?

Unless you are tipping your courier directly in cash, your Postmates driver will not know what or if you have tipped. However, it is suggested that you should tip your driver around 15% of your total order price as that is the standard etiquette in the US.

While you may hesitate to dish out those few extra dollars, it is important to remember that Postmates drivers are not paid a large sum, only $12 an hour. This number is lower than the minimum wage in larger cities like New York City. And since they do not have full-time workers, their living is not guaranteed.

So, you must contribute to their living by giving just a small amount over your order, treating it like etiquette. While tipping is optional, it is suggested that you do so, as it will make a difference.

Does UberEats own Postmates?

No, but both services belong to the same parent company, Uber. UberEats is a project of Uber, and the company also acquired Postmates in 2020, so both are sister companies and in competition with each other now.

The founders started the app in 2011, and the company was acquired in a $2.65 billion deal, with the CEO Bastian Lehmann remaining the same to date. While there have been rumors suggesting that Uber aims to merge the two businesses into one, there has been no actual news yet.

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The chances of this taking place are not high as both offer slightly different services, giving people a chance to choose between the two and helping Uber expand their influence. However, they may come under the same umbrella in the future.

Is Postmates Better than UberEats?

While this question can be entirely subjective, certain advantages Postmates gives can give it an edge over UberEats. For one, UberEats only delivers food from selected restaurants that the app has partnered with, while Postmates will deliver from anywhere as long as the pick-up is within an assigned area.

Other than that, while both apps offer grocery services, Postmates also delivers from stores, and you have access to a wider variety of objects. At the same time, UberEats focuses largely on edibles, though this may change in the future.

Postmates is also known to have better promotions, even though both apps have almost the same average prices.

Which Food Delivery Service is the Cheapest?

Generally, the prices for each vary, and there is probably no set answer. This uncertainty is because even the base price for anyone’s food might vary depending on the app. Generally, DoorDash or UberEats is said to have lower prices more often than other services such as Postmates or GrubHub.

Keep in mind that the prices change according to the deals the restaurants have with the apps and the distribution of profits and payments of fees. The money is also affected by any promotions or deals each app might be offering exclusively and what sort of discounts or vouchers you are eligible for on each.

Most people tend to have as many apps on their phones as possible to compare prices when they really cannot make something at home or want to order out. Then they can choose whichever service is giving the lowest price for a particular order, allowing them to save money whenever possible.

It can be hard on your wallet to order out in this economy, as even the smallest of orders can add up to a large bill.