How Much is a Small, Medium, and Large Coffee (Hot and Ice) at Mcdonald’s?

McDonald’s coffee is a gourmet. Gavina is a major coffee supplier for McDonald’s. They mostly use a blend of Arabica coffee beans grown in Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, and Costa Rice. They use a medium roasted combination than dark roasted coffee.

There is a large difference in small, medium, and large coffee (Hot and Ice) at McDonald’s. In addition, Sweet and ice-cold drinks contain remained a hit on the menu, especially for those who are not willing to pay high prices to get their fix.

This article contains all information about how much a small, medium and large coffee (Hot and Ice) is at McDonald’s.

How much is a Small, Medium, and Large Coffee (Hot and Ice) at McDonald’s?

Buzzfeed collected the McDonalds cups from different countries to answer how much McDonald’s coffee cup size. In America, a small drink is almost 16 oz, the medium one is nearly 21 oz, and the large one is 30 oz. For example, large McDonald’s coffee in the US is about 32 ounces of liquid.

Here are the sizes of McCafé Coffee and Tea Caffeine:

Beverages       Small (12 oz)     Medium (16 oz)          

Coffee                                 109 mg                                        145 mg

Decaf Coffee                       8 mg                                           11 mg

Espresso                             71 mg                                         142 mg

Americano                          71 mg                                           142 mg

Sizing is different, as the medium cup in the US is much bigger than the larger one in Japan. The standard coffee cup is about 8 to 10 ounces.

How much is a Small, Medium, and Large Coffee (Hot and Iced) at McDonald’s?

The size varies to may be small, larger, or medium. Instead of Frappuccino, McDonald’s frozen drinks are named Frappes. McCafé drinks can be ordered at any time and any McDonald’s.

  1. McDonald’s uses almost 100% arabica coffee beans which the Gavina roasts. As their coffee is medium roast while the expresso is a dark roast.
  2. You will get only 2 options for espresso drinks; one is whole, and the other is non-fat milk. It does not have any dairy-free milk substitutes.
  3. For iced coffees, they add a light cream to the drinks.
  4. None of the espresso drinks is made up of decaf, but the ice coffees can be made up of decaf.
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Every Ice Coffee at McDonald’s is Ranked

·     Iced Caramel Coffee (Ice + light Cream + Caramel Syrup Brewed Coffee)

Here, all calories in a medium are 190, and used sugar is almost 26 grams. It tasted bitter and out of balance; McDonald’s caramel contains a very buttery flavor, and this drink tasted like burnt popcorn.

This coffee tastes like it does not contain any sugar on its own but at $2.00 for a medium. It is one of the best deals on the menu.

·     Iced French Vanilla Latte (Whole Milk + French Vanilla Syrup + Ice + Espresso)

The total calories in iced French vanilla latte are much enough, like 240, and added sugar in a medium one is 34 g. the iced French vanilla latte is the sweetest bunch with an overwhelming vanilla flavor.

This drink has been improved with just a few pumps that must be less than syrup.

·     Caramel Frappe (Ice + Caramel Coffee Frappe Base + Caramel Drizzle+ Whipped Light Cream)

It has 510 calories in a medium and 67 g sugar in a medium. The MacDonald’s caramel can get to be too buttery. And it is cloyingly so sweet if it is added too much to the drink, then it will be the case with the frozen drink.

The Caramel Frappe contains a mixture of caramel coffee frappe base and caramel drizzle. This mixture of two makes it too caramel-y.

·     Iced Mocha (Ice + Espresso + Whole milk + water cream + Chocolate Drizzle+ Chocolate Syrup + Whipped Light)

It has 320 calories in a medium and 43 g sugar in a medium. This drink contains more chocolate than others. But instead of tasting like espresso and chocolate, the iced mocha is more than like an iced latte.

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·     Iced Caramel Latte (Whole milk + Caramel Syrup + Ice + Espresso + Whole)

It contains 270 calories in a medium and 36 g of sugar in a medium. The espresso and caramel work very well together, providing the right amount of sweetness.

·     Iced Caramel Mocha (Ice + Espresso + Whole milk + Chocolate Caramel Syrup + Whipped Light Cream + Caramel Drizzle)

If you like a swirl of caramel in your brownies, then t is pretty much tasted like that. It is a decadent drink that tastes like a dessert. It contains 300 calories in a medium and 38 g sugar in a medium.

·     Iced coffee (Light Cream + Liquid sugar + Ice + Premium Roast Coffee)

It has 180 calories in a medium and 28 g sugar in a medium. It is refreshing, and coffee forwarding has just a sweet touch from liquid sugar. It may be a solid version of every coffee shop staple.

The only complaint you can hear almost from everybody is having a little watery taste. But it is not off-putting at all and is the best option to reach for on a hot day.

·     Iced Caramel Macchiato (Whole Milk + water + Caramel Syrup + Ice + Espresso Caramel Drizzle)

It has 310 calories in a medium and 41 g sugar in a medium. The caramel Macchiato is made up of almost exactly like the caramel latte, but it contains an extra caramel drizzle as this drink has 30 + calories than an iced latte.

The boast of caramel brings the drink to the next level.

·     Iced Latte (Ice + Espresso + Whole Milk + Water)

Iced Latte has 120 calories in a medium and 9 g sugar in a medium. It is another classic for a reason: it is lightly sweetened with liquid sugar. It is the play of espresso and milk together with a fabulous combination.

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·     Iced French Vanilla Coffee (Premium Roast Coffee + Ice+ French Vanilla Syrup + Light Cream)

Iced French Vanilla Coffee contains 170 calories in a medium and 23 g of sugar in a medium. Iced coffee taste is stronger than the espresso-based drinks, which is probably why the French vanilla flavor in ice coffee stands out more than the iced latte.

·     Mocha Frappe (Mocha Coffee Frappe Base + Ice + Chocolate Drizzle+ Whipped Cream)

Mocha Frappe contains 500 calories in a medium and 66 g of sugar in a medium. Its frozen and blended drink tastes like melted ice cream, and it is a delicious drink on your menu. The espresso flavor is not much overwhelming, and the chocolate is paired with the coffee.

Final Words

McDonald’s offers 3 sizes for drinks, a small one (12 oz), a medium one (16 oz), and the larger one (22 oz). The medium one has the same size as Starbucks. Every small drink costs $2.00 or under because each small size McCafé drink is on the Dollar Menu.

McDonald’s frappes ‘ingredients and drinks size depend on the flavor and size you have ordered. If you have any questions regarding how much a small, medium, and large coffee (Hot and Ice) at McDonald’s, you must ask!