Is Londinium Espresso Good? All You Need To Know

Espresso is one of the most popular coffee types globally and one of the most challenging ones to prepare. In the modern world, making coffee is a piece of cake with automatic coffee machines, but a lever machine gives the perfect taste, aroma, and texture to your coffee. And when it comes to reliable lever machines, Londinium Espresso offers a fantastic range of lever machines.

In this article, first, we’ll see what a lever espresso machine is, how it works, and the differences between a lever and an automatic coffee machine. Then, we’ll explore all about different Londinium Espresso machines, their specs, working, usage, pros, cons, and what they offer compared to other lever coffee machines. In the end, you’ll also find some FAQs to clear doubts even more!

Let’s jump right in!

What is a Lever Espresso Machine?

A lever espresso machine is designed on the traditional espresso-making machines and comprises a lever to pull a shot.

Unlike modern, automatic coffee machines, you’d have to pump the lever to direct the pressurized, hot water through the coffee grounds. Also, lever machines do not have any push buttons or paddles as all the work is done through the force of hands.

Lever espresso coffee machines are still prevalent today because they allow you to control every step of preparing your espresso. Not to forget the aesthetically pleasing natural aroma of fresh coffee grounds, a lever espresso machine gives you a rich, balanced taste with a touch of acidity and sweetness.

How Does a Lever Espresso Machine Work?

As said previously, the primary function of a lever espresso machine is to make coffee using a lever; however, the process takes many steps to deliver a fresh coffee aroma, taste, and texture. Also, just because all it takes is to push the lever doesn’t mean it’s easy as a piece of cake; instead, it is a proper skill to press the machine’s lever to get the desired espresso result.

A regular manual/lever espresso machine works with the following parts:

  • Pressure Gauge: The purpose of a pressure gauge is to give a certain pressure before the espresso-making process begins. However, not all lever espresso machines come with a pressure gauge.
  • Water Reservoir: Also known as a steam boiler, the water reservoir is also used before the lever is pulled. You’d need to pour fresh or filtered water into the boiler, which will then be heated.
  • Heating Element: This element works with the water reservoir to heat the water. Here, the machine is turned on, and the heating element begins warming up the water in the steam boiler. The typical water boiling time is 15 minutes; however, it depends on how much water is added and the type of lever espresso machine.
  • Portafilter: This is an essential part of a lever espresso machine, as it is a uniquely designed tool that keeps the coffee grounds tied to the machine. Also, it is necessary to correctly and tightly attach the portafilter to the machine’s group head to ensure a safe brewing process.
  • Lever: A large lever is attached to the outside of the lever espresso machine; all the other components reside inside the machine.

Once the water is heated enough in the steam boiler and the coffee grounds are tamped in the portafilter, the lever is brought down to direct the boiling water through the compressed coffee grounds. This extracts the coffee, which is then poured into the cup placed beneath the vent.

Lever Espresso Versus Automatic Espresso Machines

The most apparent difference between a lever espresso and an automatic machine is the design. However, there are also other things where both the devices differ to a great extent. Let’s explore them all!

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Aroma, Flavor, & Texture

The digital world brings ease in life, but the more we rely on it, the less control we get to do things we love. Coffee isn’t just a drink, and often, the modern machines fail to deliver what we call the “sense of fulfillment”. Contrary to that, a lever espresso machine gives you more control of how you want to brew your coffee grounds, from start to end.

The Right Technique

There is no button to press to have your coffee ready with a lever machine; you’d have to learn the correct lever technique to get what you want. This, on one side, may seem like a challenge, but it also gives you more time to spend learning to make your favorite coffee. And gulping down the first sip of espresso after preparing it all by yourself tastes better!


A negative factor that comes with modern coffee machines is the noise coming from the motor, which may disturb most people. With a lever espresso machine, you are allowed to prepare your coffee in complete silence with nothing to disturb your peace.


Aesthetics count a significant space when it comes to lever espresso machines. Perfect to add to your house or cafe; its spectacular design is sure to glow out the artistic features of your place!

About Londinium Espresso

Making your espresso at home from scratch is like a challenge, but thanks to Londinium espresso, we have a whole range of lever espresso machines to prepare exactly what is desired.

Most of the alternative espresso-making machines fail to match the potency of the gear to the operator’s technical expertise. But Londinium lever espresso machines are designed to meet modern requirements.

What’s best about these lever espresso machines is that they take one step at a time, letting you take complete control of how you want to prepare your espresso. It is simple and easy to use, though the level technique requires trial and error, which is excellent as drinking your coffee after putting effort tastes on an entirely another level!

Specifications of Londinium Espresso Machines

Whether it is your kitchen you want a lever coffee machine for, or are looking for an espresso machine to increase the aesthetics of your coffee shop, Londinium Espresso has a range of lever machines for everyone. You can choose from the five lever espresso machines:

  • Londinium Compressa
  • Londinium R24
  • Londinium I
  • Londinium II
  • Londinium III

All of these comprise a lever that is used to pull a shot. Before we move on to their specification, let’s first understand the primary difference between each.

Difference Between Londinium Lever Espresso Machines

Here is how each Londinium lever espresso machine differs from each other:

Londinium R24

The Londinium R24 is the most basic lever espresso machine. It comprises a boiler, rotary pump, and water reservoir where the reservoir with a configurable pre-infusion pressure draws the pump to power the boiler.

Londinium Compressa

The Londinium Compressa is also the same as Londinium R24, except that the pump, the reservoir, pre-infusion of pressure, and the wireless control is removed. Thus, the Compressa functions by getting plumbed to the main water supply and the espresso is prepared depending on how much pressure is put through the water supply.

Londinium I, II, & III

The Londinium I, II, and III functions are just like the Compressa, except that the Londinium I comes with one lever and a wenge portafilter. The Londinium II has two of both, and the Londinium III has three levers and three wenge portafilters.


Thus, as shown by their structure, the Londinium Compressa and R24 are most suitable for those who just want a lever espresso machine for their house. The users can even choose whether they want the machine that works with a water supply or a pump.

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The Londinium I, II, and III, on the other hand, are designed specifically for coffee shops and cafe owners. Having more portafilters brings the ease to pull multiple shots at a time.


The Londinium machines also differ in terms of their intake capacity, dimensions, and power supply. Let’s look at that:

 Londinium CompressaLondinium R24Londinium ILondinium IILondinium III
Power Supply240V: 2400W240V: 2400W240V: 2700W240V: 4000W/20A7500W/30A
Capacity (Wenge Portafilter)1 bottomless 58mm1 bottomless 58mm1 bottomless 58mm2 bottomless 58mm3 bottomless 58mm
Depth 540mm540mm500mm500mm500mm
Width 330mm330mm375mm580mm1000mm
Height (to the top casing)345mm345mm460mm460mm460mm
Height (to top of the lever)740mm740mm840mm840mm840mm

Also, Londinium lever espresso machines consist of

  • Drip trays & grates
  • A Lever handle
  • A portafilter handle
  • Stainless steel panels
  • Solid wenge hardwood handles on the steam & water toggles

How Are Londinium Espresso Machines Different From Regular Lever Coffee Machines? (+ Other Pros)

Londinium espresso machines are uniquely designed to make espresso-making easier and fun at the same time. However, there are many benefits that you get with a Londinium lever machine, as follows:


Even if it’s not an automatic machine, there can still be sharp ends that can harm your fingers. And since using such a machine requires pulling the lever, the body of the external machine must be made from safe material to keep your arms and hands safe.

Well, no worries, as unlike gadgets with poor-quality material, Londinium machines have premium, quality stainless steel covering all over the machine body. Also, all the panels are laser cut, and the steel is mirror polished to give it an elegant yet safe look.


Have you ever made espresso in a regular lever machine, and the taste feels metallic? That’s because the low-quality lever machines are not fully secured, and often the copper inside is leaking. The texture of coffee is affected, but so is the aroma,  and thus, the perfect taste you are trying to achieve so hard gets ruined.

For such a reason, Londinium machines are manufactured with precise measurements and all the components are fully integrated to avoid any leaks. The boilers are constructed with pure copper and lead-free brass to ensure water doesn’t get contaminated while boiling. Thus, you can enjoy your ideal espresso without any coppery or metallic taste.


Of course, the right machine should make every penny worth it. If your regular lever machine begins to taste nastier, coppery, or metallic, know that the corrosion has made your espresso machine a home.

Thanks to the proper galvanization and powder coating processes of Londinium espresso machines, the steel panels can withstand longer against corrosion. Also, the chassis or the base frame of the machine is constructed with Zintec and then powder coated to ensure the finishing result doesn’t get rusted, unlike typically painted machines.

Another difference is steel thickness, which is 3 mm in a regular while 6 mm in areas prone to high pressure. Such a precise measurement and integration of components makes your significant one-time investment worth it.


An automatic coffee machine makes more mess than a lever espresso machine, but that doesn’t mean it does not need cleaning. After every espresso session, proper cleaning is required to maintain your Londinium lever machine for a longer time.

Also, you should make sure the machine is cleansed from outside as well. With Londinium lever espresso, you don’t have to fret over cleaning chipped, broken, and irregularly painted surfaces. The metal panels are fully polished and powder-coated, giving them a mirror finish; you can easily wipe off all the surfaces with a soft, clean kitchen towel.

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What else? All the steel panels in the Londinium machines are designed so that you can easily pop them off without using any tools. Thus, on days when you want to have a sneak peek of the inside of your machine, the super-convenient design will make sure you get easy access.


Last but not least, with the perfect lever technique, you can get the best textured, aromatic, and flavoured coffee with Londinium espresso machines. As you can adjust the temperature and pressure, the ideal, optimal espresso is just a step away!

Are There Any Cons of Londinium Espresso Machines?

Those who want to know if Londinium espresso is good or not should pay attention as some negative points also come with it. However, you should note that the following are not precisely cons as they are no more a problem if you become habitual to using the machine.

Heavy & Spacious

A lever espresso machine weighs more than an automatic machine which makes it less travel-friendly. Also, you’d need enough space in your kitchen or cafe to use it properly.

Complex to Use

Another problem that beginners face when investing in a lever espresso machine is that it does take trial and error to find what works best for you. You can adjust temperature, pressure, and bean quantity to find the ideal measurements for you.


A lever espresso machine is a significant investment, but at the same time, the high-quality, premium Londinium espresso machines are worth it. They withstand rust and corrosion better, function longer than cheap alternatives, and help you prepare the perfect espresso taste just like you prefer.

As said before, these cons won’t be hectic if your kitchen or cafe has enough room for the machine and you wouldn’t be carrying your coffee machine everywhere. Also, once you learn the correct way to prepare your ideal espresso, your significant investment will pay off.

Our Verdict

● Overall Rating: 5/5

● For Design: 5/5

● For Functionality: 5/5

● For Comfort: 4.9/5

● For Price: 4.6/5

Londinium Espresso machines are excellent at pulling a shot using a lever. Their premium built and precisely measured design features safety, longevity, and easy maintenance. You can prepare your ideal espresso with the desired texture, aroma, and flavor with the proper lever technique. A worthy investment, we may say, Londinium Espresso machines are worth every penny!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Primary Difference Between Lever Espresso And Automatic Coffee Machines?

The primary difference between a lever espresso and an automatic coffee machine is the technology. The latter uses digital technology to prepare coffee, while the former requires pulling a lever to direct warm water through coffee grounds and make espresso.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Londinium Espresso Machines?

Londinium offers five espresso machines for both single and multiple shot-pulling. These high-quality espresso machines are safe, long-lasting, and simple to use. Also, they are strong enough to withstand corrosion and rust, unlike regular lever machines.

How Does A Lever Espresso Machine Work?

A lever espresso machine heats water in a steam boiler with a heating element. Once the water starts boiling and coffee grounds are placed in the portafilter – a tool tied to the machine’s head group. Then, the lever is pulled to direct the water through the grounds to extract the espresso in a cup already placed beneath the nozzle.

What Are Different Londinium Espresso Machines?

The different Londinium Espresso machines are Londinium Compressa, Londinium R24, Londinium I, Londinium II, and Londinium III. The primary difference between Londinium R24 and the rest machines is that the former uses a boiler, rotary pump, and water reservoir. In contrast, the other Londinium machines use the main water supply to extract the coffee.