What is the Metro NY USPS Facility Location?

Not receiving your mail on time could be a big hassle, especially if you’re a citizen of NY because the chances of your mail getting lost are higher in the city.

But, it is exactly where USPS comes to play. This distribution center makes sure that you receive all your emails on time in New York.

Most people often wonder about the location of USPS. So, the Metro NY USPS Facility location is 14202 20th Avenue, Flushing, NY, 11350, United States. You can use this location to get back your lost emails. Want to know more about it? Keep reading.

Where is the Metro NY USPS Facility?

The Metro NY USPS Facility is located in the United States Parcel Post Building, 341 9th Ave, New York 10199. This location is important because that’s exactly the place from where all your parcels are dispatched.

Most people find it really difficult to track their order to see how far it still is. In fact, some people even need the USPS address to go all the way down to the office to navigate their lost parcels.

The tracking status of your parcel often reveals that it still is at the Metro NY distribution center and at times, you don’t get the parcel even after waiting for several days. It is exactly when you need the address and finds out what the problem is with it.

Also, you can find out by USPS whether there is an issue with your parcel in shipping or you’re not getting your parcels because of some other reason.

So, having the address of this distribution center can not only save you from a lot of hassle but can also make your life easier than ever by resolving your mail problem.

Would Metro NY USPS Help Me with My Parcel?

 Yes, Metro NY USPS will help you navigate your order and will also guide you about the status of your parcel. It is a pretty digitized distribution center so the chances of an error aren’t a lot. So, you won’t have any issues with the services of USPS.

You can get either single or bulk parcels from USPS but, if you ever have any issue, you can always call the customer service of USPS and the representative will help you navigate the problem because USPS has impressive customer service.

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The distribution center processes more than 1 billion parcels every year. So, some parcels often get lost during this process. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t be getting your parcel back.

If you’ve lost your parcel in NY, you can contact Metro NY USPS or visit their office to find out the status of your parcel and the reason for the delay.

A problem is that you might not find out a lot at the distribution office of USPS because there really is no customer service officer in the center and they deal with such matters online.

But, if you can’t fix your problem on the phone, you should definitely head to the office.

Once you go down to the office and complain about your missing parcel, you’ll soon receive a status alert after which the USPS truck will bring your parcel to you.

It would hardly take a couple of days but going down to the office will actually help you a lot with getting your parcel back.

Can My Mail Get Stuck in Transit at USPS?

Yes, there are high chances that your mail ends up being stuck in transit at USPS. It will be apparent when you won’t receive an update from the distribution centre and you won’t receive your parcel for several days.

Also, the tracking status of your mail won’t change for several days. It simply means your mail is stuck in transit and you need to figure out how to get it back because these hold-ups could take weeks and even months sometimes, depending upon the conditions.

If you don’t get any update about your order, you can file for a pretty justified claim, and if the company doesn’t have your parcel and they’ve lost it, then you’ll be reimbursed without any hassle.

But, it doesn’t happen very often.

You can file the claim online too, but we suggest you wait a little while before going for the claim so you’re completely sure that your parcel is lost and not just stuck.

However, if it’s just stuck, then that’s a very easy problem to solve as you would just have to complain to USPS and they’ll look into the matter.

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Why is My Mail Stuck at USPS?

There are multiple reasons why mail gets stuck at USPS. The distribution centre works very efficiently, but when dealing with billions of parcels a year, there always is some margin of error.

So, if your parcel is stuck at USPS NY and you can’t seem to figure out the reason behind it, then don’t worry, we’ll help you find out the reason. Below are the major factors that could result in your mail being stuck in transit. So, let’s get into it.

Low Staff

It could take not just weeks but even months for you to receive your order because of the staffing problem. This problem happened in 2022 and 2021 when USPS got extremely understaffed.

And the circumstances of this are still continuing. In this situation, you can visit USPS and you already know what the Metro NY USPS facility location is.

So, if you haven’t received your order yet, it could most probably be because USPS doesn’t have enough manpower to deliver thousands of emails every single day.

This results in delays and even though things weren’t always like this, understaffing has become a huge problem in USPS in recent years.

Technical Issues

Technical issues are the worst of all because USPS can only dispatch your mail to you if it is logged properly and is sorted. But, technical problems often stop that from happening. If your parcel isn’t added to the system, it can’t be dispatched.

So, the staff tries to solve the problem and it hardly takes a couple of days for the technical issue to be solved. If your mail status hasn’t changed for more than a week, it simply means this isn’t a technical problem or else, it would’ve been solved in a few days.

High Parcel Volume

There are times of year when mail volume is so high that it gets impossible to dispatch and deliver every single mail on time. Despite that, USPS tries its best to distribute all the mails as soon as possible.

But, if you’re expecting mail around thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas, then don’t be shocked if the mail gets to you really late. It is because it’s the holiday season and most people in the city expect their mail these days and even the full work force of USPS seems less to tackle all those mails. As a result, the backlog keeps increasing and so does the delay in sending mails.

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Weather Conditions

You also need to keep the weather conditions in mind. If the weather is really bad, then your mail could face transit issues between USPS. So, you obviously won’t be getting your mail on time. How late your parcel will be, completely depends upon the severity of the weather.

But, as an estimate, the weather condition lasts hardly for about a week and if you still don’t receive your mail, then it’s the right time to call USPS or visit their distribution centre at the address given in the start of this article.

Transit Issues

At times, USPS and post offices also face some transit issues and as a result, your parcel could be delayed. These issues could be because of multiple reasons like bad weather, staffing problems or backlog.

Though these reasons are genuine, they should not be delaying parcels that people need in an emergency like medicines or other stuff. Talking to USPS can easily solve this issue and you won’t have to wait a lot either.


There is nothing scarier than your mail being stuck at USPS especially when you live in NY because you already know how easily mail could get lost in the city. And yes, filing a claim could be a very big hassle too and you shouldn’t have to go through all that. So, at times, the only solution is visiting USPS and talking to them about your parcel. And you already know what is the Metro NY USPS facility location.

It might solve your problem easily and you get your parcel sooner. But, we would suggest you to wait at least a week before visiting USPS just to make sure that your parcel is actually lost and isn’t just stuck at transit or is in process and is a little delayed. Once you’re sure, then it would be a good idea to talk to a USPS representative and visit the distribution office.