What is None Pizza With Left Beef? Where To Order It?

Years from now, after the singularity, we’ll look back and ask ourselves: What was the point of no return? ” When was the first time we had personal computers? Is the smartphone on the rise? When did self-driving cars begin to circulate on public roads? Was it October 19, 2007? That’s the date that has become a part of history because of the pizza called “None Pizza With Left Beef.”

Even if you’ve never heard of “None Pizza With Left Beef,” you’ve almost probably seen it if you’ve spent any time on the funnier parts of the internet.

Scroll down if you want to know more about this funky pizza and why it has exploded the world of memes years ago.

What Is None Pizza With Left Beef?

The term “none pizza with left beef” refers to a pizza with just dough and meat on the left side of the plate.

An unappetizing pizza in a box is a circle of flatbread sliced into pieces. The top-most corner is crowded with tiny bits of beef, and the box and the bull’s-eye center are also littered with loose crumbles. When they made it, it was both the most depressing pizza ever made and one of the most well-known images on the Internet. It is also a monument to the relationship between man and a computer.

Many posts have been asking eateries to make unusual pizzas or chop them up in unique ways, with this one being the first in a long line.

Who Ordered It First And How?

Nearly a decade ago, television producer Steve Molaro placed a pizza on Domino’s online ordering platform. He made his selections using a set of radio buttons labeled “whole,” “left,” “right,” and “none,” just like everyone else utilizing the internet system. He opted for “none” of the available cheese options. He chose “none” as his sauce. And he went with “left” beef.

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That’s how None Pizza with Left Beef became the internet’s most famous pizza.

How None Pizza With Left Beef Became The Talk Of Town?

Molaro published the findings of this experiment on his blog, The Sneeze, on October 19, 2007. He first ordered a pizza to verify if they delivered the toppings on the “left” or “right” side. He decided to explore what would happen if he ordered a pizza without sauce, cheese, and meat on the left side as an afterthought. He referred to it as a “None Pizza with Left Beef.”

How Did None Pizza With Left Beef Become So Popular?

Chefs worldwide were enraged by the incident, which created a sensation and led many to try ordering “none pizza left beef.” Customers have now requested pizzas sliced into isosceles, triangles and pentagrams, and other artwork on the box from eateries.

They’ve tried to order a cheeseburger without cheese, meat, or a bun. As a result, it’s become a viral meme.

Where To Order None Pizza With Left Beef From?

Even though this meme from 10 years ago has inspired numerous people to share their strange, unique pizza delivery instructions with the rest of the world, however, it’s possible that if you’re interested in joining this trend, you’ll have to wait.

To make your bizarre meme addition, you may have to wait for Domino’s and other pizza shops because of a scarcity of delivery drivers. However, the next time you come up with an outlandish notion for a pizza delivery order, keep in mind the order that began it all.

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Till then, if you want to order it and can’t get it, then you may also get it in the form of a necklace on Etsy called “None Pizza with Left Beef.”

Our Summary

When you think that 350 slices of pizza are sold per second in the United States, it’s easy to see how pizza delivery services would receive the odd request now and again. It’s not every day, though, that one of those requests turns into a meme.

The comedy blog The Sneeze decided to put Domino’s new online delivery ordering system to the test in 2007 by custom ordering a sauce-free, cheese-free pizza with ground beef added solely to the left side of the pie. That unusual pizza became ‘none pizza with left beef.’

If you want to explore all about this unique pizza that exploded the world of the internet ten years ago, then you are in the right place.