How Much are Piercings at Claire’s?

Getting your piercings at Claire’s is a rollercoaster of emotions; you feel excitement, contentment, and finally feel the pleasure of seeing a stud in your ear/nose.

Moreover, along with other queries regarding piercings, customers are curious to know how much it takes to get a piercing at Claire’s.

Getting a piercing at Claire’s is completely free with the purchase of a piercing kit available at the store. You can find your desired piercing style, metal, and kit, book an appointment, and have your ear/nose pierced free of cost at Claire’s!

Sounds exciting? Although the piercing process may seem easy, the truth is a lot is going on before a piercing session.

So, let’s dive right into the topic and explore more about piercing prices at Claire’s, including how a session takes place at Claire’s and various piercing kit costs!

More About Piercing Prices at Claire’s

Claire’s offers ear and nose piercing, both without any charges. However, as surprising as it sounds, the condition to get a free piercing service is to purchase a piercing kit from the store.

The prices of these kits differ, though Claire’s offers 20% off your in-store purchase. You can choose your kit based on your preferred piercing style and desired metals.

The premium piercing kits are also paired with an After Care Lotion, which provides smoothness, and comfort, and heals the area faster.

Suffice to say, these premium kits will be the only cost for a piercing session. Click here to know more about piercing kits and their prices at Claire’s.

The After Care Lotion comes in two versions — the standard one and the Rapid After Care Lotion. Both the products are dermatologist and pediatrician tested, have a safe formula, and are used for cleansing and moisturizing purposes.

You can get any of the two lotions; the standard version helps the piercing heal in 6-8 weeks, while the rapid version reduces the time to 3 weeks (8 weeks for cartilage piercing).

All the piercing kits at Claire’s are paired with the standard lotion. However, note that upgrading to the Rapid After Care Lotion would require extra charges.

Lastly, you can also buy these lotions separately, but purchasing kits is a must to avail of the piercing services at Claire’s.

Piercings at Claire’s — How Does it Work?

You can always visit Claire’s store to consult the staff, go through their piercing collections, or see how a piercing is done. There are three steps before you are fully ready to have your piercing.

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This includes selecting your piercing style, choosing a suitable metal, and finding your piercing kit.

Of course, you would have to book an appointment before you can get your piercing. But first, let’s go through the three basic steps to finding your next earring/nose ring:

1.   Selecting a Piercing Style

Claire’s offers various piercing styles to choose from, each with a touch of sophistication and elegance. You are welcome to try:

  • Basic Lobe: Most clients go for basic lobe as their first piercings; it’s quickly done, involves lesser pain, looks super cool, and also heals faster.
  • Multi Lobe: This style allows you to have many piercings in the lobe; go for two, three, or even four piercings just the way you want!
  • Cartilage: Cartilage piercings are always in trend; have a classy ring at the top flat area of your ear.
  • Spider: Two piercings on the cartilage area next to each other get the perfect vibe!
  • Single Lobe: It’s a single lobe piercing for those craving a simple yet classy look. 
  • Trilogy: A combination of three lobe piercings in the shape of a triangle.
  • Auricle: Much like the spider style but with three piercings on the area between the ear lobe and upper helix.
  • Nose: Nose piercings are always a thrilling adventure, sitting nicely on the side of your nose.

2.   Selecting a Metal

You can also choose from a long list of metals offered at Claire’s, including:

  • 9ct Gold Earrings: durable, easy to wear, and last longer
  • 14ct Gold Earrings: vibrant hue, durable, and easy to wear
  • 18ct Gold Earrings: robust quality, durable, and lasts longer
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Earrings: valuable and classy
  • Titanium Earrings: pure quality and sturdy
  • Gold Plated Earrings: cost-effective, glowy, elegant

3.   Finding a Piercing Kit

The last step is to look for a piercing kit. As mentioned earlier, getting a piercing is free at Claire’s, but you have to purchase a piercing kit.

Claire’s has a wide range of various piercing kits; each comes with a Claire’s After Care Lotion.

This lotion is for later use when the piercing is done; it soothes the skin, protects it against redness and swelling, and heals the piercing faster.

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How is Piercing Done at Claire’s?

As far as customization is concerned, you can choose from a variety of piercing styles, kits, and metals.

The piercing process at Claire’s doesn’t include needles to provide safe and hygienic piercing to clients.

Other equipment used during piercing is properly sanitized before and after each piercing session.

Some of the other benefits of getting your piercing at Claire’s are:

  • Contactless piercing without the use of needles
  • Fully disposable, sanitized piercing equipment and sterilized cartridges to ensure a healthy piercing
  • Hand-pressured, accurate, and safe techniques used by highly skilled piercing specialists

How to Keep Your New Piercing Safe and Allergen-Free?

New piercings make the skin sensitive, so you should not use soap, perfumes, or hair products near the piercing area.

You should also ensure not to touch the piercing often, especially when brushing hair, on a call, using headphones, working out, playing sports (particularly swimming for the next 24 hours), or sleeping.

Some clients can feel the heat around the pierced area, while others may get a little soreness after a piercing session.

Both are completely normal and will be gone in the next 24 hours. However, seek medical help in case of any swelling, pain, or redness after 24 hours.

When to Change Your Piercing?

Regardless of how many piercings you get, not giving enough time for it to heal can lead to redness, soreness, and infections.

The aftercare for a piercing depends on the area, type of metal, and piercing sensitivity.

  • For a lobe piercing, clients are advised to wait for at least six weeks while taking care of the area with the Standard After Care Lotion. You can also combine the lotion with the Rapid After Care Cleanser and change your piercing after three weeks.
  • For a cartilage piercing, a minimum of 12 weeks are required for the area to heal fully, combined with the use of Standard After Care Lotion. Though frequent use of the Rapid After Care Cleanser can reduce the waiting period to 8 weeks.
  • For nose piercing, you should wait eight weeks before changing your earrings with Standard Aftercare Lotion or replace them in just six weeks with Rapid After Care Lotion.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, Claire’s is a wonderful place to get a piercing in a safe, hygienic environment in the hands of professionals.

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The store follows a unique piercing process, allowing its clients to take full control of how they want their piercing to be.

For this, you can choose from a long list of piercing styles, metals, and piercing kits (which are a must to purchase and come with an After Care Lotion).

Lastly, make sure to find your nearest Claire’s store with this store locator and book an appointment beforehand!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Necessary to Book an Appointment at Claire’s toGet a piercing?

Booking an appointment is necessary to get your piercings done in a safe and comfortable environment.

Claire’s makes sure their customers get the best for what they have paid for, so a pre-booking helps the staff give their full attention to your piercing sessions.

However, you are more than welcome to visit the stores during the opening hours. Get a consultation for what would suit your best, or go through their collections to find your next piercing.

Note: the store’s service depends on local guidelines, so you may encounter an “appointment only” service according to the local authority regulations.

Are there any Piercing Age Restrictions at Claire’s?

Age restrictions are heavily followed at Claire’s to ensure all clients receive a safe piercing as well as to secure the store’s prestige.

As every store follows local guidelines, the age of consent is determined by the state the store is located in.

Other factors affecting the age of consent are the type of piercing and country laws.

Minors must come with parents (or legal guardians with proof of guardianship) and get Claire’s Piercing Registration Form signed.

The store owns the right to verify the customer’s age by asking for the following identification data:

  • Proof of Age ID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport

Is Nose Piercing Available at Every Store of Claire’s?

All Claire’s stores offer different ear piercings, but nose piercing services are unavailable everywhere.

We recommend you go through the online details of available stores in your area to find which offer nose piercings.

Also, note that nose piercing sessions are available only in selected stores in the UK, European Union, and Quebec (for now).

Moreover, the piercing metals can also differ for nose piercing depending on where you are getting it.