Does Postmates Deliver Starbucks? How Much Is It?

Starbucks is a multinational chain of coffeehouse and roastery reserves. It has a great atmosphere to enjoy: fascinating aroma, friendly baristas, relaxing background, and impressive lighting have made it the most-visited place. Instead of visiting Starbucks physically, you can also place an order to enjoy your favorite food at your home. So either you want to take an iced coffee, the latest frap flavor, or Americano, Starbucks has everything for everyone.

Now a big thanks to Postmates, which has made things even easier as your order can be delivered anywhere. Postmates offered Starbucks food and coffee delivery options through its app, but now Postmates’ new integration with Starbucks offers a flat $5.99 delivery fee. And it also provides a chance to collect My Starbucks Rewards stars and various other perks.

Below we have shed light on Postmates and Starbucks collaboration – to get it explored; you can read this article thoroughly!

Does Postmates Deliver Starbucks: Yes Or NO

Yes, Postmated delivers Starbucks food and coffee as both companies have collaborated together to reduce customers’ long wait and burden on the Starbucks delivery app.

Starbucks introduced A Delivery Service In collaboration With Postmates. This good announcement was made in March 2015. Postmates and Starbucks teamed up to launch a pilot program to manage the on-demand delivery startup.

You can also use Starbucks gift cards on Postmates – they have to be bought and delivered through the Postmates app or digitally online. If you get an email that someone has sent a Postmates gift card to you, redeem it by putting the code as a promo.

Does Postmates Deliver Starbucks: What Is The Method?

The Starbucks and Postmates promised services began in the second half of 2015, allowing consumers to order a coffee via the Starbucks mobile app. Payment could be made using a Starbucks Card, credit card, or Apple Pay. Then delivery requests can be made by providing the drop-off location.

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The delivery price is $5.99 – the tip is also expected. This option depends on the placed order, like larger food and drinks ordered for groups or office co-workers.

The Postmates app delivery feature was first tested in selected Seattle area neighborhoods, downtown Seattle, and neighborhoods that include Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, Sodo area, Madison Park, etc.

The facility to place an order for Postmates delivery is Starbucks’ expansion of the Mobile Order & Pay feature, which was already successful! Soon, this option became available nationwide, and now it allows customers to place orders in over 7,400 stores. Customers can place the order using a mobile application on Android or iOS.

Why Starbucks Collaborated With Postmates: Reason & Benefit

Starbucks is a popular food chain that is always crowded with customers. Starbucks app is also amazingly serving millions of people in the week.

Can you believe – Starbucks has more than 16 million active users for its app. In terms of loyalty innovations and payments, Starbucks has led the market. Starbucks spokesperson noted that the company processes about nine million mobile transactions every week. A huge customer base uses mobile payments for both deliveries and pickups.

Customers are always extremely engaged with Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay app. To make delivery options smooth and easy, there was a need to collaborate with other delivery apps, just like Postmates.

Starbucks With Postmates Vs. Without Postmates: Service Became Faster

Starbucks customers do not need to wait in the Mobile Order & Pay app queue to select their location and pay for their order. Now, customers in Seattle areas can request Poatmates delivery instead.

However, determining the store that will provide you with coffee is handled behind the scenes. Starbucks has incorporated Postmates’ API in its app, so Postmates handles the logistics. The app sends the food and drink order to your nearest store and dispatch it to the closest Postmates courier to pick it up.

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Customers can also track their order’s progress by watching Postmates’ riders travel on a map within the application. The Postmates goal is to deliver your order in under 30 minutes, so your food and drink items remain in their original condition.

Though Starbucks initiated this Postmates delivery service as a test, the progress shows that the company will go ahead with a wider rollout in the future – customer feedback can also be helpful.

Undoubtedly, working with Starbucks is a massive win for Postmates as it already has scored several high-profile deals with several restaurants and retailers – Apple, Walgreens, Chipotle, and 7-Eleven are some examples.

Starbucks has not made an incursion into deliveries for the very first time, but in October, the company established its delivery service dubbed Green Apron.

However, this pilot program with Postmates focuses on delivering within huge office buildings or different urban areas through a central kitchen, beginning with New York’s Empire State Building.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions; you can dig them out to resolve your confusion.

Is Starbucks Expensive On UberEats?

Yes, Starbucks prices are higher on Uber Eats than normal prices.

Does Uber Own Postmates?

Uber has transferred $2.65 billion to Postmates; it fully owns Postmates. However, Uber announced that Postmates would continue to serve separately in official news.

Is Uber Eats The Same As Postmates?

Postmates and Uber Eats are the best options when you are looking for side hustles. However, with Uber Eats, you can deliver food only, but Postmates help you deliver drinks, food, and goods depending on customers’ demand.

Are Starbucks Refills Free?

Starbucks refills are only free when you use the Starbucks app with a Starbucks registered card to pay for your first drink. To refill the card, when the time comes, you are required to hand over your Starbucks card to the cashier that you have used for your drink.

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Can You Use Restaurant Gift Cards On Postmates?

You cannot use a restaurant gift card (due to the restaurant delivery policy) when you order through Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash, or Postmates. A restaurant gift card is perfect for stores, and some can also be worked for curbside pickup. Still, you cannot use them through these famous food delivery apps.

Why Did UberEats Buy Postmates?

Uber purchased Postmates in the $2.65 billion deal, and by spending this amount, Uber smartly removed one of its major competitors from the way. In the food delivery market, Uber has clearer its way to profitability.

Does Amazon Own Postmates?

No, Amazon doesn’t own Postmates. Postmates is a great food delivery app that was founded in 2011. In 2020, it was acquired by Uber.

Can You Pay In Cash With Postmates?

Postmates has its own payment method –  Postmates cash. According to this payment method, you can pay for food at checkout. It also provides a facility to redeem your gift cards to pay for gifts. Postmates do not accept cash as it is a cashless service.

Our Summary

Starbucks is a famous coffee brand that has earned a huge name worldwide; similarly, Postmates is a flexible delivery app that delivers food at the users’ doorsteps. Both apps have collaborated to serve their customers ultimately. Now, customers—depending on their choice—can place Starbucks delivery orders on the Starbucks app and the Postmates delivery app.

Postmates has reduced the load on the Starbucks app, and it delivered warm food to its customers in less than 30 minutes with only a $5.99 delivery fee. Hopefully, your confusion on Does Postmates Deliver Starbucks is resolved, and you can place your Starbucks order through Postmates without any hassle.