How Do Postmates Tips Work? Why Does It Take So Long to Clear?

You can now have everything delivered to your doorstep, including coffee, cabs, food, and even groceries. However, that amount of convenience does not imply that you should abandon good manners. When using meal delivery services like Postmates, it is super cool to tip drivers when you have the opportunity. But choosing a tip amount or figuring out how to add a gratuity to an order can be difficult with meal delivery services.

Luckily, You can tip on Postmates easily. In the Postmates app, you have the option of selecting a default tip or creating your own. If you choose the default option, the minimum tip you can provide is 10%. You can also tip the driver with cash when he hands over your order.

Stick with us till the end and learn how you can tip the driver step by step.

How Do Postmates Tips Work? Know Everything!

Postmates tips work in three ways- Pre-order tip, On cash tip, and In-app tip.

In the old version of the Postmates app, you can tip the drivers at the checkout option. But the latest version upgraded the tipping process.

To guarantee that clients do not have to work too hard to tip their drivers, the method of adding a tip on Postmates is very simple.

Pre-Order Method

Here’s how you can decide on the tip before placing the order:

  1. After you’ve added your food items to your cart, go to “View Cart” and begin the tipping procedure. First, look at the “Postmate Tip” section, where you may choose the percentage you want to leave for your driver.
  2. You have the option of selecting one of the preset tip percentages or creating your own custom tip in the custom tip area.
  3. Your tip will be applied after you hit “Continue,” and you can finish your order.

It is important for you to check the value in the tip section every time on your Postmates checkout screen before rushing through the transaction. Let’s suppose you chose the 20% tip option.

If you don’t modify the value, the app will automatically tip you 20% when you reorder again. But you may change it to whatever percentage you like if it doesn’t suit your experience!

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On Cash Method

You must be already aware that all transactions are entirely digital and that you can’t pay with cash on Postmates.

Before using the Postmates app, you must first set up your payment method. Customers who order using the app simply pay online. They may use a debit or credit card, as well as Apple Pay, to pay for their orders.

As mentioned above, the Postmates app does not accept cash for meal delivery, but you can tip your Postmates driver with cash. Because drivers do not have a tipping bucket, you can either place the money in an envelope or pass it over as the Postmate hands you the order.

In-App Method

You can tip your Postmates driver via the Postmates App at delivery time. When you receive the order, you will get a notification confirming the order’s delivery and reminding you to tip the driver as well.

If you don’t leave a tip at this stage, Postmates will contact you and give you another chance after the delivery is complete. That means if you have a positive experience with a driver but forget to tip, you can easily go back to your app and tip.

You have up to ten hours following delivery to change the tip amount. After delivery,  tap on the “Change Tip Amount.” Then, you can either choose a percentage or add a custom amount to add or change a tip.

If you think the driver’s behavior was not good or have any other issues, you can tap on the “Report an Issue” option.

That was the answer to your “how do Postmates Tips work” question. It is now time to know why you should tip the drivers.

Why Should I Tip the Postmates Driver?

Out of many reasons, the top 3 reasons why you should tip the delivery guy are:

100% Tip Goes To The Driver

It is highly recommended to tip the drivers because 100% of your tip goes directly to them. The freelance economy relies on such gratuities to make employment worthwhile.

Give Tip When Service Is Too Good

Tipping is appropriate if the service is good and the courier is polite or goes above and beyond in some way. For example, if the courier has to climb the stairs to deliver food to your doorstep, then you should give at least 20% tip of the total order.

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Furthermore, if you live in such an area where there is no space for parking and the weather stays harsh most of the time, then tipping more is ethical too.

Your Tip Will Ease Burden On Drivers

You should know that Postmates drivers are self-employed individuals. Even if Postmates only requires a small vehicle, most Postmates drivers use their own vehicles. Moreover, gas, tickets, and automobile upkeep are not covered by the company.

Also, Postmates couriers are barely paid a minimum salary per hour. So the tips you give them are a source of some extra income for the drivers, which they truly deserve.

How Much Tip Should I Give To The Postmates Driver?

Minimum 3$ is the limit regardless of order size, but try to tip 20% of the total order.

It is essentially the same as paying a restaurant or a hairdresser, but tipping the delivery guy feels awkward, primarily because we never know how much is appropriate.

While suggestions are always welcome, they aren’t required. Tipping is a deliberate act of gratitude. It is not an option in the United States; it is a social expectation.

Still, if you don’t want to tip your delivery driver, select “custom amount” and “0 percent” as your tip percentage. When you click “send,” your tip will be recorded as $0.

It’s important to understand how Postmates couriers are compensated before deciding how much to tip them.

A driver receives roughly $4 for each delivery they accept. The average driver can make two deliveries each hour. Postmates delivery drivers make just above the federal minimum wage ($7.25) before tips.

Let’s compare Postmates drivers’ wage to that of Instacart shoppers for context. Before tips, the typical compensation for Instacart Shoppers is between $10 and $17 per hour. When you factor in tips, the total comes to roughly 18-19$ per hour.

When you include in delivery vehicle upkeep, taxes, and depreciation, you may get an estimate of how much drivers of both companies make. As previously said, customary tips range from 10% to 20% of the total order price, but it is common for drivers to receive significantly higher tips on tough purchases.

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Also, if Postmates give you a special discount or promo code, try to tip considering the regular price of the food.

Regardless of how much you pay, it takes some time to transfer your tip to the driver’s account. Why? Let’s find out!

Why Do Postmates Tips Take So Long?

There can be three main causes for why it takes a long time for Postmates tips to clear:

  1.  There is a 24-hour minimum clearing time after being tipped.
  2. Customers do not tip until they open the app again.
  3. When customers receive their food, they often neglect to leave a tip. Once they realize it after a few hours, they send the tip immediately. This takes more than 24 hours after delivering the order.

Because of all of these factors, Postmates drivers don’t receive tips even up to 5 days.

Do Postmates Drivers Get 100% Of The Tip?

Yes, the Postmates driver who delivered your order receives 100% of the gratuity.

So the next time you want to send a tip to a delivery driver, you can be assured that they will receive the whole amount and that Postmates will not take a cut. This is an excellent method to encourage more consumers to tip while also encouraging drivers to deliver on time in order to receive greater tips.

Final Words

Postmates allows customers to add tips to their orders at any time, ensuring that their drivers make as much money as possible every hour they work. So, how do Postmates tips work?

You can tip them on the app while placing your order, or you can tip the Postmates drivers after you receive your order. It will take a minimum of 24 hours to transfer the tip to the driver this way.

If you want, you can also tip them in person with cash. Don’t worry; every penny of your tip goes straight into the account of the driver. The company does not take a slice of this money.

 We suggest you tip 20 % of the total order. The couriers are barely making the minimum wage, so helping them out will make their day as well.