Is Social DM Legit? What are Your Reviews of Social DM?

The Social DM website has become quite famous recently, claiming the easiest and safest way to earn money by doing nearly nothing. However, at the same time, users are also curious to know if the Social DM is legit? The truth is:

The Social DM is a fake website manipulating users into signing up and earning while for free. The website is all about reaching out to as many people as possible and works mainly on referral links. Thus, users’ personal and financial information is collected and can be later used for the wrong purposes.

Stick till the end to read all about the Social DM website and all the red flags one can find in it. Let’s go!

What Does Social DM Website Claim?

The Social DM claims that you can earn by doing almost nothing (for “free”) by just using your phone. All you have to do is to sign up on the website and

  • earn a $40 bonus
  • get $10-15 for every invited user
  • get $2 for every user clicking on your referral link
  • make more money by testing their free apps and games

The website also claims to pay you anytime, anywhere, using:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Cash App
  • Bitcoin, etc.

Social DM also claims that it has 690K+ active users while the average pay for individual users goes as high as $8k+ and together all, the website has made 35M+ Secure Payments up till now.

The Truth About Social DM

The Social DM website shows a three-step earning process for everyone: sign up, invite others to the website through your referral link, and withdraw money.

On the surface, the method seems extremely easy since all you have to do is provide your information and invite others. However, users are always curious to know if, after following every step, is the Social DM app legit?

The truth is, though the website shows huge numbers and positive testimonials, it is nothing but a scam. Many red flags can be seen on the Social DM website; let’s explore them below. 

●    No Info About the Founders on the About Us page

The “About Us” is one of the most important pages in a website since it allows users to get a deep knowledge of the website and its services. Typically, the About Us page reflects deeply on the website’s journey, how its owner(s) got a unique idea, and much more.

Famous brands also like to show their company’s faces and share what happens behind the scenes. It’s a great way to build a healthy relationship with new viewers and let them know more about your services.

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However, when it comes to the Social DM website, one can find nothing but the repeated story about how you can earn hundreds and thousands for doing nothing.

According to the website, the service has “caused an uproar on all social media,” becoming the “#1 Social Earning Network in such a short time”, thanks to their “transparency, our flexibility, and our high payouts.” Yet, strangely, nothing is mentioned about its founders, its core members, and the milestones that made Social DM this popular among its users.

●    No Info About How Does the Website Really Work

So, apparently, you can earn $500 daily, get a $40 bonus Post-Sign-up, and get paid for doing nothing but inviting others, but the question is how? It is suspicious how the website will provide every user who hasn’t even started working a bonus of $40?

Plus, the website mentions many more ways to earn, including $10-15 for every user invited and $2 for every user who clicks on your referral link (note that it is not necessary for the user to sign up, the website will provide you $2 just for the “click”).

The website also claims to pay its users for testing their free apps and games. Other than the red flags mentioned above, the similarity of Social DM with the other scam survey websites is also suspicious.

These websites manipulate users into doing “free” stuff and showing huge numbers, while in reality, there is no legal source or process mentioned on how they would get the money to pay their users.

●    Fake Testimonials

These are the numbers claimed by Social DM:

  • 690K+ Active Users
  • $8k+ Members Average Monthly Pay
  • 35M+ Secure Payments

Besides, the website also has a Payments Proof page where, again, one can see huge numbers earned by its so-called users. However, even after all that, there is no way to verify whether the service works. None of the user names take viewers to any profile, and even if it is, let’s just say, for privacy purposes, there is another thing too.

The website claims that it works with “influencers on social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram. These influencers range from the top ten percent of verified accounts to local users like you”.

However, the strange thing is that no verified influencers are mentioned on the website, nor is there any external link taking us to the other platforms where these so-called influencers have reviewed the website.

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Furthermore, it is still unclear why the website needs so many reviews to prove it is legit when none of the testimonials work. If there are 690K+ active users, there should be links to famous Instagram influencers, Youtubers, and other social media users talking about the legitimacy of the service.

●    Post on Socials and Earn?

Social DM is all about advertisement; the more people you can invite, the huge your profit will be. Once you sign up, you must do a variety of tasks, including posting on social media, to get paid.

The Social DM website gives you the following options:

  • Post on Facebook
  • Post on Instagram
  • Post on Youtube
  • Post on TikTok
  • Post on Snapchat

You can either post a story, a video, or create a post, and you will be paid separately for each. For Facebook, for instance, Social DM claims to pay you $45 for a Facebook post, $15 for a single Facebook story, and $30 for a Facebook video.

The question is, how can one get paid by posting on social media that doesn’t pay in the first place? Among the platforms mentioned above, Youtube is the only one that pays its users, but even for that, it has a certain criterion ($0.5 for 1,000 views) which nowhere aligns with or meets the massive amounts Social DM claims to pay.

Other than Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok do not directly pay their users. TikTok does offer a TikTok’s Creator Fund, but it also works like Youtube, paying 2-4 cents per 1,000 views on a video (which, again, is far different from how Social DM claims to pay).

Many online forums and Youtube videos are unveiling the truth about Social DM. One such video takes you through the whole process of how Social DM works and how fake it is!

●    Inaccessible Social Icons

One of the significant red flags about the Social DM website is its inaccessible social media icons. As said previously, the service is all about making as many members as possible. At the bottom of the Home page, one can find various social media links under “Stay Connected.”

At first, it gives the idea that the links will take you to Social DM profiles on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The website also mentions Whatsapp and Pinterest, which seems impressive at first glance.

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However, the reality is far from that. The “Stay Connected” links are NOT for taking users to other social profiles of the service; instead, they ask you to post on these social platforms about Social DM (advertisement, again!).

The funny thing is that some of these links do not work, and others ask you to post on your private social profiles to invite further users to the website. In simple words, there are no other profiles to judge the website’s legitimacy where the possibility of finding the truth about this scam might be possible.

If Social DM Doesn’t Pay, What Does it Do With the Collected Info?

You might be curious to know why the owners needed to create such a scam like Social DM when there is nothing they are getting in return. The thing is, these fake surveys and scam websites collect huge amounts of data which later is sold to others and can even be used for theft cases.

When signing up, you are giving them your name and email. Similarly, when trying to withdraw money, you will be required to enter your sensitive financial data (credit card number, etc.), which can later be used to steal money.

Users may observe a sudden increase in the unknown texts, emails, or phone calls they receive; your personal information can also be used to create fake social media accounts; or, your data can be used to sign up for new credit cards or loans.

These are some of the many ways these scam websites can use your data. The golden rule to remember is the claims they make; the more “proofs” a website shows for its legitimacy, the more chances it is fake.


After carefully considering all the false claims made by the company, it can easily be seen that the Social DM website is simply a scam.

It collects users’ personal and sensitive (financial) information while paying nothing in return for their invested time and energy. The website’s primary focus is to make as many members as possible through invitations and referral links.

It is highly unsafe to provide sensitive information to such scams since they can use it for theft and other wrong purposes. Social DM is one of the scams that provides no information about its founders, has no legit social media profiles, and doesn’t provide any authentic payment proofs.