Starbucks Brown Sugar Simple Syrup Recipe and How to Make It

If you ever drink a brown sugar latte or any other drinks that have Starbucks brown sugar syrup, you will enjoy the sweet and natural taste of it.

The Starbucks brown sugar syrup is simply brilliant. It adds a very natural sweetness to your cup of tea or coffee to lighten up your morning.

Despite the benefit your body needs, you can put the brown sugar syrup in the coffee or tea to boost your energy all day. The syrup works very well in both hot and cold drinks. In addition, it offers an extra quality of taste to the coffee.    

Starbucks Brown Sugar Syrup Ingredients

Before you want to clone the brown sugar syrup like Starbucks, you first need to know the secret ingredients behind the Starbucks syrup. 

Well! Let us reveal what elements make Starbucks brown sugar syrup!

The syrup of course contains both invert sugar and brown sugar. Both sugars are natural sugars, and they are very beneficial for health, unlike white sugar.

The Starbucks brown sugar also includes water, natural flavors, and salt in the syrup. Additionally, preservatives are put in the syrup as well to keep the quality longer.  

Your Homemade Starbucks Brown Sugar Syrup Recipe 

Brown Sugar & Water 

The ingredients you need to make the Starbucks brown sugar syrup at home are just brown sugar and water. To make the syrup, you can use both light or dark brown sugar interchangeably.

The dark brown sugar often provides a darker color because the molasses affects the texture and flavor. If you like a stronger caramel taste, you should use dark brown sugar. The darker the sugar, the more caramel flavor you will get from the syrup. 

On the other hand, water is a part of your syrup recipe. You must ensure that the amount of water and brown sugar is the same. For instance, the syrup will be too dense and sweet if you add less water.

The syrup will be watery and less sweet if you drink a lot of water. The right amount of water you put in does matter to the final texture.  

No Preservatives Needed

Unlike the Starbucks one, you do not need to add preservatives to maintain your syrup’s quality. The syrup will last about one and a half months because the natural brown sugar is a preservative.

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In addition, if you store it in the fridge, it will also prolong the preservation period. However, I am sure you will use it all before expiring. 


Salt is an additional element that makes the brown sugar syrup taste way better. A touch of salt to the heating syrup will add an extra flavor because salt helps reduce any bitterness and maintain perceived sweetness.  

Why Should You Make Brown Sugar Syrup at Home?

Brown sugar syrup is easy to make because you only need brown sugar and water to make it. As mentioned above, you can also add a touch of salt to give an extra flavor to the syrup.

Since most ingredients are from brown sugar, water, and salt, you can save a lot of money by buying them at the store.

Homemade brown sugar syrup costs four times less than the one you buy at the store. Why should you buy the brown sugar syrup outside when you can make it identical to Starbucks at home? 

How to Make Brown Sugar Syrup?

If you never make the syrup, it is worth understanding a few tips before kicking off. Even though brown sugar syrup is very simple to make, learning the right ways to do it first will guide you easily. 

In the below tips, we put things in sequences so that it is convenient for you to follow the steps right and fast. Remember that everything starts with preparation! Once every important unit is in place, you can start to make things quick and easy.

Preparation Stage

You must have all ingredients and equipment in place before starting the process. Ingredients consist of the three elements mentioned above: brown sugar, water, and salt (if needed).

You can also get a touch of salt if you want to bring down the bitterness. Additionally, you can also use teaspoons to measure the amount of brown sugar you want to put in. It depends on how much you want to make the syrup.

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Please note that the amount of brown sugar and water should be 50/50. 

  1. Processing Stage
  • Heat your saucepan at a medium-low temperature 
  • Put the brown sugar in the saucepan 
  • Pour the water as equal to the brown sugar
  • Then you can keep stirring it until you see the sugar is dissolved
  • The syrup will be amber-brown
  • Then you can turn off the heat.
  1. Ending Stage

After turning off the heat, you must patiently wait several minutes to cool down the brown sugar syrup. After cooling down, the syrup starts to get sticky because of small molecules of water and sugar combined like magnets. Then bring the bottle or airtight container to pour it inside.

You need to ensure no air is left in the container; otherwise, the sugar will be hardened, resulting in the stone-like syrup. Besides that, you must store the syrup in a refrigerator because the low temperature will increase the preservative length. 

Please note that after all, you will have only between 4-6 weeks to enjoy your homemade Starbucks brown sugar syrup. 

Making Brown Sugar

Things don’t always go well with a plan. If your brown sugar happens to get out of stock, you probably need to go outside and buy it. However, the brown sugar you buy from the store/market may be refined/processed. Therefore, we decided to bring some guidance on how to make organic brown sugar.


You can make Brown sugar just like you make brown sugar syrup. All you need is white sugar and molasses. 

Here is the measurement for one bowl of brown sugar

1- One pound of white sugar

2- 3 ounces of molasses 

Follow These Steps to Make the Organic Brown Sugar

1- Put the white sugar and molasses in a bowl

2- Then mix it with your hands

3- Patiently mix it until you see it becomes brown in color 

Extra Tip: you can put more molasses if you want a firm texture.

Storing Your Brown Sugar

The right storage will help keep the quality of the brown sugar intact. Like the brown sugar syrup, the brown sugar needs to be stored in an airtight container. Don’t let the air flow inside the container because it will harden the sugar.

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However, if you happen to see your brown sugar hardened, you can put it in the microwave. The brown sugar can be softened by heating in the microwave at medium heat for less than a minute.

Health Benefits of Consuming Brown Sugar Syrup

Having brown sugar syrup in your tea or coffee will be better than using white sugar or condensed milk as a sweetener. If you make brown sugar syrup on your own, it is sure that your brown sugar syrup will be 100% natural.

However, consuming a refined or processed brown sugar syrup would not be different from white sugar.

Nutrition Facts

Brown sugar will give 377 calories as per 100g and 97.33g of carbs with 0 protein and fat. Additionally, it offers 85 mg of Calcium, 1.91mg of Iron, and 346mg of Potassium. However, it provides no vitamins in nutrition.  

Instant Energy 

Brown sugar is a natural sweetener, which is made from sugarcane. Similar to white sugar, brown sugar contains more molasses, which makes its color brown.

This type of sugar, like other sugars, offers carbohydrates and calories. The carbohydrates in brown sugar boost instant energy due to glucose breakdown. 

Perfect Mineral Provider

The existence of molasses in the brown sugar content gives several natural minerals to the body, such as Calcium, magnesium, sodium, and so forth. Therefore, if you consume a teaspoon of brown sugar daily, Iron and Calcium will build up in your body to create a natural electrolyte balance. 

Chemicals Free

Both organic and processed brown sugar syrup contains no chemicals. On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, brown sugar syrup can be refined or processed, which is not as good as the natural one.

The refined brown sugar syrup will lose its natural minerals and other nutrition during the processing, although non-chemical.  

The Bottom-Line

Even if you make a super organic brown sugar syrup, you must be careful with sugar consumption. Excessive sugar consumption will have many health concerns, such as type II diabetes, heart disease, metabolism failure, etc. Therefore, you must ensure that you consume it at a moderate level.