Is It Possible to Substitute Pancake Mix for Flour? All You Need to Know

Portion of a cozy morning is the best-whipped coffee with some scrumptious pancakes! Home-based pancakes can be a good start of the day when it comes organized as a pancake mix powder.

Furry and soft pancakes can be made easily by the mix. Slanted with lip-smacking maple syrup, these self-made pancakes will be everything you want to have on a cozy morning!

It is always possible to substitute the ingredients. Flour is the base ingredient of pancake mix but we can easily use a pancake mix in place of flour. Numerous recipes demand flour but it is pragmatic that there is a possibility that pancake mix can substitute flour.

Whenever needed, the list of ingredients can be substituted as per the availability and feasibility of the ingredients. Such ready-made mixed flours are especially decent for those regular cooks who are fairly oblivious of the ingredients and want to enjoy a swift breakfast without the mess of ingredients.

It is quite evident from the different pancake mixes that all the regular or base ingredients are present so it is suggested to not to exceed the portion of the ingredients which are used in regular pancakes. Along with the wet ingredients and pancake mix, some more portions can be further included for some enhanced flavor, like sugar for particular taste sweetness, milk or egg for structure and fluffiness.

To be aware of the ingredients should be the primary task before grabbing a pancake mix from the market and to check the possibility of whether it is possible to substitute pancake mix for flour. Following regular ingredients can be found in it:

  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Leavening agent (baking soda & baking powder)
  • Flavors

Eventually, it proves that yes, dry pancake mix can be used as a substitute for flour by balancing it with the right amount of wet ingredients.

Which type of flour is for pancakes?


Flour is used as a staple in many areas of life be it wheat flour or cereal. Flour is the finely ground, powdery substance form of wheat grains. Seeds or nuts etc. which are collected by milling dry grains. It is the base ingredient of baking and no baking is possible without flour! Different types of flour are used for multiple recipes, Here I’ll help you by mentioning the 3 main types of flour and their uses:



It is high in protein and can be beneficial for the health of you and your family. It is basically used for making pizzas, bread loaves, yeasted bread, pav bread, etc. presence of protein makes it a gluten thing that resists tearing while overall baking. It gives a crispy feel to the bread.


While baking, if you want a soft texture or feel then you should go for pastry bread. It helps and creates fine crusts like a pie. It can also be a spectacular solution for some model recipes of chewy biscuits, tarts, cinnamon rolls, and soft pies. Pastry flour is a key ingredient for low-gluten growth recipes. It is lower in protein than bread flozxប​ននោur (8-9% protein).


It is medium in the amount of protein in it, which mains to ordinary development of gluten permitted recipes. As recognized by its name, it’s an All-purpose flour which means that basic baking and cooking can be carried out with its use and is for all those people who do not bake often.

Pancakes are typically cooked with all-purpose flour or whole wheat flour but can be cooked by two combined flours too which entirely depends on the choice of gluten.

How to prepare pancake mix?

Pancake mix can be a possible substitute for flour so isn’t it better to prepare and store a dry mixture for regular enjoyment of pancakes? Preparing and buying all the food on your own is great to make sure whatever exactly your family’s eating is healthy and homemade.

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It is also a great way to save money from buying expensive dry mixes for baking when they can be easily prepared at home with simple dry ingredients. You can easily prepare mixes for cakes, biscuits, bread loaves, rolls, etc. But today let’s talk about the pancake mix specifically to save on your budget!

It isn’t difficult to prepare a mixture as it only requires the dry ingredients which are often found in your kitchen. You need to keep the accurate ratio of dry ingredients to prepare the pancake mix and then you are good to go. Majorly, pancake mix contains flour with different other ingredients mixed in.

Some commercial pancake mixes are prepared with the help of powdered milk and eggs, which means that the consumer will only need to add some water and the batter is prepared, while other usual pancake mix includes flour, sugar and leavening agents with consumers requiring to add wet ingredients. Today, a quick recipe to prepare the mix is given for your convenience:

Dry Pancake mix recipe:

Step 1: First of all, ina large bowl, take 4 cups of all-purpose flour, 3 tbsp. Baking powder, 2 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. salt and 3 tbsp. sugar. Then, stir the dry mixture efficiently.

Step 2: It is optional to include some chocolate chips in the mixture for those who enjoy the chocolate flavor of pancakes.

Step 3: After mixing the ingredients, scoop the mixture into an air-tight bag or jar for long-term use and can be placed in the refrigerator. 

Pancake recipe:

Following ingredients are needed:

  1. 1 egg
  2. 1 cup of milk (as much you need)
  3. 1 tablespoon of oil or melted butter (as per your choice)
  4. 1 cup dry pancake mix (recipe mentioned above)


  1. First of all, heat a non-stick pan and grease the pan with oil or butter on medium heat.
  2. Take one cup of pancake mix and combine with 1 egg and half cup milk and butter or oil as per your choice. You can add up to 1 cup of milk as per your need.
  3. Mix it and prepare a light batter for pancakes.
  4. Pour 1/3cup of prepared batter on the pan and wait until the bubbles appear on the surface, then flip the pancake (after 2-3 minutes). Now cook and flip until both the undersides are light gold. Heat should be maintained accordingly.
  5. Pour some maple syrup or Nutella as per your taste and the hot and tempting pancakes are ready to be served.

Side Note:

1 cup of batter will be enough for making 4 pancakes.

 Also, if the instructions are properly followed then instead of using the conventional recipe, pancakes can be made through the mixes which are available in the market or prepared at home. It is indeed possible to substitute pancake mix for flour.

How to make fluffy pancakes?

Rotten baking powder: baking powder is an essential ingredient for fluffy pancakes. If it is stale then it won’t take the shape you expect i.e., light and fluffy. Baking powder makes the pancakes soft and fluffy due to the chemical reaction to the formation of air bubbles.

Never overmix the batter: The batter of the pancake should never be overmixed as a lot of air bubbles will deflate and the final result will never turn fluffy. This proves that lumps are okay in pancake batter for holding air bubbles.

Rest the batter: Allow the batter to rest because it is in the form of granules that need to expand for having airier final pancakes.

Flip timing: The timing should be considered when to flip. Once the bubbles appear it’s good to flip at that moment to retain the air inside the bubbles.

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Greasy pan with oil or butter: It’s better to grease the pan beforehand and not let the butter burn if using.

Do not flip violently: Be gentle with the flipping of the pancake. Do not flip it in the air, it will burst all the sir bubbles which might not give it a fluffy feel.

Different types of Pancakes

The ones who are completely fond of pancakes can relate how the flavors of pancakes make the mouth watery and them being attractive to eyes when maple syrup stoops down from the warm pancakes.

If you’re looking for some sweet and savory pancakes, then you’re at the right place to enjoy them from all over the world. Let’s have a look at some scrumptious different types of pancakes:

French Crepes of U.K:

These are light as air-weight pancakes in the face of crepes. They are savory and sweet in flavor but do give an English look to its counterparts. They are prepared from egg, milk, and flour and are quite famous in the U.K.

Serabi from Indonesia:

These are specially cooked on one side and are made from coconut milk and rice flour. It is mostly super sweet but can be enjoyed with meat and cheese for a savor taste. This distinctive type of pancake is particularly enjoyed in Southeast Asia, where it has pan leaf in it to give it a greenish color.

Crespelle from Italy:

These are crepe-like pancakes similar to a French crepe, it is best served with meaty and cheesy dishes as a wrap. Usually, it is made from chestnut flour, eggs, and milk.

Placki ziemniaczane of Poland:

These staple polish pancakes are sort of potato pancakes and are enjoyed thoroughly all around Poland. It is eaten with grated onions and potatoes, fused with a batter of flour and eggs, creating the base layer of the pancake.

Galettes de Bretagne from France:

This is one of the most favorite edibles of France. They are Brittany-inspired crepes and are vastly eaten with small jiffs of salted butter. These crepes are filled with bacon, egg, yolk, hum, etc., and are very popular in the cafes there.

Kimchujeon of South Korea:

These are widely held kimchi pancakes occupied with slices of kimchi. These are prepared when combined with the batter of flour and eggs and are stir-fried until crisp.

How to store pancakes?


How can you keep pancake mix fresh and healthy?

In order to save your money and time, it is recommended to store the pancakes in the refrigerator. Pancakes can retain the same taste and texture even after being frozen.

Just heat the pan and put a frozen pancake on it, cook it usually and serve with Nutella or maple syrup poured on it. You can follow the given steps to store the pancakes properly.

Step 1: First of all, allow the pancakes to cool down otherwise they’ll stick to one another when slanted together. Later, unwinding may cause cracks in the pancakes.

Step 2: Container choice should be made wisely. A big vertically elongated container or cake keeper is suggested to be used to stack several pancakes at a time.

Step 3: Arrange all the pancakes vertically while placing butter paper between two pancakes. Butter paper should be bigger or at least the size of a pancake so that they won’t stick to each other.

Step 4: Now, the pancakes are ready to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer as per your choice. If stored in the refrigerator, it is better to eat them within 4-5 days. Storing in the freezer allows them to be eaten for as long as two months for better taste.

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It is recommended to use the pancake batter, particularly, within 24 hours when stored in the refrigerator.

What is the difference between pancake mix and waffle mix?

No, there’s no such difference between both the mixes. You can get a pretty okay waffle from the pancake box. Similar types of ingredients are found in both the boxes except the quantity of vegetable oil or butter and sugar in the waffle mix which are in good proportion as compared to pancake mix. The fat content and sugar make all the difference.

If you’ve ever gone through a supermarket during grocery shopping, you’ll see that both the mixes’ boxes contain the instructions for the recipe of waffle and pancakes as well, which ascertains that no evident difference is witnessed.

But, it is accepted that pancakes are naturally very light that’s why fat content is comparatively lower than waffles, otherwise the pancakes might feel shaky and heavy.

Best pancake restaurants in the world

Whether you are a sweet lover or savory, you cannot deny that this flat cake is super delicious and cannot be ignored anyway. It is the most popular appetite for breakfast and brunches around the world. Here some countries are mentioned along with the restaurants preparing the best and mouth-watering pancakes.


The bucket list of pancakes is led by the USA first. Being the most popular staple in breakfast, it has a restaurant that is completely dedicated to making yummy licious pancakes. International Chain of Pancake (IHOP) has developed itself as the most promising pancake-making restaurant.

It should be a must-stop for travelers to America. It has come up with a variety of pancakes, like, cheese pancake, white chocolate pancake, raspberry pancake, etc.


France is famous for its architecture, history, and café culture. A vacation to France with an eye-catching view in a café overflowing with chocolate latte and pancakes, is all a person would wish for.

La Creperie de Josselin in Paris is a go-to restaurant for hot crepes and coffee on a lazy afternoon. Enjoying the day aside from the window seat with crepes and hot coffee is a chance not to be missed to feel the Parisian life.


Japan is food heaven. Its pancakes are way more different than the pancakes you enjoy around the world. They are literally filled with savory flavors to be enjoyed.

While enjoying the breathtaking views of mountains, it’d be a thrill to eat okonomiyaki. Muzino is a family restaurant on one of the busy streets of Osaka which is historical and is remembered for its best taste of Okonomiyaki.

It is always vibrant with a decent number of customers. Also, A different style of okonomiyaki is prepared in Hiroshima with different styles.


Dosa is a kind of pancake, which is made from rice flour and is comparatively super than we usually eat. India is very famous for its rich flavor and spices based in different states. Even dosa is found in different varieties around the country by vendors specifically.

A vegetarian restaurant, named Sanyog is running in Panjim. If you’re in South India, then it’s a must to enjoy different flavors of dosa at Sanyog in the fine dining environment with your partner.


Morocco is a now-famous destination for vacations. Moroccan food precisely integrates sweetness with savory flavors, that is the charm of Morocco.

Fine Mama restaurant in Marrakech is best known for the most delicious msemen which is sort of a traditional, rich pancake that is usually served in breakfast and afternoon with honey and sometimes incorporated with meat too. Fine mama’s family restaurant which can be a suitable place for people visiting along with their family.