Taking a Guess At the James Hoffmann Aeropress Recipe

When you search for the most classy coffee recipe, you will find James Hoffman’s recipes in the top ones due to his unique style. Just after the release of his new video on the internet, every coffee lover rushes to watch and follow it to develop the taste in their recipe. Similarly, his Aeropress coffee recipe got great hype.

He uses his versatile setup, different press times, temperature, and method. Many people, despite following his step-by-step instructions, fail to make the coffees like James Hoffman. Did you ever try the James Hoffman Aeropress recipe? How’s your experience?

Well, for taking a guess at the James Hoffman coffee in Aeropress coffee maker, you can get into this article. We hope your next shot will be far different.

For diving into the recipe, Let’s get some information about James Hoffman. So without further ado, let’s go ahead!

Who is James Hoffmann?

James Alexander Hoffmann is an English author, barista, online influencer, and coffee consultant. After winning the World Barista Championship in 2007, Hoffmann rose to popularity. Following that, he co-founded Square Mile Coffee Roasters, a London-based specialty coffee firm, in 2008 and published his book “The World Atlas of Coffee” in 2014.

The book catalogs the coffees that are grown in 29 nations and discusses coffee types, growing methods, roasting, and preparation, focusing on provenance. James Hoffmann has been prominent on the internet video-sharing platform YouTube since 2018, having over 960,000 subscribers to his channel. His channel focuses on the specialty coffee market, coffee equipment evaluations, and brewing methods comparisons.

What is Aeropress?

The patented AeroPress is a new coffee press that uses a quick, total immersion brewing process to produce smooth, excellent, full-flavored coffee with low acidity and no bitterness. It is popular with coffee connoisseurs all over the world.

The quick brewing AeroPress eliminates the bitterness and high acidity that the French press’s long steep period produces. In addition, the AeroPress paper Microfilter removes grit and makes cleanup a breeze.

It brews 1 to 3 cups of American coffee in about a minute, and unlike a French press, it can also prepare espresso-style coffee for use in lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso-based drinks.

The AeroPress is excellent for traveling, camping, backpacking, boating, and more! It is lightweight, compact, portable, and sturdy, making it ideal for home kitchen use and camping, hiking, and boating.

The AeroPress press is included, a funnel, scoop, stirrer, 350 microfilters, and a filter holder. Free of phthalates and BPA. The mug isn’t included. Dimensions when assembled: 9 1/2″ h x 4″ w x 4″ d.

Taking a Guess of James Hoffmann Aeropress Recipe

The Ultimate AeroPress recipe from James Hoffmann is the AeroPress recipe that everyone has been waiting for. James shares a simple and delicious recipe that debunks several common AeroPress myths, such as the importance of cleaning your paper filter and preheating your AeroPress. James likewise prefers to swirl rather than stir his food.

And this recipe is a fantastic place to start for any AeroPress enthusiast; once you’ve figured out how to use it, you can use it as a starting point for additional recipe experiments.

Here is an attempt to piece together a recipe from the video James Hoffmann published.


12 grams medium-fine light roast

At 100° C, 200 grams of water

Step By Step Guidance

  • Place the brewer on a server in the normal position. It makes no difference if you rinse or preheat the brewer. There is no inversion, no filter rinse, and no bloom.
  • Add 12 g of coffee to the Aeropress.
  • At a normal pour rate, pour 200 grammes of 100° C water.
  • After the water has been poured, insert the plunger to create a vacuum.
  • Swirl Aeropress four times at the 2:00 point to achieve an evenly spread ground bed. Allow till 2:30 p.m. to settle.
  • Gently press at the 2:30 point until all of the water has been drained, and the “hiss” has stopped. A light plunge lasted about 20 seconds for me.
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The rationale for this brew time is because James was doing swirl demonstrations at 2:00 and plunging at 2:30. He indicated earlier in the film that increasing the brew time from 2:00 to 4:00 boosted the quality but had diminishing returns. The recipe would be interesting to try with a swirl at 4:00 and a plunge starting at 4:30.

You can also try this recipe with Rao/Perger water because the taste is just fantastic. It is observed how much water is lost before creating the vacuum and how little water is lost once the plunger is set. It appears that little less than 25 ml of water passes through the filter quickly, but this comes to a halt once the vacuum is created. Almost no water comes through after the vacuum is set.

Tips And Tricks For Getting Aeropress Best Results

This list contains 16 Aeropress brewing tips and tricks that will boost your brewing to legendary status.

Use the Microwave

The Aeropress instructions call for a water temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit, which might be challenging to obtain without a temperature-controlled kettle. But there is a solution, and all you need is a thermometer and your microwave.

Microwave a jar of water while checking the temperature and keeping track of the entire time. Please keep track of the time it takes you to reach 175 degrees Fahrenheit. You now know precisely how long to microwave the water to achieve the ideal temperature.

Brew Beforehand And Dilute Later

Strong espresso-style coffee is produced using the traditional Aeropress method. So, for a regular American coffee, you’ll need to dilute it with hot water, which anyone on a tight schedule would appreciate.

Allow your Aeropress espresso shot to come to room temperature before brewing it. When you’re ready for a cup of coffee, dilute the shot with hot water until it’s the right temperature to consume.

Use Aeropress For Four Cups of Coffee

Many Aeropress enthusiasts are confused about why there isn’t a more extensive version available for making many cups of coffee. They have no idea that a single Aeropress can brew up to four glasses at once.

When preparing your Aeropress, use different grinds, around 60 grams, and fill the water up to the highest point. The end product is enough concentrated coffee to dilute to a full liter, enough to share.

Don’t Rinse the Paper Filter

Even if you already know how to use an Aeropress, reading through these helpful hints may teach you something new. For example, to remove any paper taste in your final cup of coffee, we’re taught to rinse paper filters with hot water.

On the other hand, Aeropress filters are so tiny compared to traditional pour-over or drip filters that their inventor claims they add virtually no flavor to the coffee, especially given the short steeping period. You can skip the paper rinsing step if you want to save some time in your coffee preparation.

Utilize a Paper Filter For Several Times

You may be unaware that the paper filters used in Aeropress are durable enough to withstand repeated applications. After brewing, you must remove the filter, clean it with warm water, and dry it before proceeding to round two.

It is an excellent tip if you’re out of filters, wants to save money or reduce trash.

Gently Press

According to inventor Alan Adler, an essential piece of advice for Aeropress users is to press gently for the best coffee. The quickest pressing is achieved by pressing softly, and the sweetest pressing is performed by pressing quickly. On the other hand, hard-pressing compresses the ground beans, slowing the flow of water and producing a more bitter brew.

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Stop the Drip By Applying Back Pressure

You’ll note that as you pour hot water into your Aeropress, it begins to drip, but this isn’t designed to be a drip coffee maker. For the best extraction, we want the water to be driven through under pressure.

Insert the plunger into the body to stop the drip. Back Pressure is created, which controls the flow of water. Alternatively, you can use the inverted Aeropress method to avoid the drop.

Pre-Rinse Aeropress With Warm Water

Give your Aeropress a good rinse with warm water to get it ready to brew. You can also conduct a blind press without any coffee grounds if you have the time. It warms up the Aeropress and moisturizes the filter.

It is an excellent suggestion for almost any type of coffee machine. It guarantees that your brewed coffee is nice and hot, as well as washing away any unwanted brewer off-tastes.

Use Filtered Water For Brewing

Coffee is mainly water, so this should come as no surprise. Coffee lovers are increasingly conscious of the importance of water quality while brewing coffee now that high-quality coffee beans are widely available. If you want the most incredible tasting brew from your Aeropress, make sure you use filtered water instead of tap water.

Make Sure to Grind Your Beans Properly

So you’ve decided on your beans. Like any other coffee maker, the Aeropress has a grind size that needs to be dialed in. A medium-fine grind is preferred, which is finer than a typical filter coffee but coarser than espresso.

 If the grind is too refined, the coffee will be over-extracted, resulting in a bitter brew. If the grind is excessively coarse, the coffee will under-extract, resulting in a weak and watery cup.

Allow 30 Seconds For Pre-infusion

Pre-infusion is a common practice for espresso machines and pour-overs, so it’s no surprise that it’ll improve your Aeropress brew. Pre-infusion ensures that the ground coffee is sufficiently saturated and that the fresh grounds are degassed, resulting in more even extraction.

To pre-infuse in your Aeropress, fill the container halfway with just below boiling water and wait 30 seconds.

Don’t Overfill the Aeropress Container

When you put the filter and cover to the Aeropress container, it will overflow if you overfill with hot water. It may not only destroy your coffee, but it may also cause you to scald yourself in hot water. You don’t want to start the day with burnt hands and no coffee.

Instead, make a concentrated coffee shot in your Aeropress with less water, then dilute it with warm water to your desired brew strength.

Don’t Take The Full Plunge

While it may be tempting to press the plunger to the bottom to extract every last drop of flavor from your ground coffee, you’ll be doing yourself no favors. You’re probably over-extracting the coffee, which makes it bitter.

To avoid this, make sure you’re paying attention while you dive. When the Aeropress generates a hissing sound, the best-tasting brew is ready.

Use the Inverse Method

Many Aeropress coffee drinkers swear by the inverted method, which was developed by baristas to increase the flavor efficiency of this brewer. The basic concept is to turn your Aeropress upside down so that the hot water and coffee can steep before any under-extracted coffee drips through the filter.

Check out our entire post on the inverted approach for step-by-step guidance to the process.

Add an Extra Filter on the Top And More Coffee

Although it takes a little more effort, professional barista Andy Sprenger won the 2013 U.S. Aeropress Championship using this approach, so you can trust it to create a great brew.

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The crux of his procedure, which was also voted “most creative,” was to use a second filter sandwiched between two doses of ground beans during the pre-infusion process.

Use Cold Water For Drinking Coffee Right Away

Another prize-winning barista, Lukas Zahradnik, who won the 2015 Aeropress World Championships, offers this advice. When brewing using an Aeropress, he recommends using somewhat lukewarm water so that you can consume your coffee right away.

Lukas’ recipe, which uses the inverted brewing method for optimal flavor, calls for putting water in the chamber at 174°F, steeping for 25 seconds, then pressing for another 75 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aeropress Ratio?

For an Aeropress, a reasonable beginning ratio of coffee to water is 1 to 16. Because we’ll be creating an 8oz cup, we’ll use it. 5 ounces of coffee, or 15 grams of coffee to 235 milliliters of water for your metric types. Bring water to a boil, then grind the coffee to a fine powder (slightly more refined than what you would utilize for a pour-over).

Is the Aeropress Worth the Hype?

If you’re on a budget, travel frequently, and want to make small amounts of strong coffee, the AeroPress is a good option because the brewer is simple to operate and much more straightforward to clean. It’s also durable, lightweight, and quite economical.

Is Aeropress Unhealthy For You?

On that note, the AeroPress is built of a food-safe copolyester devoid of BPA and phthalates. Meanwhile, while one unfiltered cup of coffee per day isn’t harmful to your health, it’s something to consider if, like me, your caffeine usage increases throughout the cooler months.

What Makes Aeropress so Unique?

Because the paper filter prevents any oil or sediment from entering the cup, Aeropress coffee has a clean taste with clearly defined flavor notes. The Aeropress can even produce espresso-like coffee concentrates. It’s the ideal brewing gadget for curious coffee enthusiasts who want to try new things.

How Often Should I Replace My Aeropress?

The rubber seal in your AeroPress is one of the parts that will need to be replaced (also called the plunger). The newest versions are silicone, and this part should last two to three years if properly cared for.

What Kind of Coffee Machine does James Hoffmann Use?

James Hoffmann’s most widely used espresso machine is the Eagle One.

How is the Inverted Method used in AeroPress?

The inverted method turns the Aeropress coffee into an enthrallment brew method – a method where coffee stays suspended in water for the time that the barista chooses. A longer steep time helps you in getting thicker mouthfeel and deeper flavors than the standard coffee-making methods.

How Hard Should You Press Aeropress?

Your Aeropress should be pretty difficult to plunge, taking about 30 seconds to depress fully. If the pressure within the Aeropress grows too high, pressing down becomes practically impossible; to slow down the extraction, grind your coffee coarser.

Who Manufactured Aeropress?

Alan Adler is an inventor and engineer of AeroPress; it was manufactured in the USA and it is made up of food-safe copolyester, so it is safe to use.

Our Summary

If you know the exact use of Aeropress, you will be able to create a fantastic coffee cup. It is the most affordable and reliable coffee brew method.

To help you with the right use of Aeropress, this article includes a guess at James Hoffman’s Aeropress recipe, some tips, and related FAQs.

So, read this blog post to get all your queries resolved and then make a successful attempt at the James Hoffmann Aeropress Recipe.