What Part of the Cow Does the Ribeye Come From?

Do you want to cook or try ribeye steak in a restaurant and now wonder which cow part it comes from?

Then this article is for you. Ribeye is one of the famous beef cuts that stay in demand throughout the year. People love its taste, aura, and flavor, but many have no idea where it is cut.

As the name suggests, ribeye meat comes from the primal or upper section of the cow’s ribs.

This section is called the Eye, hence the name- Ribeye. As this meat cut has bones, tenderness, and intense flavor, it is popularly used to make rib steaks only.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ribeye is cut from the primal or upper part of the cow’s ribs.
  • You can get 14 ribeye cuts from the rib section of a cow.
  • It has lots of marbles on it, which is the reason behind its beefy flavor
  • The best way to cook Ribeye is to make steak by grilling. No other cooking method suits this meat cut.
  • Ribeye is often confused with Prime rib, but both are different.

Want more info? Then stay till the end.

Ribeye Steak- A Brief Info About Where It Comes From?

As mentioned above, the ribeye cut is made from the upper portion of the ribs. To be really precise, the ribeye meat comes from between the 6th to 12th rib of the cow. This section is also considered one of the best parts of beef.

There are two muscles between the 6th to 12th rib. One is called Longissimus Dorsi, and the other one is called Spinalis Dorsi.

Longissimus contains the meat part and is bright red in color. Spinalis is much more special as it is the reason why Ribeye got the popularity. This muscle has the most fat, which you can see on top of the meat. This phenomenon is called marbling in the food industry.

Marbling is the fat or white dots (which resemble the marble) you can see on the meat. When you cook the ribeye part, these marbles start to melt, and the meat becomes juicier and gives a strong beefy taste and aura.

Let’s see some more Ribeye details.

How Big is a Ribeye Portion?

The ribeye meat portion is one of the biggest beef cuts you can buy. It is around 1.5 inches thick, but it can be thinner. The reason people now prefer thinner ribeye cuts is that it is easier to cook. A thinly cut meat is cooked quickly and more perfectly than the thicker portion.

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You must be wondering- how much does a ribeye cut weigh?

Well, the weight depends on how long you cut it and how thick it is. Usually, the boneless Ribeye weighs between 9 to 13 ounces. It can weigh up to 30 ounces if it has a bone.

How Many Ribeye Steaks Can You Get From a Beef Rib Section?

The rib portion of the beef is quite big. You can get 14 ribeyes from it if you know how to make a cut properly. It is not a small number, as you don’t get that many other cuts from beef. For example, you can only get two briskets from one cow.

How Do Ribeye Taste Like When Cooked?

Ribeye steak, when cooked perfectly, gives an intensely beefy flavor and feels buttery in the mouth. The reason is the fat content or marbles, higher than most beef cuts.

To enjoy the most of the taste, go for grilling only and not any other method. Why? I’m discussing this in detail now.

Best Way To Cook Ribeye- Useful Tips

Making ribeye “steaks” is the best way you can eat this meat part. It is not used in sandwiches, burgers, or other recipes because there is excessive marbling on it. This marbling causes the meat to be highly uneven, which is not ideal for a sandwich or even a burger.

So, go for steaks only!

To make steaks, you can either buy the boneless or in-bone part from the supermarket easily and then begin the preparation of cooking.

Chefs believe ribeye meat with bone has slightly more fat, so it is much juicier and more delicious when cooked. So, I suggest you buy an in-bone ribeye cut to make steaks.

But there are several varieties of in-bone Ribeye, and people often get confused about which one they should go for.

There are two famous in-bone ribeye steaks that are too delicious when cooked;

  1. Cowboy Ribeye
  2. Tomahawk ribeye

Cowboy steaks are bigger than boneless ones, and the reason is definitely the bone. It is around three to four inches in french cut ribeye meat.

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Tomahawk steak is even bigger than cowboy steak. It has 5 inches of bone, which is why it looks like an ax when you hold a tomahawk steak.

You can either buy the cowboy ribeye or tomahawk cut from the market. It’s all about your preferences.

Ribeye Cooking Method

Grilling is the best way to make a ribeye steak. It is because this meat already has too much fat, and grilling is considered to be a dry cooking method. However, it is still advised to smear some olive oil on the meat before you put it on the grill.

Important Note: Let me warn you in advance. The fat melting can also cause flames to rise. So, you must be careful and watchful during the cooking process.

Now, let’s get to cooking!

How To Perfectly Cook a Ribeye Cut?

Most people like ribeye steak to be medium rare. It is because when you cook it “very rare,” the fat does not melt properly, and you won’t experience the real taste of ribeye steak.

Still, you can cook it anyhow you like.

  • Put the ribeye steak for 20-25 minutes on your kitchen counter or anywhere in your house. In the meantime, you should preheat the grill.
  • Next, smear or brush some oil on the meat.
  • Put the Ribeye on the grill and let it cook for about five minutes. Then, turn the side and let it cook for five minutes again.
  • Keep measuring the temperature of the meat. When it reaches around 135 Fahrenheit, take it off the grill. You can also observe the texture and take it off when it gives off a rare medium color.
  • After that, let the meat cool off for about 10 minutes.
  • To make the ribeye steak juicier, smear some butter on top right after you grill it. The butter will start melting immediately. You can also add sauces or any seasoning you like.

Tip: Don’t over-add seasoning. Adding too many sauces or spices can ruin the beefy flavor, and you won’t be able to enjoy the steak.

What Can You Eat With Ribeye Steak?

As ribeye steak is high in fat content, you should eat something healthy with it. Generally, people love to eat three things:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Baked potatoes
  • Vegetable Salad
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A lot of people confuse ribeye cut with prime rib. Are they both the same, or is there any difference between these two meat cuts? It’s time to answer your most asked query about Ribeyes.

Ribeye vs. Prime Rib- Are They Same Or Different?

Ribeye and Prime Rib are often confused as the same because they are cut from the same beef section, but they are different.

There are four big differences between them:

1.   From Which Ribs Are Cut

Prime Ribs are usually cut to the 7th rib, while the Ribeye is cut from between the 6th to 12th rib.

2.   Size

A prime rib cut is larger than a ribeye cut. It is because the bones are bigger from where the prime is cut.

3.   How are they prepared

Prime ribs are roasted in the oven, but chefs don’t recommend you do the same with the ribeye cut. Ribeye reaches its full potential when you grill it.

Both have different methods because prime rib needs to be heated slowly for a longer time to be tender. On the other hand, ribeye steaks are cooked quickly on a grill or iron skillet, and it’s enough to melt the marbles on it.

4.   Price

A Prime rib cut costs more than a ribeye cut as it is bigger, and more meat is attached to it.

So, due to these factors, Ribeye cannot be called the same as Prime rib.

Final Remarks

Long story short, Ribeye comes from the cow’s primal or upper ribs section. It is cut between the 6th to 12th ribs. In total, a butcher can get 14 ribeyes from the rib section.

You can get both boneless and in-bone Ribeye from the market to cook yourself at home. Experts recommend you grill this meat part, as no other cooking method does justice to its taste.

Moreover, cook it till medium rare if you want to enjoy all the juiciness in it. Make sure you also eat something healthy with ribeye steak, as the meat is high in fat, and you don’t want your health to be compromised.