Why do I Crave McDonald’s and How To Stop It?

People have strong cravings for the food they eat at a certain place, and their taste buds have fallen in love with it. Their taste senses make them crave food over and over again.

McDonald’s, or McDonald’s Corporation, is an American fast-food restaurant chain. The delightfully juicy Big Mac and the crunchy, crispy, famous French fries are two of the most iconic menu items from the global fast-food company. After all, there is a reason people get irritated when they hear that not every McDonald’s is open 24 hours—they want it all of the time.

In 2020, there will be 39.1 thousand McDonald’s restaurants worldwide, an increase of 1% year over year over the previous decade.

After eating a Big Mac, is it true that you think to yourself, “I am loving it?” Moreover, you are continuously asking yourself, “Why do I crave McDonald’s, and how can I stop?” If yes, then read on to learn everything you need to know about your cravings and how to overcome them.

Reasons behind your McDonald’s craving

It is considered a very good idea to keep track of how you feel after eating particular foods, what your desires are, and how your energy levels are. If you have a McDonald’s need, it could be due to nostalgia or comfort, but if you want to know more about why you have a McDonald’s craving, there are even more options below.

●  Need for some comfort food

You may be craving McDonald’s from a need for emotional or physical comfort. When unhappy or nervous, you will have the strongest cravings for comfort food. It is also linked to being a kid and cheerful because things were simpler.

●  Happy memories

McDonald’s is a childhood favorite for many people. Therefore, you may crave it as an adult due to the nostalgia. When you eat fast food as a child, you are predisposed to identify that meal with specific memories or events in your life.

●  Strong Advertisement

Advertising is a multibillion-dollar industry that aims to persuade someone to do something, and watching a McDonald’s ad or advertisement will make you want to eat it. With social media and technology, it is impossible to avoid advertisements these days, so a craving is more powerful when you are continuously seeing them.

●  Relatively economical

People on a tight budget may seek McDonald’s more frequently because it is a low-cost fast-food option. You can satisfy your entire family for a quarter of the price of a meal at a high-end restaurant. Because you know you can have a few burgers for a few dollars, being relatively cheap enhances the desire to buy impulsively.

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●  Salt, sugar, and fat are addictive

Fast food, like drugs, maybe extremely addictive. The brain’s reward system is activated by the sugar, fat, and salt in fast food. Eating these meals causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good substance that brings happiness.

●  Craving for the world’s best fries

No one has ever said, “We don’t like French Fries.” No one is going to give up their favorite fries anytime soon. French fries are the most popular food on the planet. Is there any location in the world where you can get better fries than McDonald’s?

●  Hungry after shopping

You are hungry because matching your clothes to your shoes is a time-consuming process requiring you to visit three stores in an hour. Then you notice a McDonald’s restaurant, which makes you want to eat at McDonald’s.

●  Sugar and carbohydrates

McDonald’s food is high in sugar and carbohydrates, which your body may be seeking, leading to a desire for a Big Mac and fries. When you have been working out or expended much energy, your body may often warn you that you need to replenish with carbohydrates.

●  The food you can have at McDonald’s

McDonald’s sandwiches and burgers are made entirely of beef, chicken, and fish. They also flash freeze their cuisine to preserve freshness and lock in flavors. From the farm to the store, McDonald’s can track every step of their food production. McDonald’s also has particular ties with Coca-Cola, which allows them to receive preferential treatment.

●  Happy Meal

It started as a cheeseburger with fries and a toy on the side. They have sold over 3.6 billion of these circus-themed boxes since then.

●  French Fries

The all-powerful french fries. The basis of the American diet and the reason for getting out of bed on Saturday mornings. According to the calculations, McDonald’s sells 9 million of them a day, for a total of 3,285 million pounds of fries every year.

●  Big Mac

The Big Mac was first introduced in the late 1960s and priced at 45 cents. This burger has been enjoyed approximately 550 million times in the United States alone. In 2020, there were 39.1 thousand McDonald’s restaurants in the world. For the past decade, that number has risen year after year.

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On occasion, you may get a sudden craving for a Big Mac burger.

●  Chicken McNuggets

McDonald’s began serving McNuggets in the late 1970s. They now account for approximately ten percent of all sales.

Other delicious items include Filet-o-fish, McRib, Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Baked Apple Pie, Egg McMuffin, Happy Meal, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, and Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

●  Nutrition in the food

McDonald’s is among the most popular fast-food chains in the U.S. Nutritionists recommend ordering a cheeseburger, kid’s fries, and apple slices for a relatively well-balanced meal. Opt for an Egg White Delight McMuffin or the Artisan Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich for protein-packed breakfast.

How to stop craving?

The only way to quench the craving is to satisfy it, here are the ways through which you can fulfill your craving for McDonald’s,

●  McDonald’s app

If you feel lazy and do not feel like going out to dine, open the app on your phone and order your favorite deal.

The McDonald’s app is available to both iOS and Android devices, and users may get it via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Apart from delivering customers the best deals on McDonald’s burgers, the app allows them to order McDelivery, exchange feedback, and learn more about the menu at McDonald’s.

Since its fall 2015 launch, McDonald’s has seen more than 7 million downloads of its mobile app.

McDonald’s mobile app offers coupons that are not available in stores, such as BOGO McChickens, and free fries with any order. After purchasing five coffees, you will be eligible for “McCafe Rewards,” which entitles you to a free coffee of any size or flavor. You may also place an order from anywhere in the app and pay with a linked credit, debit card, or mobile wallet.

After downloading, go to ‘My Account and fill in your valid email and contact information to create an account.

●   Drive-thru

If you are hungry in the middle of the day and do not have time to sit and eat, you can use McDonald’s drive-thru.

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Drive-thrus are growing in popularity as a convenient way for customers to order meals and pick them up quickly. Having a drive-thru can assist food businesses in improving their financial and operational position.

When hunger strikes, a quick trip to the nearest McDonald’s Drive-Thru is a quick and easy method to get the tasty cuisine you crave. Please enter your zip code in our McDonald’s Restaurant Locator to find a McDonald’s Drive-Thru near you and other useful restaurant information.

For the drive-through, there is a separate line of vehicles. Instead of parking their car and going into McDonald’s, people can move into the line of cars. The cashier will be present, and you will be able to place your order and then collect it through another window.

The purpose of a drive-through is to make customer service more convenient. You do not have to walk into Mcdonald’s to get your burger; sit back and relax in our car.

●  Dine-in or take away

If it is a weekend and you are planning a day out with your friends, but you are craving McDonald’s, go to the restaurant and dine in or take out and enjoy your meal.

McDonald’s is devoted to enhancing the dining experience through technology. This invention can be seen in the magic table and magic floor ideas. Video content, graphics, and even fully interactive games are projected from above onto previously blank surfaces, transforming them into digital canvases.


You may have a McDonald’s craving because you are hungry or in need of comfort food. The reward area in our brains is activated when we eat salty, fatty, or sugary meals. Also, for many people, eating McDonald’s evokes much nostalgia; thus, the pleasant memories and connections may be a reason for your craving.

McDonald’s cravings could be since the fast-food chain is a ubiquitous and global success. You are more likely to get at least one McDonald’s within a few miles of your home; thus, convenience influences how frequently you get cravings.

However, do not worry; even if you are lazy and do not want to go out or be busy, you can satisfy your hunger by using McDonald’s drive-thru and app services.