Can You Order Lunch at McDonald’s During Breakfast 2022?

McDonald’s serves some breakfast items all day until they close, but most are open 24 hours. You cannot get lunch/ dinner during breakfast time. You can get burgers, nuggets, fries, and other non-breakfast sandwiches after 10 30 am.

The primary reason is that they can cook one set of items at different times. For example, as breakfast and main menu or lunch, cook at different temperatures. There is also a kitchen problem with the same sets of equipment to cook sausages, eggs, and beef patties.

They serve the main menu or lunch between 11 am to 5 am if stores are 24 hours. This article contains all details about whether you can order lunch at McDonald’s during breakfast and many more. For further information, keep scrolling down!

What Time Does McDonald’s Open?

McDonald’s can be open 24 hours per day in some locations. This is mostly in larger restaurants located at the service stations or other retail parks. You can find McDonald’s on the high streets may be shut earlier at midnight r may be at 10 pm.

Opening times can vary depending on the location. Thus, it would be best to check your local branch when it is open using the chain’s restaurant locator. But if they are not available at 5 am or 6 am for the breakfast services.

You can order food from McDonald’s via drive-thru or home delivery through uber eats or eat at any time. So, McDonald’s is open seven days a week, and in most of the locations, you can pick up your food fix 24 hours a day.

Does McDonald’s have All Day Breakfast?

McDonald’s does not serve all-day breakfast at most locations after March 2020. The corporate office made this decision. And this decision could be the drastic and sudden change that was sure to make daily operation easier for all employees working in the kitchen and increase the overall quality of the restaurant’s service.

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As all-day breakfast has been off since 2020, McDonald’s company has decided to simplify all operations in the kitchen and make them easier for staff.

Moreover, once McDonald’s canceled the all-day breakfast menu, they found that their food order accuracy had improved. But they also noticed that the service times were shortened to meet the customer’s expectations.

Does McDonald’s Serve Lunch All Day?

McDonald’s contains more than 50 delicious food items on its lunch menu. And they serve lunch all day long until the McDonald’s business closes if these are not a 24-hour store. Moreover, the closing time of most McDonald’s restaurants depend on your location, plus each franchise owner have to set all these hours

In addition, if one of the stores is open 24-hours, then lunch may be stopped nearly at 5 am, and you will no longer be able to get any lunch item or any food.

McDonald’s is a primer and one of the best fast-food restaurants that serve lunch every single day of the week. And you can order all your favorite lunch items from Monday to Sunday.

What Times Does McDonald’s Stop Making Burgers and Start Doing Breakfast?

McDonald’s stops making burgers at 4 am and starts eating breakfast, and you only get breakfast all day. But the important is McDonald’s serves breakfast, lunch, and dinners 24/7. As we have mentioned above, timing mainly depends on the franchise and then the company’s location.

They stop serving lunch/ dinner with a different menu which starts at 10: 30 and 11 am. And there is no need for you to specify your exact location and where you are from.

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There are a lot of confusing questions to discuss, like when McDonald’s started and stopped serving lunch/ dinner or breakfast, and can you order lunch at McDonald’s during breakfast, etc.

Here, you can get bacon, eggs, and cheese biscuit any time you want, but you cannot get a quarter-pounder burger at 8 am. And this time comes in between the 4 – 5 am to 10 am during the week, and 4-5 am to 11 am on weekends.

Can You Order Lunch at McDonald’s During Breakfast 2022?

They introduced their breakfast in 1975 with delicious egg McMuffin and some other yummy items. Here, no one is discussing McDonald’s breakfast menu as there is a need to use the competition against its fast food, which is nothing short of exceptional.

McDonald’s gets the lunch at about 10: 30 am from Monday to Friday, and 11 am on Saturday and Sundays. You will get McDonald’s new night menu for lunch and dinner, big Mac and quarter pounder burgers, chicken nuggets, fries, and all-day breakfast. 

From midnight to 4 am, you can order a big Mac, fries, a big Egg McMuffin, and hash brownies. So, you cannot order lunch during breakfast time at McDonald’s. You will have to wait for lunchtime to eat McDonald’s lunch that is very tasty and have various food items.

When Does McDonald’s Start and Stop Serving Breakfast 2022?

McDonald’s has started serving breakfast between 5 am, and 11 am at some locations every day except Friday. And on Fridays, breakfast hours are extended from 11 am to 11 30 am. As a result, one of the crucial things in McDonald’s menu varies per store.

So, the company has advised its customers to check out their preferred operational branch through their updated store list. In addition, McDonald’s restaurants are primarily franchise-based, so the company owner can set some hours a little bit differently.

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And maybe they are fit in doing so as most of the time it depends on locations. For example, one of the recent McDonald’s Facebook posts shows that you can order the fast-food chain’s hotcakes, Hashbrowns, sausage, and McMuffins any time of the day through the drive-thru or via Delivery.

You can search the local outlet and inquire personally about McDonald’s serving times because time and location vary at other sites. Moreover, you can also find out their phone number or any general helpline and request the information you are interested in getting from them.


On some weekends, we want some heavy food items at breakfast at McDonald’s, and you go to order. But unfortunately, there is no policy to get lunch during breakfast at McDonald’s. The Franchise owner sets the time of each location’s store.

McDonald’s generally starts serving lunch at 10: 30 am during the week and begins at 11 am on weekends. This can be a little confusing since there is always a little bit of wiggle room for all franchise owners to make their own rules and then set the schedules.

In addition, most countries outside of America can have a different way of running stores. So, regardless of where you are from, it will be great if you check the Mcdonald’s checklist of your local McDonalds. It gives you the proper time of lunch/ dinner with information related to starting services.

We have discussed everything related to “Can you order lunch at McDonald’s during breakfast” in this article. If you find something confusing about McDonald’s lunch/ dinner or breakfast timing, you can easily ask us.

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