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Foods Alternative with website address is the blog or website that discuss and share the useful information and tips on the alternative of drink, foods, recipes that our readers are using or consuming every day from the branches of coffee, tea, wine, recipe, cookware, and other stuff around the kitchen, dining, and foods that we eat daily.

The contents that we share are mainly based on the experiences that we have or at least based on the original research that have we performed both offline and online. What works for us might not work for others. Therefore, the contents that we share here is for the information purpose only.

We are not responsible for the risks that might happen to you directly or indirectly after you consuming the contents herein our blog.

We respect the copyright and hard work. We also hope others do the same to us. Therefore, if you intend to use the information from our blog, pls at least give us the credit if you are not brave enough to us the permission from us.

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