The 15 Best Foods That Start With Letter “TH”

Food is a delightful and enjoyable part of our lives. Yes, it can get tedious and mundane, but it’s delicious to keep on keeping on most of the time.

Today I was thinking about the foods that start with the letters TH and I realized it was quite a tricky challenge to come up with that any!

So I racked my brain and managed to come up with 15 different foods that begin with TH for no other reason than to amuse both you and me.

So let’s dive right in.

1) Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry originates from  Thailand and is a popular dish of succulent meat (usually chicken, beef, or shrimp), vegetables, and spices stewed in coconut milk with Thai herbs.

Thai green curry can be found at most Thai restaurants and will usually come to your table with a side dish of steamed rice.

This dish sounds simple enough, but the origin of its name becomes quite interesting. In Thailand, green curry is actually regarded as a relatively modern invention and the name itself has nothing to do with what’s in the dish!

In actual fact, Thai cooks didn’t have a word for “curry” so they came up with “Krueng Gaeng” which just means ‘chicken-coconut soup’.

2) Thai Rice Stir-Fry Noodles

Thai Rice Stir-Fry Noodles also originate from Thailand and are a delicious dish of fried rice noodles with shrimp, chicken, and vegetables accompanied by a tangy sauce.

Again, the origin of its name is quite interesting – Thais don’t have a word for ‘stir-fry’ so they used their description of how it’s prepared as a substitute! In Thailand, “Pad Thai” just means “fried noodle”.

3) Three Bean Salad

Three Bean Salad is made by combining three different types of beans with a dressing to make a healthy dish perfect for any occasion.

But what are the best beans for Three Bean Salad?

Pinto Beans – A firm bean that holds its shape well when cooked, Pinto beans are generally recognized as the typical Bean Salad bean because of their mild flavor and pinkish color.

Cannellini Beans – These large creamy beans have a great texture but can be hard to find pre-cooked.

Kidney Beans – Be sure to pick up a can of red kidney beans for your next Bean Salad. They complement the others very well with their speckled brown color and rich flavor.

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Combine them in a dish with a good dressing to make a filling meal.

4) Thimbleberry

The thimbleberry is used to make a delicious jam that can be added to cakes, pies, desserts, tarts and so much more.

It tastes like a mix between raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry. You can even eat it plain or with ice cream.

The thimbleberry has a short growing season from June to July, but luckily you can plant one in your garden and have fresh berries all year round! Just make sure the soil is moist at all times.

Thimbleberries are ripe when they are soft to touch and easily fall off the stem without any help. If you find some while foraging, make sure to pick them up before they get squashed by somebody walking by!

They grow on thorny bushes, so watch out not to prick yourself! On that note, children should always be accompanied by an adult while picking thimbleberries, just in case!

5) Thermador

A Thermador is a method of cooking that involves cooking foods with steam.

Thermador is a type of cooking that has been around for centuries, and scientists just recently discovered its true potential.

Thermador gives cooks the ability to unlock flavors and preserve nutrients in their fruits, vegetables, meats, and even grains!

With Thermador, you can create delicious dishes without spending too much time in the kitchen or losing valuable nutrients along the way!

People all over are starting to find out how easy it is to make mouth-watering cuisine by taking advantage of this fast-becoming famous cooking style.

The most famous Thermador is the delicious lobster Thermador.

6) Thimbu

Thimbu is a type of food that is eaten exclusively on the Ember Days. It consists of dumplings stuffed with meat, fish, or cheese and cooked inside a vegetable-based soup.

The creation of this dish was brought about by an incident involving St. Lucius of Alexandria almost four hundred years ago.

Thimbu originates from the northern region of Tsylandes. The dish is very popular in several other regions, including the Sheridan People’s Republic, where settlers brought it from Tian Xia around the same time it spread to Avistan.

Thimbu is especially favored in Ustalav, where I personally tasted some. I can testify that this food is delicious and well worthy of its reputation for being tasty.

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7) Thin Crust Pizza

Pizza is a favorite and a staple in many a household around the world. Dating back to ancient Roman times when soldiers would put cheese and oil on flatbread, the humble origins of the much-loved dish have not stopped it from evolving in our time. 

What we know as pizza today has branched out to several distinct styles, depending on which region you are in, and is a beloved treat across the globe.

One such style is thin crust pizza, also known as Neapolitan Pizza, about its place of origin or “Pizza Napoletana.” 

Thin crust pizza hails from Naples, Italy, where experts claim they have been serving this variation for over 200 years.

A thin crispy base with rich tomato sauce topped with various ingredients makes for a winning combination that has captured the hearts of millions around the world

8) Thosai

Thosai is an interesting dish that is a part pancake, part dosa. Originating from the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, it is typically prepared by fermenting rice flour and urad dal paste, then cooking it on a Tava until crispy.

The dish can be eaten sweet (with jaggery or sugar), spicy (with chili powder), or savory (with potato curry). Thosai makes for an excellent breakfast meal!

The exact origin of Thosai remains unknown; however,  it is believed to have originated in the village of Sembiyankandiyur (near Thanjavur) in Tamil Nadu.

The dish was traditionally prepared using a stone slab for cooking it; this was known as a Thosai-Kal, and it remains popular even today due to its quick preparation time.

9) Thin Mints

I love thin mints. I can eat an obscene amount of the delicious minty chocolates. I’ll at least have one thin mint every day of the week if it’s available.

Thin mints are made of thin wafers with chocolate on the bottom and a tasty minty coating.

Thin mints went into production back in the early 1900s. Today, thin mints are one of the most popular cookies sold, and nearly 200 million boxes get sold every year.

10) Thousand Island Dressing

Thousand Island Dressing is a classic dressing that is served with everything from fries to salads and burgers, and it is a favorite of many.

Thousand Island Dressing is made from a blend of mayonnaise, ketchup, and chili sauce or relish. It can be made in a blender but can also easily be put together by hand.

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11) Thoshky

Thoshky is a delicious drink made by removing the stems and seeds of sun-ripened fruit, then combining it with water, ice cubes, sugar, and sometimes milk.

The drink is popular worldwide due to its delicate flavor that neither tastes too sweet nor sour. It can be served both heated or chilled, depending on personal preference.

It originates from a small village in Thoshk, where it is served as a normal part of breakfast. Furthermore, it was not until recently that it became popular among the rest of the world.

12) Thumb Print Cookies

Thumb Print cookies are made of three main ingredients; flour, butter, and sugar. The use of these three ingredients has made it quite simple to make them at home.

They are very simple to make and are a firm favorite when baking with young ones as they can use their little thumb to make the imprint.

13) Thuringian Dumplings

Thuringian dumplings come from the German state of Thuringia. They are medium-sized, soft flour dumplings made with a mixture of potato, flour, eggs, fat or butter, salt, milk, or water.

Thuringian dumplings were named the state dish in 1997 by the government of Thuringia. Numerous restaurants in Germany serve these delicious dumplings, which are comforting in the cold weather.

14) Thuringian Sausage

Thuringian sausage comes from Thuringia in Germany. It is made from a selection of meats and is served alongside the dumplings mentioned above.

They form a delicious meal, especially enjoyed in the colder months.

15) Thyme

Thyme is a herb that is used as seasoning and medicine

Some of the most famous dishes that thyme is used in are chicken, fish, lamb, and beef

It is also used in various Pestos.

Thyme has many health benefits, including improving the immune system’s ability to ward off invaders, heart disease, obesity, and depression.

It can be ingested by drinking tea made of thyme leaves or other parts of the plant like its flowers.


And there you have it. From Thai to Thyme, those are my top 15 foods that begin with TH.

Did I miss your favorite out?
Let me know in the comments below!