Why Does My Dog Suddenly Change Sleeping Location?

Dogs have been known to be more than just pets for human beings. They have been loyal companions for people living alone, guardians of homes, extensions to families, and even allies of security guys. It’s one of the reasons why so many people love dogs and keep them as their pets at home. According to the statistics, the population of pet dogs was estimated to be around 88.9 million in 2020.

When you keep dogs as your pets, you have to take care of everything about them, whether it’s what they eat, how they sleep, where they go, or anything else. And if you’re a first-time pet owner of dogs, things can be more challenging when you don’t know about your friendly pet. Even a slight change in his habits can make it hard for you to understand things.

For instance, if your dog suddenly changes its sleeping location, and you don’t know why, it will be a real challenge for you. Therefore, we will help you guide on what to do if your dog is showing distinct habits or has suddenly changed his sleeping location. We will explore all the reasons why your dog has changed its sleeping location.

So let’s get into it and explore the topic in detail.

General Behaviors Of Dogs

Before we specifically talk about the irregular sleeping behavior of dogs, it’s important to talk about their normal behaviors, whether eating, sleeping, walking, or socializing. The normal behaviors of dogs can vary depending on the dog breed. However, here are the generally normal behaviors of the dogs regardless of the breed:


You don’t have to worry about anything if your dog is barking too much. Most dogs bark a lot when they want to get your attention. Although excessive barking can be annoying and cause disturbance, ignoring your dog will end with a reward for his quiet time. Instead, if you respond to every barking, the dog will become habitual of barking whenever he wants to get attention.


Dogs have a habit of digging when craving a good place to sleep or bury their treasures. Therefore, if you have an outdoor dog who is digging a lot, there is nothing to worry about. You shouldn’t be worried about digging until dogs are digging excessively to injure their paws or destroy your garden. You can train your dogs with small digging areas where you have buried small treats to help them get away from their boredom.

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Chewing is also natural for dogs; you don’t have to worry if your dog chews a lot. They have to examine a lot of things, so they love to chew every other thing. However, destructive chewing is an abnormal behavior. Therefore, you should make sure that your house is doggie proofed, and you have to do it by placing items out of your dog’s reach.


Biting other dogs or people can be the inheritance of pack mentality in certain dogs. Most dogs adopt this behavior when they’re learning their place in the pack. Other dogs usually bite when they’re in pain, feel threatened, or are guarding their territory. Although biting is normal for dogs, it can sometimes be harmful. You need to make sure that you engage your dog in training for normal behaviors that are not dangerous for those around them.


Yet another normal behavior in dogs is chasing, which is due to the predatory and herding instinct of dogs. However, sometimes the chasing habit can be dangerous for both chaser and the one being chased. Therefore, you should train your dogs so that they know when to stop and when to chase.

When Do Dogs Change Their Sleeping Locations?

Now let’s come to the sleeping behavior of the dogs. If you’re worried about why your dog has suddenly changed its sleeping location, here are the top reasons you should know:

Reason 1: He Might Be Moving To a Cooler Area Of The House

One of the most common reasons why your dog has suddenly changed his sleeping location, a possible reason can be your dog aiming to find a cooler area of the house. And if your dog already had a cooler space, moving to another space can still be because he is uncomfortable in the previous place. For instance, most older dogs are not comfortable sleeping on cooler wooden floors. If your dog is not showing any other irregular behavior, you shouldn’t be worried about it.

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Reason 2: Moving To an Area With Less Noise And Traffic

Dogs might want a peaceful place with less noise or traffic like humans. Therefore, if your dog was previously sleeping at a place with more traffic than your house and has suddenly changed his location, you should not be worried about it unless the dog shows no other distinct or disturbing behavior. Your dog might have got depressed or scared due to the noise and traffic. Try to understand your dog’s behavior patterns and help him get over the depression or stress.

Reason 3: Seasonal Changes And Temperature Regulations

Your dog from the colder area of your house can be due to his personal comfort. However, sometimes the dog can change his location due to seasonal changes or temperature regulations. Your dog might move from a cold to a hot area or a hot to a cold area, depending on the temperature regulations. Short-haired dogs tend to stay in warm areas during cold winters. Therefore, a dog in harsh winters will move to warm areas, and you shouldn’t be worried about it. The only time when you want to get professional help is when your dog is showing irregular behavior besides sleeping location changes.

Reason 4: Your Dog Is Denning

Your dog might be finding illogical places perfect to sleep, and one of the possible reasons can be denning. Dogs love to make real dens by digging holes and sleeping there. It is one of the distinct behavior in wolf ancestors of dogs. They would dig a den when they were preparing to give birth. Similarly, dogs can exhibit this behavior when they are preparing to give birth. If you have a female pet dog and it is exhibiting denning behavior, get it checked by a gynecologist.

Reason 5: Your Dog Is Just Ready For Change

Dogs might be changing their locations for obvious reasons, as mentioned above. However, in some cases, the change of sleeping location can be just a random act of your friendly pet. Many dogs change their behavioral patterns after some period. For instance, several dogs change their pattern after 3 to 5 years without any reason. If your dog is behaving normally otherwise, don’t worry about anything else. However, if anything else falls in the abnormal category, you should get your dog checked by a vet.

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Reason 6: Your Dog Is Not Feeling Good

Although most of the reasons why your dog changed its sleeping position are completely normal, there can be certain cases when your dog is stressed, not feeling good, or has some underlying health problems resulting in a change of behaviors like sleeping location, eating habits, etc. All you have to do is closely look for any worrisome irregular behaviors and symptoms.

What To Do If Your Dog Has Suddenly Changed Its Sleeping Location?

We have already discussed all the possible reasons why your dog might have changed its sleeping location. However, as a pet owner, you might be concerned about why your dog has changed its sleeping location and what you need to do.

You might want to take it to the vet immediately as a pet owner. However, you should look for any irregular behaviors in your dogs that might need medical help. If everything else is normal, just try to give attention to your dog and understand its changing patterns.

Nothing else is needed to be done!


Why my dog has suddenly started sleeping on the floor?

If your dog has suddenly started to sleep on the floor, it might be because the warmer bed is not comfortable for him. It can be due to temperature regulations, as it might be uncomfortable on warmer beds and blankets.

How do dogs choose where they sleep?

Dogs’ sense of smell is very acute, and they also use this sense for resting spots. They will love to choose a sleeping location that smells like their pet owner or other members of their pack. Besides, the dogs also consider the physical aspects of the place where it sleeps.

Why does my dog change its position while sleeping?

The dogs can change their position depending on how they’re feeling and where they’re sleeping. If there is nothing unusual, there is nothing to worry about the dog changing its position while sleeping.