Kindfull Dog Food Reviews: Is It Good For Your Dog?

Dog owners love to take care of everything about their pets. They are particularly wary of the food given to them as the pet’s health depends on it. One of the famous dog foods in the market is the Kindfull Dog Food. Target has been manufacturing it for years with lofty claims of it being the best. Although the company advertises Kindfull to be completely safe, many dog owners are still hesitant to buy it.

It is understandable, too, as there are very few reviews done on this Target dog food product. That’s why I felt the need to write a review and clear all the doubts that people have in mind.

In this Kindfull Dog food review, I am describing everything there is to know about this food.

So, stay till the end to know what Kindfull Dog food is made of and whether they are safe or not. Let’s begin!

Kindfull Dog Food Reviews: Is It Good For Your Dog?

The target brand is not new to the people. It has been in business for almost three decades and is now known everywhere for its top-quality products. One of such products is Kindfull Pet foods, and the sub-category I am discussing here is- dog foods.

Kindfull dog foods are indeed good for your dogs. You can improve your pet’s health if you make a habit of giving them this food consistently.

Let me explain everything in detail.

Why Is KindFull Dog Food Good For Your Dogs?

To know about the legitimacy of the product, the best way is to check whether it is worth the money or not. And to know it, you must look at several factors to decide.

So, here are the factors (or should I say the reasons) of why Kindfull is good for your dogs.

It Is Safe

People often ask, Is Kindful Dog Food Safe? Yes, it is 100% safe to consume for our dogs.

The reason?

Well, there is not one but different reasons behind this claim.

  • It is made from sustainable ingredients only (more on that later).
  • Plus, the whole manufacturing process is overlooked by the experts. Target has hired the very best researchers specialized in pet foods to craft such a process that is safe for every breed of dog.
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But that’s not it!

  • Kindfull is AAFCO approved. AAFCO is the Association of American Feed Control Officials that overlooks the safety process of pet foods. It issues certain guidelines for every manufacturer to follow, and Target is 100% compliant with it.

That’s not it either!

  • In addition, Kindfull dog food is manufactured in the USA only. Some people often had doubts that this food might be made in China. As Most Americans think that the Chinese don’t follow safe practices, this dog food won’t be safe for dogs to eat too. But Target has already stated on the official website that Kindfull Dog Food is manufactured in the USA only.
  • But the biggest proof about Kindfull being safe is that Target has been manufacturing it for years. Until now, no severe side effects or any problem has been reported by any dog owner.

Ingredients Are Safe

One question I often get is, What is Kindfull Dog Food Made Of?

Well, Kindfull does not use any harmful chemicals to make pet foods. Everything is safe to eat without any side effects.

The ingredients used to make dog food are:

  • Red Meat
  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Bone pieces

These ingredients are high in vitamins and minerals, which are needed by dogs to stay healthy.

In the red meat option, there are different varieties of meat available. Some Target foods contain chicken meat, while some include beef. There are also other Dog foods made by Target that use fish and their bones to make delicious dog food.

In addition, no artificial additives and fillers are added during the whole process. It is important because Treats that include these things lead to health complications in dogs. They can cause obesity and digestive issues. Furthermore, some dog food manufacturers add wheat, corn, or soy to make the food heavy. But this type of food is not liked by the dogs at all. Moreover, such foods are less nutritious than those that focus on red meat.

That’s why the Target Kindfull Dog food is grain-free. The recipe of the Target dog foods has been crafted by experts who have been in this field for years. They understand all the things to consider before making the best dog food on the market. Therefore, Kindfull is one of the best in town.

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Different Varieties Are Available

Target manufactures more than 50 types of Kindfull Dog foods for dog owners to choose from. These include wet food, dry treats, and any other things.

The types also differ with respect to the meat added. Chicken, beef, fish, and pig meats and bones are used to make different types of treats.

Is that it? Nope.

Kindfull also offers a special dog treat called Food Topper. This dog treat is unique as it gives a sudden boost of nutrition. Adding a scoop of it to the regular food bowl will take the nutritional value to a whole new level. It contains almost every nutrition a dog needs in order to stay healthy and energetic. Plus, it is super delicious, too (for dogs, not for humans).

But be careful about how much you give the food to your dog as overeating can cause lots of problems for the animals.

How Much Kindfull Dog Food Should You Give To Your Dogs?

Target always thinks about their customers and always tries to give the best recommendations possible. The same is the case with the feeding of dogs.

Different Kindfull products have different feeding recommendations. Here are these:

  • For Kindfull Wet foods, it is advised to give one ¾ to 2 ¼ cans per seven to eight pounds of weight.
  • For Kindfull dry foods, it is advised to give ⅓ to ½ cup per six to eight pounds of weight.
  • Kindfull treats are generally given three times a day.

Where To Buy Kindfull Dog Food?

The official website is the best source to buy Kindfull Dog Food. You will get the feed on the same day of ordering. If you want to save the delivery charges, you can select the pickup option. In this, you pre-book your Kindfull dog food packages and then later go to the store yourself to pick them up. 

Moreover, if you are into online shopping, you can also choose Amazon for this. There, you will see the target products and purchase whichever you like.

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But if you are not an online person, you can go to the nearby Target store yourself to buy the Kindfull Dog food.

Now, it’s time for some Kindfull Dog food reviews from different online platforms.

Kindfull Dog Food Reviews By Customers

There are thousands of Kindfull customers that can’t think about giving their dogs foods from other brands. To give you an idea about what customers feel about this Target initiative, I have gathered some of the reviews from Dogforum and other online platforms.

Jason M.R. Said that he has two bulldogs, and both have sensitive stomachs. They used to get ill from eating foods of different brands, But both were in perfect health when he made the switch to Kindfull.

Yasmin E. said that her dogs absolutely love Kindfull dog treats, and she is thankful to Target for these amazing products.

Kelley said that her german shepherd loves the Kindfull wet foods so much.

Steven said that his two golden retrievers get excited when he opens the Kindfull wet can in front of them. Both love it so much and eat the food with sheer excitement.

Fido commended that her Capri dog eats Kindfull treats like there is no tomorrow. She just loves them and finishes the bowl in no time.

There are dozens of more positive or five-star reviews posted online by dog owners about Target Kindfull Dog food. Their dogs love it, and I can assure you that your pet will too.

Final Words

So, Is Kindfull Good for your dogs? I wrote the whole Kindfull dog food review to answer this question.

Yes, Kindfull is good for your dogs as it is one of the most nutritious dog foods available on the market. It is loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals your dogs need to stay active and healthy.

There are various varieties of Kindfull dog food available, and every one of them is AAFCO compliant and uses only the top-quality ingredients. Therefore, these Target products are the first choice of dog owners.

So, if you also have dogs, give Kindfull to them without any hesitation!