Is The Novitec WiFi Booster A Scam Or Legit? What Are Your Reviews On It?

Novitec WiFi Booster, as the name indicates, is a device that provides strength to signals and improves internet speed. Users use this electronic device when they find an issue with signal quality- it can be used at the home, office, or anywhere for high-speed internet.

According to the Novitec company, this device boosts internet speed up to 10 times and makes you surprised by its awesome connectivity results.

On the other hand, many Novitec users claim that Novitec WiFi Booster is a fake or scam as the company doesn’t provide appropriate devices but advertises the one with high quality.

Moreover, there is another issue of distrusting Novitec; the service providers reduce the speed during peak hours. But in reality, no technology can prevent internet service providers from choking your bandwidth. Are you getting confused?

Hold on! You can read ahead to explore: Is The Novitec WiFi Booster A Scam Or Legit – this review will cover every aspect of Novitec and make it easy to decide on your own!

Is Novitec WiFi Booster Legit or Scam?

Novitec is an aesthetically appealing brand, and so is its WiFi – the website ensures the high quality of the device. Still, on evaluation, many users found various issues in the devices. Moreover, Novitec WiFi Booster misses crucial information from the description (WiFi range, internet provider’s compatibility, etc.) and makes the final decision hard for the buyers.

Hence, every user should do their research before purchasing the device as it will protect them from dupes.

Novitec WiFi Booster Specifications

  • Type: WiFi Extender
  • Signal Speed: Up to 1200 Mbps
  • Installation: One Push WPS Button
  • Number of Antennas: Two Antennas
  • WLAN Security: Enabled
  • Discount: 50% Discount to the first 5000 Buyers
  • Warranty: 2-year Manufacturer Warranty and a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and
  • Compatibility: Computer, Laptop, Phone, TV, and different other Internet Enabled Devices

Pros Of Novitec WiFi Booster

  • The quick and easy installation process (only three minutes)
  • Speeds Up WiFi range
  • Smart and compact design
  • Boosts up speed up to 1200 Mbps
  • Dual powerful antenna
  • No dead zones
  • Offers broad wireless coverage
  • Safe internet browsing
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Cons Of Novitec WiFi Booster

  • The extender’s coverage range is not mentioned
  • The company has not mentioned whether it works with all internet providers or not
  • The description lacks some crucial information

Novitec WiFi Booster Is Thrash: How Much Reality Is There

Novitec is one of the most famous and popular brands in the digital world, and one of the basic reasons is the provision of top-quality features at an affordable price. However, according to many social media users, the popularity of this brand is due to its negative rating.

Many users report that the Booster of Novice amazingly improves the signal’s strength and helps you watch the content without buffering. It is being said that many users deliberately give bad reviews on Amazon and Walmart to spoil the Novice company’s fame.

Ways To Know About The Novitec Scam

Before investing in Novitec WiFi Booster, you are supposed to read the reviews and the provided description. Always prefer reading the reviews on the official website of the company.

If the third party is selling Novitec WiFi booster and giving negative reviews, it shows that you are purchasing a fake or scammed device. You can also check the reviews on Walmart and Amazon because these two are also trusted websites. Besides relying on these sites, you can also find different YouTube channels about Novitec – visit them for more comprehensive information.

Is Novitech WiFi Booster Work Or Not?

The market is flooding with the boosters of different brands; every brand offers different features, but none of them work very incredibly. You can say that every router comes with different pros and cons.

The popular brands of WiFi boosters, other than Novitec, are:

  • Asus
  • TP-Link
  • Linksys
  • Netgear

Novitec WiFi Boosters show numerous similarities with various problematic sites, such as TurboTuuli, Cardio, BuyRangeXTD, Blaux, BuyOshenWatch, FeverPatrol, GetTVBuddy, HOCWatch, and BuyBlaux. A lot of users complain about these sites.

Some General Factors That Affect The WiFi Booster’s Performance

The antenna is one of the basic factors that affect WiFi Booster’s performance. If the antenna’s gain is larger, the signal’s strength will be powerful and speedier. The market is overwhelmed with antennas of different ranges – the antenna’s ranges vary from 3db to 20db. If you want to protect yourself from a scam, you can check the antenna range of your router.

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If you want to save your investment from ruining, you can check our other hacks:

Tips To Consider Before Purchasing WiFi Booster

  • Purchase the device from your closest stores as you can conveniently claim. Moreover, there are fewer chances of scams as you live closest to them, and you can easily get your faulty device changed.
  • Avoid exposing your WiFi devices to electric power as it is unsafe for your device.
  • Keep your devices far away from electrical wires.
  • Don’t purchase cheap devices as they will waste your time and money but aren’t worth the quality. It is wise to invest once in a high-quality device instead of spending money on fixing the unreliable one.

Novitec WiFI Booster – Specification and Price?

Netizens complain about the low speed of WiFi that interrupts their working abilities, and most of the time, it is due to the router’s low signals. WiFi boosters are good to go to deal with these issues, and Novitec WiFi Booster stands on the list of top brands. It is particularly designed to improve the WiFi signal’s quality.

In the area where you have weak or destructive signals, you can use the Novitec WiFI booster – it efficiently works against the walls, panoramic buildings, and trees. Since providing long-range signals is also a quality of this popular WiFi booster, it incredibly increases the signal range in distant areas.

Novitec’s Booster claims it is 802.11 N or Wifi4 that maxes out at 600mbps; in contrast, their product description page says: speed up your WiFi signal speed up to 1200 Mbps. If you visit the order page, you will find the truth that promises you to provide “Up to 300Mbps on 2.4G”.

The Price Of Novitec WiFi Booster

The price of this Novitec WiFi Booster is low compared to other WiFI booster brands. The price of this WiFi booster is only 6 dollars and comes with a 2 monthly money-back guarantee. It is literally a good offer from Novitec company that attracts so many users. The offered discount makes Novitec the first choice of the users and increases its popularity.

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Novitec WiFi Booster And Its Sale On Different Websites

The Novitec Company sells its WiFi booster on different stores and eCommerce websites Amazon and Walmart. The opportunity to buy this device on these two sites enhances its popularity and selling rate. Many people now share their positive remarks on this device on different social media platforms.


If your internet connection is sluggish, the Novitec WiFi booster is a great choice for you as it is on high sale at Amazon. Users have mixed reviews about Novitec – many are satisfied with the Novitec performance; thus, they give positive reviews, but many find it below their expectations; hence, they give negative reviews.

New buyers read the reviews before getting it bought, and when they find negative reviews, they declare it a scam. Novitec WiFi Booster secures 3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


Novitec delivers good quality service at a low price; therefore, many users share their positive remarks about Novitec. This powerful company produces many other products like WiFi and wireless devices, plugs, etc.

The price of Novitec products is pretty low compared to other companies, but sometimes this company doesn’t provide any appreciable benefit to the users.

The Bottom Line

Novitec WiFi Booster is famous for removing the dead WiFi signals, so you get improved, smooth, and highly strong signals to conveniently use the internet.

The website claims the ultra-efficiency of the device, but many users complain about the different flaws and issues that they encountered while using this device. However, this controversy increased the fame and branding of Novitec WiFi booster.

This review includes the specification, pros, and cons of Novitec WiFi boosters; you can dig them out before deciding: Is The Novitec WiFi Booster A Scam Or Legit – the other way round, either you need to buy a Novitec WiFI booster or not.