Doona Vs. Uppababy: Which Is The Best?

Babies are dependent, sensitive, and naughty; thus, taking them anywhere out is challenging, mainly when the baby sleeps.

However, thanks to the advancement in technology that has made baby traveling safe, swift, and accessible. Doona and UPPAbaby are two popular brands that manufacture baby strollers and car seats to make baby traveling hassle-free.

While buying the stroller, these two names immediately hit my mind but choosing one from both is a massive confusion. Doona Car Seat & Stroller – a brand of reliability- is globally advertised as the first integrated travel system.

In contrast, UPPAbaby is an expandable unit that boasts multiple configurations and allows up to three kids in one stroller. Though both bands are touching the heights of skies, again, the question is which brand to buy? 

This blog post has reviewed both brands – design, quality, and other features that will make your decision-making journey quick and reliable.

So, let’s go ahead!

Key Takeaway:

  • Doona and UPPAbaby hold dozens of similar features, but when it comes to on-stroller storage, UPPAbaby triumphs.
  • The UPPAbaby Vista V2 can be used for much longer than the Doona Car Seat & Stroller because of its extension attachments.
  • The Doona device is a car seat that may also be used as a stroller, while the UPPAbaby Vista V2 is a full-size stroller with diverse options.
  • Doona provides a smoother transition between modes, whereas UPPAbaby’s Vista V2 offers more incredible customizing options.
  • Children under two can use the Doona Car Seat & Stroller. The UPPAbaby Vista V2 may help larger households with older children.
SpecificationsDoona Car Seat & Stroller       UPPAbaby Vista V2
Recommended Infant HeightUp to 32 inn/a
Storage BasketNoYes
Expandable SystemNoYes
Adjustable CanopyYesYes
Adjustable HandlebarYesYes
Harness5 Point5 Point
OrientationRearForward, Rear
TypeCar seat, strollerCar seat, expandable stroller, bassinet
Age and Weight Range  0+ years old, 4 to 35 lbBassinet — from birth to 20 lb Seat — 3 mo. to 50 lb

Doona Vs. Uppababy: A Detailed Review

Doona and UPPAbaby are unique and outstanding in their own ways. Below we have compared both brands and their features; you can dig them out to determine which one is close to your needs and then decide accordingly.

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Design And Appearance

Till then, it is evident that Doona and UPPAbaby are two excellent brands that are particularly famous for baby strollers but both design their strollers in pretty different ways. In fact, both have different traveling approaches.

Doona is apparently a car seat with a fantastic integration system that transforms into a stroller unit. It’s crafted in a way that unfolds but doesn’t need any assembling.

On the contrary, the UPPAbaby Vista is a full-size pushchair; many models feature a bassinet. UPPAbaby’s stroller is designed in a way that needs the settling of an array of accessories.

Regarding style and appearance, Doona boasts a more advanced and aesthetic design because it is a hybrid stroller with a lower profile design.

The extendable handles and yellow-accented wheels really highlight how trendy the Doona brand is, but thankfully, Vista’s telescoping handles are also extensively featured.

The Vista V2 has a more upscale and traditional look when viewed as a whole. Today’s market is flooded with flashier models, among them UPPAbaby, and has an unparalleled elegance.

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 is offered nine color options, but Doona comes in seven hues, including racing green, nitro black, and blush pink. UPPAbaby weighs more than Doona’s travel system.

You obtain a 27-pound weight when you add its UPPAbaby’s frame and seat together. The Doona Car Seat & Stroller weighs 17.2 pounds; due to its integrated stroller frame and wheels, it is a heavier item than other variants.

Safety And Security

Both traveling units have excellent safety ratings. Doona claims it passes all US and European safety criteria, so its stroller has been put through numerous crash tests at the company’s internal testing lab. Additionally, Doona strollers are also authorized to use on airplanes.

Similarly to this, UPPAbaby complies with all national and state safety regulations. The Vista V2 also goes above and beyond JPMA and ASTM compliance requirements. The travel system from UPPAbaby complies with flame retardancy criteria. However, unlike other brands, UPPAbaby does not prepare the textiles of its carriages with hazardous chemicals to make them flame-resistant.

Modes Of Doona And UPPAbaby

At the time of purchase, Doona is set in car seat mode. You can put the device on your car without a base, but it comes with a sturdy base that you can use at the time of need. The stroller base uses the LATCH system, allowing one-click vehicle installation.

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Additionally, there is a mechanism for height adjustment that parents can manage according to their baby’s comfort and needs. According to the advanced recommendations, the Doona car seat should be rear-facing.

The Doona’s prominent popularity and selling point are how easily it converts into a stroller. There are two modes available – one of them is an on-the-go mode that involves pushing the stroller. Doona is an integrated system; therefore, the seat can only face backward. Users can switch to a pull-along mode by adjusting the handlebar directly above the car seat canopy; eventually, it makes Doona more maneuverable.

In comparison, Vista V2 from UPPAbaby supports numerous setups. A toddler seat and bassinet are included in the basic model.

The toddler seat, unlike Doona, can be turned around so you can choose whether your child rides forward or backward. Additionally, the seat can be positioned at various angles, reclining, including upright position.

UPPAbaby is a travel system that enables parents to enhance the capacity of the stroller frame by adding additional components. For instance, if you have a baby and a toddler, you can install a freestanding bassinet.

In addition to the bassinet’s facility, the Vista V2 is compatible with the MESA Infant Car Seat. Do you have two little children? Two child seats can be accommodated by one UPPAbaby. With the company’s ride-along board accessory, multiples (up to three) can also be transported.

Key Features Of Doona And UPPAbaby

Doona and UPPAbaby have loaded their strollers with various features to make your baby secure and comfortable.

Both include extensible canopies with UPF 50+ protection and water resistance. Even UPPAbaby’s canopy has a peek-a-boo window. The Doona’s adjustable handlebars can also serve as an anti-rebound bar inside the vehicle.

The Vista V2 by UPPAbaby uses mesh panels and woven materials for the toddler seat and bassinet. Additionally, their canopies may be unzipped to allow for more airflow.

Both seat components are compatible with the corresponding bug shield attachments, frequently bought together with the product. There is even a rain shield that is specially made for the toddler seat.

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Storage is Doona’s most significant advantage over UPPAbaby. A simple-to-access basket that can accommodate up to 30 pounds is built into the frame of the Vista V2. Doona, though, lacks onboard storage due to its integrated design.

Recommended Age Use And Accessories

Children from birth up to 35 pounds or 32 inches are best suited for Doona’s Car Seat & Stroller. Anticipate that the Doona is suited for your child until they are 2 years old, given its weight and height restrictions.

In comparison, the toddler seat for the UPPAbaby Vista V2 is suggested from 6 months old until they weigh 50 pounds or are 40 inches tall.

You’ll need to purchase the Infant SnugSeat accessory if you want to use the toddler seat for kids under 6 months old. Meanwhile, a baby can use a bassinet from birth until they weigh 20 pounds or until they can push themselves up onto their hands and knees.

Additionally, UPPAbaby offers a wide range of accessories for the Vista V2. These include extension components and car seat adapters. Additional organizers, travel bags, cup holders, and stroller covers are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is The Doona Pram Worth The Price?

For your child’s first two years, a Doona’s Car Seat & Stroller is a wise investment. For families who want to travel readily, the unit is also advised.

Which Is Superior Between The Doona Midnight Edition And Regular Edition?

It comes down to preference when deciding between the Doona Midnight Edition and Regular Edition. Both stroller types share the same characteristics – the Midnight Edition differs in that it has a classier and more expensive structure.

Our Summary

Undoubtedly, the demands and interests of the family determine the transport system you need to invest in. Since children grow up quickly, it is a one-time investment that is used for a short period.

The Doona Car Seat & Stroller might be a game-changer if you have a baby under a year old. It makes traveling convenient due to its seamless transition from car seat to stroller. Doona is quite efficient in stroller mode, which is ideal for congested city streets. However, Doona’s use with younger children is constrained due to its integrated and unexpandable design.

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 is a superior choice for families with several children. Usually, this pram comes with a bassinet and toddler seat. The UPPAbaby Vista V2 is an excellent choice for families with several children because its distinctive design is expandable and can fit up to three children. The toddler seat and expansion attachments of UPPAbaby are also significantly more child-friendly than those from Doona.