Is the Water From Starbucks Free?

Starbucks coffee is everyone’s favorite, but, understandably, coffee can be dehydrating. So, if you want to order some refreshing water to go with your Frappuccino, then here is an inside scoop into Starbucks’ water policy.

You do not need to order bottled water at Starbucks because they offer a free cup of filtered water. This is part of their free water policy. You will be given a large cup filled with water and ice at Starbucks for free. It is often served inside a grande or smaller cup at Starbucks locations.

For the cup, certain authorized retailers may charge between $0.25 and $0.50 to cover stocking costs.

A verified Starbucks employee on Quora posted,

“I’m a barista at Starbucks…. we will provide you with free water with ice in a grande cup. Water is free of charge. I’ve also never heard of a Starbucks charging a cup fee. We will also serve you if you walk in and only want water. You are not required to get coffee.”

What is Starbucks’ policy on water?

Starbucks’ free water policy is a buyer-friendly strategy. There is no charge for any water, whether hot or cold. Customers can also request that their bottles be refilled with Starbucks water.

It is not necessary to order drinks or anything else to receive free water. Instead, the buyer can come in, order a complimentary cup of icy water, and then leave.

How to Get Free Water from Starbucks?

These are a few key points to keep in mind when ordering free water quickly. First, make sure you wait in line for your turn as you would for any other order. Be considerate of their time and the other people in the queue.

Be specific in your request. Starbucks usually provides free water inside a small cup with ice. If you don’t want ice in your water, specify that when you order.

Also, consider the cup size you need; some stores may charge for larger-sized cups of water. Here are the three cups that Starbucks offers,

  • Tall
  • Grande
  • Venti

While Starbucks serves drinks in various sizes, you won’t be able to get a venti-sized cup if there aren’t enough spare cups. Other customers claim that different locations use different sizes of water cups. Customers’ water bottles or plastic containers may not be filled with water by staff.

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What ingredients are present in Starbucks’ water?

The tap water has been filtered three times by a single system. They use this to prepare their bases, pull their espresso, and brew coffee.

Fluoride and other pollutants are absent from Starbucks’ water. They employ a reverse osmosis system with filters to clean their water. The water pollutants and debris are all effectively removed by this filtering system. This purification process system effectively removes all types of particles and contaminants from water.

starbucks water is triple-filtered at the very least. This means it’s as hygienic as bottled water. Also, it is completely free of particles and impurities such as chlorine and chloramines, as well as organic and inorganic compounds.

The process of filtration removes 99.99% of contaminants while improving water taste, which is why Starbucks water tastes so good.

Does Starbucks sell bottled water?

The free option is best used when you’re not in a rush. But you don’t have to worry if you don’t enjoy carrying a cup. Starbucks also sells bottled water but it is more expensive because it isn’t just tapped water.

If any customer is in a big rush, he can select bottled water because it won’t spill. Additionally, you can choose a particular brand of bottled water if you’d not like to risk using filtered tap water.

What water choices can you get from Starbucks?

Starbucks menu options (both online and in-store) offer a variety of bottled water choices. Only plain iced water in a plastic cup is free, though some establishments have begun charging a small fee for the plastic cups. The priced items can be ordered and paid for via the app or in-store.

  • Bottled Dasani Water
  • Bottled Ethos Water
  • Volcanic Water from Hawaii
  • Pure iced water (served in a tumbler)
  • Sparkling Galvanina Water (bottled)
  • Grapefruit Sparkling Water Spindrift (can)
  • Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water Spindrift (can)
  • Lime Galvanina Sparkling Water (bottled)

Starbucks does provide free water, which is filtered tap water.

Why did Starbucks purchase Ethos water?

To help alleviate the global humanitarian water crisis, Starbucks purchased Ethos Water in 2005. Since then, Starbucks has contributed more than $12 million to developing water, sanitation, and hygiene awareness in Africa’s coffee-producing nations.

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What are the steps for ordering water on the Starbucks App?

Starbucks has a renowned chain of stores worldwide, but not all stores have the facility to order free water on the Starbucks App. You must place your order in-store or at the drive-thru order box.

Some customers are creative and clever enough to add free water to their regular orders. For example, if someone’s name is Stephen, they would add the term “Grande icy water” to the name to get the free water.

If you need bottled water, you can order it through the Starbucks App. There is an easy step-by-step process; on the Starbucks app, click on the Menu and select the product in the section on the water, then select the size and place the order.

Why does Starbucks provide free water?

Even though the exact cause Starbucks provides free water is unknown, it is most likely done as a courtesy to customers. It may also be made available more frequently during summer as the weather warms.

Most Starbucks locations offer free water refills for your water bottle and the option to request free water.


These are a few of the most common inquiries about free water,

Are there self-service water coolers at Starbucks?

A few Starbucks stores used to have self-service water coolers and fixtures, but most have since been removed as Starbucks does not consider itself a self-service store.

Is Starbucks’ hot water free?

You just have to place a request for a cup of hot water. You might ask to pay for the cup; they don’t charge you for the water. Therefore, the price of the cup is $0.25.

What does Starbucks’ Venti Water mean?

Starbucks Pure water with a Venti cup is what is known as Venti water. Venti water is unflavored and free.

Why do Starbucks customers buy water?

One reason could be that they do not believe tap water is clean, so they purchase bottled water. Another reason is that people who buy water bottles may be in a hurry for work.

How much does Starbucks’ Strawberry Water cost?

There is an incorrect perception of some individuals that the drink is $0.60, but Strawberry water costs nearly $4 because it is labeled as a custom tea rather than free water with strawberries inclusion,

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Starbucks strawberry water became well-known as a less expensive option for water with strawberries.

What does “no water” at Starbucks mean?

If you want the most tea flavor, request no water. Instead of half tea and half water in your cup, you’ll have all tea, which means more caffeine.

How much water is used by Starbucks?

Starbucks narrows monthly water consumption to 24 gallons per square foot.

Can You Order Starbucks Iced Water via Mobile?

You cannot order iced water through the Starbucks app. The only water drinks available through the app are the paid options. It is possible to request ice water when picking up your order, but this requires you to return and begin again. A cup of water, for example, must be “registered” in the shop computer system.

How much does Starbucks’ Ethos water cost?

According to an analyst online, each bottle of water costs close to $2, but 5 cents of every sale goes to the Ethos Water Fund to fund water, sanitation, and hygiene education projects in water-stressed nations.

Do all Starbucks drinks include caffeine?

Numerous hot, cold, and blended beverages without caffeine are available at Starbucks. Even some seasonal drinks devoid of caffeine are available. Starbucks offers a variety of non-coffee beverages devoid of caffeine, including tea, Frappuccino, milk steamers, and water.

What are the free things at Starbucks?

You get free coffee and tea refills when you pay with a registered Starbucks card or app. They provide free refills of tea (hot or iced) and brewed coffee (hot, iced, or cold brew) during the same visit, irrespective of the beverage ordered at participating Starbucks locations.


Starbucks has always provided free filtered iced water to accompany the buyer’s meal and their coffee. This water is free but can’t be ordered online.

If you are thirsty at Starbucks, you can avoid wasting money on water bottles. A small fee may be applied in some licensed stores. However, most stores will give free water.