How Do You Make Whipped Cream from a Liquid Coffee Creamer? Let’s Find Out

Dessert enthusiasts know how important it is to make top-notch whipped cream. You can completely mess up if you don’t make it with the right ingredients. It can even become inconsumable.

That’s not the end. The dessert you want to make also needs a delicious whipped cream. If you don’t add it or add poor quality cream, you have also ruined it.

That is why there are so many recipes to make delicious whipped cream, but the one that is talked about the most is the one where Liquid coffee creamer is the main ingredient. The reason?

Because it is not expensive and really makes the best cream. But many people don’t know the recipe. So, how do you make whipped cream from a liquid coffee creamer? That’s where I come in.

This article describes the three best ways of making whipped cream using liquid coffee creamer.

How Do You Make Whipped Cream From a Liquid Coffee Creamer?

Making whipped cream from liquid coffee creamer is easy and fun. There are three recipes about it, and I am describing all of them here.


Those who make whipped cream from liquid coffee creamer usually follow this recipe. With this, the whipped cream you make is super delicious and can readily be used to make desserts or used as a topping.

First things first, gather the following ingredients:

  • Liquid Coffee creamer (of course)
  • Cold Milk
  • Sugar (preferably in powdered form)
  • Vanilla

You will also need to have a bowl and a mixer or whisk.

When you have all of these things, then start the process:

  • Add two parts of liquid coffee creamer and one part of cold milk to a bowl.
  • Next, add some sugar and vanilla to enrich the cream with a sweet taste. You should add sugar in powdered form because it is easy to dissolve and can be mixed properly.
  • After that, it is time to whisk. Do this for about 7 minutes.
  • You will start seeing stiffness. When you do, stop the whisking, and you have whipped cream.
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 If you don’t have an electric mixer, then you will have to do the whisking with your hands.

This will take more of your energy and might take some more time as well (up to 10 minutes). Note that you will need to whisk vigorously, so don’t slow down during the process.

Liked this recipe?

Well, the next one has a slightly richer taste.


You will need to have some more ingredients following this recipe to make whipped cream from a liquid coffee creamer.

That is why this one taste better than the whipped cream made from following other recipes.

The ingredients you should have are:

  • Liquid coffee creamer
  • Cold water
  • One tbsp Lemon juice
  • Three tablespoon confectioners sugar
  • Vanilla (optional)

Got them? Great!

  • Start by putting the bowl and beaters in the fridge to cool down. Sounds weird? If you want the best-whipped cream possible, then it is crucial to do this. After some time, take the bowl out, and clean it gently if there is any moisture.
  • Next, add one cup of liquid coffee creamer to a bowl.
  • After that, take one-fourth cup of chilled water and pour it into the bowl.
  • You will see small bubbles. Next, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the mixture. If you want to add vanilla, now is the time.
  • Then, remove the chilled beater from the fridge and start beating the mixture. Keep doing this until you see soft peaks in the bowl. This usually happens within two minutes of beating.
  • Next, add the sugar and keep on beating the mixture. After two more minutes, you will see the stiff peaks. The reason behind them is sugar and beating. These peaks are necessary for making the best-whipped cream. When you see them, it means the cream is ready.
  • You can use the whipped cream immediately or put it in the fridge for later use. When you take it out, stir again to fluff it up.
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Don’t be disheartened if you don’t own an electric mixer or beaters. There is still a way to make whipped cream.


This method of making whipped cream is simple and without any fancy electronics. You will need a cold jar and the usual ingredients for this.

  • Just take a regular jar, and cool it by putting it in the refrigerator.
  • After a few hours, take it out and clean it with a towel.
  • Next, add liquid coffee creamer and some powdered sugar to the Jar. I suggest you don’t add more than two tablespoons of sugar. This will maintain the taste and also doesn’t let the cream get too unhealthy. In this step, you can also add flavor like vanilla (not more than one teaspoon).
  • After that, close the cold jar tightly.
  • Now is the fun part- start shaking the jar vigorously. Keep doing this for about five to six minutes. If you have kids or a roommate, then you can take turns.

But there’s a dark side.

The problem is that whipped cream is not good for health status. Adding sugar and vanilla essence enriches the cream with fat and calories.

Whipped cream is composed of around 30-35 percent of fat only. Therefore, health-conscious people always look for ways to make whipped cream healthily.

Sadly, there aren’t any ways to make a healthier whipped cream. You can just nullify the negative impact to some extent. So, if you have diabetes or just want to stay healthy, I suggest you only add whipped cream once in a while.

How Many Days Whipped Cream Will Stay Good?

Generally, the lifespan of whipped cream is around three days. So, when you make whipped cream with liquid coffee creamer or anything else, use it within this period.

Where Can I Use Whipped Cream Made From Liquid Coffee Creamer?

You can use whipped cream to make some delicious desserts and snacks. I love to add it to make:

  • Chocolate pecan Pie
  • Puddings
  • Brownies
  • Vanilla Cake
  • Pancakes
  • Fruit salads
  • Pumpkin Pie

 Well, the sky’s the limit for Whipped cream. You can add it to almost every cake and pie and enrich the taste.

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There is always debate happening among food enthusiasts about which form of coffee creamer they should use to make whipped cream.

Is liquid coffee creamer the best, or does the powder one have the edge? Let’s find out.

Liquid Coffee Creamer vs. Powdered Coffee Creamer: Which One Makes The Best Whipped Cream?

Both liquid and powdered coffee creamer are great choices for making whipped cream. The process of making it is also not so different. Everything is the same except the quantity of the coffee creamer.

When you are using liquid coffee creamer, you add one cup to a bowl or a jar. The water added is one-fourth cup.

When using powdered coffee creamer, you add 16 parts of powder and four parts of water.

The rest procedure is the same. There are no differences in other ingredients!

But since it is easy to make whipped cream with liquid coffee creamer, chefs prefer to add it.

Final Words

So, how do you make whipped cream from a liquid coffee creamer?

There are three different recipes you can opt for to make whipped cream using liquid coffee creamer. The ones used the most include vanilla, sugar, cold milk, and an electronic mixer.

The second one is also easy, but the process is a little long. You will need to add cold water and use cool bowls and beaters.

The last method is the simplest one. Put all the ingredients in a cool jar and shake it for three to five minutes.

No matter which method you follow, you will get the top-quality and delish whipped cream at the end. Add it to any dessert and make the taste memorable.