Is Lazzio Coffee Good: Reveal Some Facts And Figures

Gone are the days when coffee only meant dark and bitter drinks. Now there is so much more to it as compared to the time it was discovered. Initially, coffee was used as an energy drink; today, it is used for various medical and leisure purposes.

Well, coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity in the world, followed by petroleum? It comes in various blends, brews, types, and flavors to be ideally intertwined with your taste.

The type of coffee bean depends upon its cultivation and origin. There are already over 30 types of coffee available in markets all around the world.

Among the coffee list, Lazzio is the most famous one; in fact, it is the best filter coffee. But what do you think, is Lazzio coffee good in price, taste, and health, too? Confused? Anyhow, to know the answer, just stick to this article.

Let’s start with Australia’s best coffee brands and figure out whether the Lazzio coffee falls on the list or not.

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Australia’s Best Coffee Brands for 2021

There are numerous coffee brands in Australia, but at the Canstar Blue Award, Lazzio was crowned. Below are a few famous Australian coffee brands.

  1. Lazzio (ALDI)
  2. Harris
  3. Grinders
  4. Coles Urban Coffee Culture
  5. Lavazza
  6. Woolworths
  7. Caffe Aurora
  8. Vittoria
  9. Bean Ground & Drunk Organic
  10. Gloria Jeans

The Best Coffee Bean Brands in Australia

There are different categories (taste, aroma, packaging, variety, money, texture, etc.) for which coffee and coffee beans are awarded, depending upon the consumers’ feedback and reviews.

As far as coffee bean brands are concerned, a few categories are mentioned below:

  • Best coffee bean brand due to value for money: Lazzio (Aldi)
  • Best coffee bean brand by texture: Lazzio (Aldi)
  • Best coffee bean brand by overall satisfaction: Lazzio (Aldi)
  • Top-rated coffee bean brand: Lavazza
  • Best coffee bean brand by taste: Lavazza
  • Best coffee bean brand by aroma: Vittoria

Apart from the above, Aldi Lazzio beans win in a few other categories, too. However, now it’s time to jump into the Lazzio coffee!

What is Lazzio Coffee: Award-Winner Coffee

Basically, lazzio is a coffee range that includes 100 percent Arabica Fairtrade Organic Certified ground coffee. It is being produced by Black Bag Roasters under the Nomad Coffee Group.

All being done under the umbrella of the Aldi brand.

These Lazzio coffee beans are sourced from either Peru or the Honduras Republic. The company believes in keeping consistency, sustainability, packaging, freshness, and providing the optimum treat for customers’ taste buds every time.

For overall satisfaction, Lazzio coffee has won a five-star review; in the 2021 Canastar Awards, it has also got top marks in five out of six categories – yes, it is the Best Branded Coffee in Australia.

Features of Lazzio Coffee

Lazzio (Aldi) is an outstanding coffee brand for the value of money.

  • Lazzio comes in different roast levels, such as light, medium-dark, and then dark.
  • It’s roasted in Melbourne
  • Packaging is in 500g and 1kg bags
  • It also offers the ground coffee option

For the value of money, Aussies pick Aldi’s Lazzio as the best brand for coffee beans, as it scores 4.44/5. The brands that are beaten by Aldi Lazzio are Coles with a 4.27/5 rating, Vittoria with 4.22/5, and Lavazza’s rating is 4.19/5.

In 2018, Lazzio’s Medium Roast Coffee Bean won the Chain/Franchise Filter Coffee category of Golden Bean Competition – it was the world’s biggest global roaster competition.

Customers’ Response to Aldi Lazzio Survey

A survey conducted found out that the ‘taste’ of this coffee has been the most significant driving factor for its customers’ satisfaction.

Below are some stats from that survey are being presented.

  • Twenty-three percent of customers prefer Lazzio coffee due to its taste.
  • Twenty-one percent of people like its texture.
  • Seventeen percent of customers think that its aroma is the main factor for its popularity.
  • Fifteen percent of the impact is generated due to its value.
  • Thirteen percent of people agree that its packaging had the most striking impact.
  • Harris and Grinders won the second and third awards, but Aldi scored a five-star rating for overall satisfaction. Harris beat Aldi in the category of Aroma and Variety, while Grinders won four stars in its seven categories, except Variety.
  • In 2019, on average, Aussies consumed around 1.91kg of coffee per person; out of 1.91kg, 1.39kg was roast coffee. According to Canstar Blue’s 2021 review, 29 percent (almost one in three) of respondents prefer cuppa rather than buying a coffee outside.
  • By following the almost thousand shoppers’ surveys, Aldi Australia’s Lazzio coffee is credited as Australia’s ‘Best Coffee Beans.’
  • As discussed, Aldi’s Lazzio beans got five stars texture, taste, packaging, money value, and overall satisfaction; for variety and aroma.
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Lazzio Roasted Rivals in Coffee Bean: How it Stands Out?

Great beans are actually the cause of great coffee; meanwhile, no aroma feels greater than freshly ground coffee that is particularly brewing in the morning.

Lazzio is an exceptional coffee, which is best in a rich, dark roasted, and intense flavor; similarly, it is equally tasteful when it is lighter with zesty notes.

A survey of more than 940 Aussie users was done to get their feedback on the brands of different coffee beans they consumed within the last three months.

Aldi Lazzio rating steamed ahead as it was only the brand that got the five-star review for overall satisfaction; moreover, it also achieved top marks from most of the board.

Lazzio is a true example of quality taste; the consumers get great taste and affordable price at one place; that is why Aldi Lazzio is always in the spotlight.

Aldi’s Lazzio ground and roasted coffee price begin from $4,99 for a 250g bag. Lazzio beats its many top-rated rivals in the texture, aroma, packaging, variety, value for money, and overall satisfaction; nothing of this is an opinion; actually, it’s all been observed by the customers’ response and feedback.

Method of Making Lazzio Coffee: Simple & Straightforward

Lazzio offers premium quality coffee beans. They come as dark beans, dark grounded beans, medium beans based on the time spent roasting them.

The method of brewing coffee is also pretty convenient and simple. Follow these five simple steps and enjoy the flavorsome and wholesome goodness of coffee.

This is a manual at-home process, without any machine; you only require two ingredients: coffee beans and water; you may add sugar and sweeteners according to your preferences.

  1. Measure your beans (we recommend adding three-quarters of a cup of coffee beans in your mason jar).
  2. Now fill the jar with boiling water.
  3. Let the jar simmer in a hot water saucepan.
  4. Mix occasionally until the beans start to dissolve.
  5. Now strain your coffee and enjoy!

Tip: If you like milk in coffee, you may fill your mason jar with hot milk in step 2, rather than plain hot water.

Why is Lazzio Coffee Famous and Unique?

Lazzio Coffee is primarily famous in Australia as its people are exceedingly fond of coffee.

Coffee is such a big deal for Australians that there exists an award for it. Each year based on customers’ feedback, coffees are judged based on their taste, aroma, packaging, and texture.

The reason for Aldi’s Lazzio Coffee’s fame is that this year (2021), it was named as ‘Australia’s best coffee beans in a survey conducted among almost 1000 buyers.

It came on top of the list beating all of its competitors such as Gloria Jeans, Vittoria, Lavazza, and Woolworths.

The Awards Lazzio Coffee Has Won

The Golden Bean Competition was held with over 1,400 entries; in addition to winning the Gold medal, Lazzio Coffee also won the following awards:

  • Silver Medal – Lazzio Medium Roast (Franchise/ Chain Espresso Category)
  • Silver Medal – Lazzio Medium Roast (Franchise/ Chain Milk Category)
  • Bronze Medal – Lazzio Colombia (Single Origin)
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We hope, after reading this award list, your confusion about Lazzio (is Lazzio coffee good or not) has been over.

Aldi’s Award-Winner Products

  • Lazzio Medium Beans 1kg is available at $11.99
  • Lazzio Peru Ground 250g is available at $4.29
  • Lazzio Dark Beans 1kg is available at $11.99
  • Lazzio Medium Ground 500g is available at $7.99
  • Lazzio Dark Ground 500g is available at $7.99
  • Lazzio Honduras Ground 250g is available at $4.29

The Collaboration of Lazzio with other Brands

The team at Black Bag Roasters is responsible for creating this award-winning aromatic coffee.  In December 2014, Lazzio was first partnered with Black Bag Roasters, and it was an exciting partnership.

Lazzio had a great collaboration with different brands to develop and create a unique coffee range that includes Dark Ground Coffee, Lazzio Medium, Lazzio Brazil, Lazzio Dark Coffee Beans, and Colombia Single Origin Bean coffee.

The partnership between ALDI and Black Bag Roasters has been a massive success; together, they have offered the huge freshest coffee in the supermarket.

Aldi Lazzio gives a cafe experience at home; the partnership of Black Bag Roasters with Aldi has developed award-winning products that have won many ALDI shoppers.

Lazzio has partnered with more than 1,000 Australian suppliers, and as an outcome, there are many award-winning products. From the everyday product, even more than 500 products are award winners.

Black Bag Roasters, in collaboration with ALDI, has invested time in creating sustainable coffee products; every coffee bean has been ethically and responsibly sourced.

It shows that all the Organic and Lazzio coffee that is delivered to ALDI is either UTZ Certified or Fairtrade.

Lazzio coffees are of six types; for 1kg of Dark Beans, it costs between $4.30 to $11.99. Lazzio is roasted in Melbourne, and it is being sold at Aldi stores nationwide.

Lazzio is a versatile and unique coffee brand from its taste to its collaboration and from its texture to its price – due to these all features, Lazzio has won every coffee consumers’ heart and then multiple awards.

Lazzio Coffee Calories: Is it Worth to Take?

According to the type and size, Lazzio coffee contains the following amount of calories, carbs, fats, and proteins; explore them so you can drink the number of cups accordingly.

Lazzio Coffee – Lazzio, 1 Cup

  • Calories: 12
  • Carbs: 0g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Protein: 0g

Coffee Beans – Lazzio, 1 gram

  • Calories: 18
  • Carbs: 0g
  • Fat: 1g
  • Protein: 0g

Dark Roast Ground Coffee – Lazzio, 1 Cup

  • Calories: 2
  • Carbs: 0g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Protein: 0g

Dark Roast Coffee Beans – Lazzio, 30 Grams (1 Espresso Shot)

  • Calories: 3
  • Carbs: 1g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Protein: 0g

Seasonal Blend Coffee Beans – Lazzio, 21 gram

  • Calories: 0
  • Carbs: 0g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Protein: 0g

Lazzio Coffee’s Rule for Australian Economic Industry

Australians never skip café-quality coffee; when many bunked coffee in COVID-19, Aldi’s Lazzio Coffee sale increased 50% since mid-February.

When many are mastering social distancing or a few are shifting on Dalgona coffee – aside from these, Australians coffee purchase ratio proved to be a reliable way to support Australian business.

Black Bag Roasters’ production and distribution extended; this sale and purchase boosted the Australian’s local business.

The coffee successfully won a loyal ALDI fan base in Australia; however, Black Bag Roasters is part of Nomad Coffee Group that runs a mighty business of supplying coffee to restaurants, cafes, and franchise networks all across Australia.

The increased demand for Lazzio coffee kept all of our production staff on full-time work; it became a significant cause of helping the Aldi team and country get through the COVID pandemic’ difficult period.

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Delightfully, in the recent months of 2021, a number of ALDI shoppers have consumed the multiple award-winning Lazzio coffee range. The procurement and production teams of Aldi worked hard to meet the demand, and in this massive production, the team didn’t compromise on the quality.

Black Bag Roasters, In reliable collaboration with ALDI, Black Bag Roasters Invested quality time in creating sustainable coffee products that meet all the quality standards.

This dedication made the ALDI achieve a significant milestone, and now more than 30% of ALDI’s coffee range is being sourced sustainably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Name the best coffee beans in Australia?

As far as the taste is concerned, Lavazza (Aussies’ favorite coffee bean brand) scores 4.58/5, but ALDI’s Lazzio stands at the second position with an excellent rating of 4.51/5.

The other runners-up in the rating were Vittoria at 4.44/5, and after Vittoria comes Gloria Jeans.

Who roasts Aldi coffee?

Black Bag Roasters roasts Aldi coffee; well, Black Bag Roasters is a coffee roaster of Melbourne. Black Bag Roasters has been in the business for the past 14 years, and it is famous for creating quality coffee. Black Bag Roasters has a long and excellent collaboration with ALDI.

Who makes Aldi coffee beans?

The supplier of the Aldi brand is Black Bag Roasters (Victorian coffee company); Black Bag Roasters belongs to Nomad Coffee Group. CEO Craig Dickson increases the Aldi coffee beans sale among people who make their morning coffee at home instead of buying from their work commute.

How good are Aldi coffee beans?

Unlike Continental beans, Aldi’s beans are not as dark or oily; moreover, it doesn’t include excessive bitterness as you get in a perfect smooth coffee.

There are plenty of good coffee brands in the market; Aldi beans are always great in texture, Aldi coffees are also good in taste.

Is Aldi coffee any good?

Aldi produces budget-friendly coffees that proudly beats many other expensive coffees. In different blind taste tests, surveys, and feedbacks, Aldi has won various awards.

Aldi’s Lazzio is also being praised due to its taste richness. In addition, its dark coffee is excellent both with and without milk; its balanced sweetness and strength give a jaw-dropping taste.

Is the Lazzio dark roast coffee suitable for You?

Lazzio Dark Roast beans coffee is suitable for almost everyone because it is an excellent blend of taste, strength, and richness; despite being less expensive, Lazzio serves far better taste than costly brands.

Lazzio dark roast coffee also features an extended expiry date so that you can use it infrequently, according to your mood.

How is Aldi trying to meet its goals?

To meet Aldi’s sustainability goals, the Black Bag Roasters team is working closer with ALDI’s Corporate Responsibility team. Black Bag Roasters aims to be sustainable in all production aspects: roasting, green coffee sourcing, warehouse, packaging, logistics, and waste management.

Our Summary

We all agree that there’s nothing more exciting than starting the day with a perfect cup of coffee and having the satisfying feeling of savings in the pocket.

There are plenty of coffees to go around, but a wrong bean choice can quickly; leave you with a sour taste; therefore, we have covered the best coffee, Lazzio.

This tasteful, award-winning, and keen-priced coffee has won a long fan list of satisfied customers, particularly in the COVID period.

If you haven’t ever tasted the Lazzio coffee or you were confused on if Lazzio is good or not, shed off all your confusions and take an energy-filled and atomic cup of Lazzio coffee because it’s marvelous in every aspect.

So no more hesitation, bring Lazzio coffee at home and enjoy a better taste and aroma than cafe’s coffee.