Top 10 Longest And Complicated Starbucks Orders (Drinks)

Starbucks is, indeed, a perfect coffee partner for most of you. Whether you want a morning shot of latte for refreshing your day or evening tea with snacks, Starbucks is at the top of the list.

You must have seen hundreds of cafes getting annoyed by their consumers’ customized orders. However, Starbucks never disappoints buyers.

You can experience plenty of long and complicated orders in customers’ hands at Starbucks. Are you curious to know those obnoxious drink orders?

It’ll be an exciting experience to explore the taste of folks around you. You’ll be stunned to learn people’s strange choices and preferences in coffee.

This article will tell you all the complicated orders that Starbucks has experienced yet. So, without creating any fuss, let’s get straight into the writing.

Longest & Complicated Starbucks Drinks


You can see people having drinks you have never heard of at Starbucks. Undoubtedly, there will be millions of complicated drink orders. Nevertheless, here you’ll explore the strangest yet most intriguing ones.

Here we come.       

1- Trenta Iced Coffee

Let’s start with the most prolonged yet complicated drink, the Trenta Iced Coffee. You must be thinking; every second person has Iced coffee; what’s strange about it? Let it be more clear to you.

A person ordered Trenta iced coffee with the following ingredients.

  • 6 Pumps of vanilla
  • 16 Pumps Of White Mocha
  • 4 Add Shots
  • 16 Count them
  • Whipped cream

The person wanted a whole blend of all the components in the drink. Undoubtedly, it’s a prolonged and complicated order. Due to whipped cream on the top of flooded iced coffee, Starbucks could not put on the trends dome lid.  

2- Calorie Overload

Indisputably, coffee itself is a bunch of calories. If you’re craving a high-caffeinated drink, iced caramel macchiato is the best choice. Macchiato already contains thousands of calories.

Do you ever want to add more calories to your glass? Yes, you heard it right. Starbucks received an order of iced venti caramel macchiato with the following elements.

  • Heavy Whipping cream
  • One Shot
  • Extra Caramel Drizzle
  • 15 Pumps of vanilla syrup
  • A minimal amount of Ice

When you make a caramel macchiato with all these components, you’ll have tons of calories in your hand. Nowadays, where every second person wants to limit their calorie intake, people like this order extra calories for themselves.   

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3- Topped With Sugar

There’s a massive list of bizarre drinks orders at Starbucks. Here comes another one. A vanilla latte is meant to be a foamy smooth coffee. However, a few of you want a bit of crunch in the coffee.

You must be thinking about how crunch can be added to coffee. It’s none other than “The Sugar.” Starbucks received an order of venti vanilla latte with the pursuing facets.

  • Whipped cream
  • Non-fat milk
  • 7 Splendas

The customer advised mixing only 6 Splenda in the coffee. The 7th one would be sprinkled on the Venti Vanilla Latte. The sugar sprinkles will provide you with a crunch in a coffee. 

4- Matcha Without Foam

While talking about complicated orders, repeated orders are the most disturbing ones. You might have seen people avoiding a few ingredients or asking for the addition of more supplements in their drinks.

But here’s a whole different tale. A person ordered the beverage with lots of matcha but without foam. The order stated that

  • 12 Scoop matcha
  • Venti 7 Pump Vanilla
  • Green tea
  • No Foam

The order seems normal. When the order was ready to serve, the person repeated it 3 to 4 times by saying, “Add a bit more Matcha,” or the “drink still contains foam.”

Nevertheless, the worker at Starbucks repeats the drink according to the customers’ choice without any argument.  

5- Overloaded Chai

Various people have distinctions in taste. Most of you want an adequate amount of syrups in your order. In contrast, few want to try all the syrups at Starbucks in a single drink. The same happened with the order that you’re going to heed.

There comes a customer at Starbucks who ordered an iced chai. The iced chai contains sufficient chai syrup with the ice combo. She asked for an extra chai. A little addition is unbothered at Starbucks, but you’ll have to charge for considerable expansion.

The consumer wanted a lot of chai with a bit of ice in their cup. However, when Starbucks asked for extra charges, the buyer got annoyed.    

6- An Extreme White Mocha

White Mocha is one of the best drinks at Starbucks. In white mocha, Starbucks pairs the coffee with white chocolate to give you an aesthetic taste. Most people have an addiction to doing experiments with their food.

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The identical stuff was seen when a person ordered the extreme white mocha. The following ingredients will illustrate the reason behind calling a white mocha “extreme.”

  • 10 Pumps of white mocha
  • 10 Sugar in the Raw

This combo gave rise to the highly thick white mocha. The addition of more sugar also boosted the calories. If you’re used to regular Starbucks drinks, you might be unable to take even a single sip of this extreme white mocha.  

7- Dual Drinks In One

Have you ever thought about relishing two Starbucks drinks in one? Well! Consumers never spare a moment to do experiments with Starbucks beverages. One of the Starbucks customers ordered two gulps in one. The client asks for

  • Half hazelnut latte
  • Half Caramel macchiato

The best thing about Starbucks is they have syrups in all the coffee beverages. The customer was asked for hazelnut syrup in caramel macchiato but was denied it. Hence,

Starbucks has to serve half hazelnut latte and half caramel macchiato in a single serving. The taste of this combo might be delicious, but it was a tricky order.   

8- Sick Tea

In today’s era, most of you prefer customizing your food and drinks according to your needs. The indistinguishable thing happened with Starbucks. When you scroll the menu of Starbucks, you’ll see a drink, “Sick tea,” which is already a long sip.

Starbucks received an order of sick tea that includes

  • 1 Bag of Jade Citrus Mint
  • 5 kinds of honey
  • ½ cup of steamed lemonade
  • 5 Pumps of peppermint
  • 1 bag of mint Majesty 

It takes a considerable time to make an adequate sick tea. It’s not quite complicated. Nevertheless, when any of you order sick tea at peak hours, it becomes arduous for Starbucks. 

9- Layers On Layers

A blend of various ingredients in a single coffee is way more accessible than layering up the components. While scrolling the complicated Starbucks orders, another one pops out of the list.

A person regularly visits Starbucks to have a four-layered venti caramel frappe. It’s an ordinary caramel frappe with extra layers of whipped cream and caramel. The best thing about this order is caramel and whipped cream should be layered on the frappe.

The venti caramel frappe is also named caramel drizzle with frappe and whip. 

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10- Hot & Cold

Isn’t it a complicated task to serve hot and cold both in a single drink? Starbucks is a tale of tricky beverages. The workers at Starbucks deal with complex orders daily. Likewise, here comes an example of hot and cold serving.

A customer came into Starbucks and asked for a chill hot chocolate. You’ll be confused about the order. Let it be a bit more obvious. The order contains

  • Milk
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Ice

It means that the customer wanted a hot chocolate drink with an ice cube. Starbucks respects the buyer’s choice and serves what they want.


Does Starbucks Contain More Obnoxious Drinks Orders?

Yes, there’s an extensive list of obnoxious drinks requests at Starbucks. These beverages include

  • Tall, Non-Fat Latte with Caramel Drizzle
  • Triple, Venti, Soy, No Foam Latte
  • Decaf, Soy Latte with an Extra shot and Cream
  • Non-Fat Frappuccino with Extra whipped cream & Choco Sauce

And many more.

Does Starbucks Give You Something Free?

It’s hard to say that Starbucks gives you a drink for free. Still, if you purchase a drink, Starbucks will provide you with a free refill on the same day. For instance, if you have ordered a caramel latte, you can ask for a refill and relish the taste without spending more money.

The best thing about Starbucks’ free refills is that you can get your refill on all kinds of hot and cold beverages.

What Starbucks Drink Refreshes You To Start Your Day?

Hot Brewed Coffee at Starbucks is a big YES to start your day with some energy. The hot brewed coffee will give you a 360 mg caffeine shot which prepares you to stay active all day.

Most of you might not withstand high caffeinated drinks. You can go for a Pike Place Roast coffee. It is low in caffeine but can be the best start for your day.  

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you’ve got a thorough survey of complicated Starbucks drinks. Now, you have a list of long and complex orders at Starbucks. There are still plenty of strange orders to be explored.

If you’re one of those tangled orders, take a breath and think about your request again. Regardless, you can also try the enlisted distinct yet acceptable Starbucks drink to relish.