How to Make Starbucks Whipped Cream? (Easy to Make It and Recipe)

You must be wondering what makes Starbucks whipped cream so tasty and special? That enormous scoop of expertly swirled whipped cream, for example, transforms some Starbucks drinks from delicious to seductive.

The question that comes to mind is that how do they make such a delicious whipped cream? But, of course, the answer is that they create it themselves. Let’s face it; their whipped cream recipe does not require a list of ingredients. In actuality, there are just two components: heavy cream and vanilla syrup.

It is fantastic since it’s simple to create and can be used to top at-home hot or cold drinks and desserts with whipped cream that tastes like Starbucks whipped cream.

Tools required:

To produce a professional-style whipped cream, you will need the correct equipment.

A professional whipped cream dispenser:

It is required to manufacture whipped cream at home like Starbucks. Starbucks employs iSi brand whippers with a maximum filling capacity of 0.5 liters. You’ll also need nitrous oxide-containing whipped cream charges.


For the tastiest whipped cream, mix heavy cream and the syrup in the canister. The nitrous oxide is then released into the canister by tightly screwing on a charger. Nitrous oxide creates tiny bubbles.

Finally, give it a good shake and set it on its side for a minute to get beautiful and fluffy whipped cream. Whipped cream preparation and at-home whipping methods generate less cream than this approach.

It goes well with drinks, ice cream, sweets, and just about everything else you can think of. For example, vanilla-sweetened whipped cream over top of a bowl of strawberries is favorite for individuals.


Heavy whipping cream and vanilla syrup are the only two ingredients required to make Starbucks-style whipped cream. A whipped cream dispenser and an N2O charger are also required.

If you are not sure where to go for vanilla syrup, look in the same grocery store aisle as the coffee. Vanilla is a popular flavor that is frequently available. In addition, those little bottles of Starbucks syrup are readily available in some locations.

If you want to be precise with the ingredients, buy the identical bottle of vanilla syrup that your Starbucks baristas use. You may either order a bottle of vanilla syrup from Amazon or ask the barista to sell you one if they have one on hand.

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Steps to follow:

Once you learn how to make it, making whipped cream like Starbucks and other professionals is easy as a breeze.

The steps to make it are mentioned below.

Step 1: Fill the dispenser with syrup and whipping cream. To blend, close the cover and shake it.

Step 2: Secure the N2O charger with a screwdriver. The best way to do this is first to place the charger inside the dispenser’s cap. Then screw in the charger, but only to the point where it is fully secured but not tightened. Then give it one more hefty spin to completely pull the charger and release the gas.

Step 3: Give the whipped cream dispenser a vigorous shake for around 10 seconds. Then, for approximately a minute, lay it on its side. It allows the heavy cream and N2O to come together.

Step 4: Now, you can use the whipped cream. I like to remove the spent charger at this stage. Simply unscrew the charger and cap to do so. As some gas is released, you’ll hear a slight hiss, which is understandable.

The correct way to dispense the whipped cream:

Hold the canister with the nozzle/decorating tip pointed downward to distribute the whipped cream. Furthermore, I prefer the trigger to be outside my body, away from my body. Then, with your hand, fully push the trigger to add whipped cream to your favorite dessert or drink.

To use this sweet whipped cream like Starbucks, apply it in a circular motion to the drinks. Making a big circle around the drink’s outer edge is the easiest way to begin. Then, continue to circle the whipped cream in a clockwise direction, moving closer to the center. The end product will be a generous dollop of rich whipped cream.

Storing the whipped cream:

Homemade whipped cream from a professional dispenser lasts several days. It may, however, get runnier as time goes on.

The whipped cream ribbon may even have small pockets in it.

Follow these steps for the best results:

Use chilled ingredients and a cold canister to make the whipped cream.

In between usage, keep the whipped cream chilled.

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Place the whipped cream dispenser on its side in the refrigerator.

Each time you use it, give it a 1 or 2 shake.

Use the whipped cream before the heavy cream expires.

Heavy cream used by Starbucks:

Aside from the non-fat, 2 percent, and whole milk carafes set out with the sweeteners and stir sticks, Starbucks’ standard cream is breve. Starbucks uses heavy whipping cream to make the whipped cream, which is high in calories. Therefore, Starbucks only uses it to prepare drinks to buy a rich and creamy Frappuccino.

How many calories does a squirt of heavy cream contain?

Heavy whipping cream has many calories, with 400 calories per 1/2 cup, which is 119 grams. So, having whipping cream means consuming too many calories if you use it frequently. Half-and-half, whole milk, and nut milk are all low-calorie options available at Starbucks.

Is heavy cream from Starbucks Keto?

Whipped cream may be one of the few keto-friendly alternatives available, and your barista may already know about it. According to Delish, it’s made with Starbucks’ unsweetened Peach Citrus White Tea, heavy cream, and sugar-free vanilla syrup and is officially known as the “White Drink” by keto dieters.

Nothing beats that luscious swirl of whipped cream on top of some of Starbucks’ most popular drinks, especially when it’s drizzled with sauce or topped with a crunchy topper. However, if you are serious about calorie reduction or sugar reduction, you can request a “no whipped cream” as a choice. Instead, you can ask your barista to add milk foam on top of your lattes or mochas instead of whipped cream.

New sweet cold brew whipped cream:

If the whipped cream topping on any Starbucks drink is your favorite part, then you are in for a treat.

The coffee shop company revealed that it had created a new flavored whipped cream ideal for coffee drinkers. The United States and Canada have the freshly available Sweet Cold Brew Whipped Cream, which contains a tasty blend of:

  • While chocolate mocha sauce
  • Cold brewed coffee
  • Dark caramel sauce

That gives any cold drink a hint of coffee. Not only that but there are two new frappuccinos on the menu as well.

Ultra caramel and triple mocha frappuccino:

With the help of the Sweet Cold Brew Whipped Cream, the Ultra Caramel Frappuccino, and the Triple Mocha Frappuccino, elevate the classic flavored frappes to the next level. Ultra caramel and triple mocha begin with a layer of the new heavy whipped cream and a swirl of dark caramel sauce (for the Ultra Caramel) or dark mocha sauce (for the Dark Mocha) (for the Triple Mocha).

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The drink comes with either a dark caramel coffee Frappuccino or a mocha coffee Frappuccino on top of the whipped cream. After that, another layer of Sweet Cold Brew Whipped Cream is added, along with a swirl of dark caramel or dark mocha sauce. Starbucks is also releasing a new vegan food option.

Famous Starbucks drinks with whipped cream:

Strawberry Funnel Cake frappuccino:

This frappuccino has strawberry puree, whipped cream, powdered sugar, and funnel-cake pieces are stacked with funnel cake-flavored syrup combined with coffee, milk, and ice.

Mocha cookie crumble:

To make a mocha cookie crumble, add chocolate chips combined with milk and ice. This is added on top of chocolate cookie crumble and whipped cream before being topped with whipped cream of vanilla flavor, a spray of mocha, and even more topping of chocolate cookie crumble. Each sip is as satisfying as the previous, to the finish.

Caramel ribbon crunch:

This frappuccino has a buttery caramel syrup, coffee, milk, and ice blend together. Later, delicious dark caramel sauce, crunchy caramel sugar, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle are added as toppings.

Caffe vanilla:

Caffe vanilla is a combination of coffee and vanilla bean with milk and ice, where the coffee is roasted and vanilla bean is in powder form, then top with whipped cream. It tastes like joy.

Starbucks a famous business:

It is one of the world’s most successful businesses, not just in the coffee shop industry. The platform is famous because it delivered an experience that revolutionized the way the world views coffees and cafes and how many of us drink coffee outside our homes.

Starbucks has to offer a place that lies between home and work where individuals can come for a customized cup of coffee, and take in the friendly atmosphere. As a result, Starbucks competes with going to the movies rather than other coffee shops.