How can I Order Decaf Coffee at Starbucks | 7 Ways to Order?

What is better than having a warm cup of coffee at Starbucks on a chilly and dark winter morning? Getting some sips of your favorite Starbucks beverage is always enough to lift up the mood and gear up for a long busy day.

However, many customers wonder whether decaf coffees are available at Starbucks or not? If yes, then how can they order decaf coffee at Starbucks?

Actually, Starbucks is a multinational coffee chain where coffee lovers can get every kind of caffeinated and decaf, cold and hot coffee to enjoy the day. This article will cover all the simplest and easiest ways to order decaf coffee at Starbucks.

If you also wonder how can I order decaf coffee at Starbucks? Here you go! Follow the following ways and be like the most regular Starbucks customers.

7 Ways to Order Decaf Coffee at Starbucks

Yes, it is very straightforward to order at Starbucks for those who are regular at Starbucks, but many customers feel reluctant when they try to place their order for the first time at Starbucks.

There are some ways to place an order of decaf coffee at Starbucks that a beginner can follow for smooth order placement. The following guideline can save the time of staff and customers; moreover, it will help the customers to get the most relevant and desired coffee shot.

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Part 1: Tailoring your Drink

1: Consider your Cravings

Before placing an order for any drink, it is important for you to know what you are craving. You can order according to the outside temperature and season that demands you to order which coffee.

If you don’t know which drinks or coffee you should order, you can ask the barista for help. Barista can guide you and suggest the coffee according to your taste and preferences. Meanwhile, you also need to consider the quantity of sweetness and the type of coffee you want: cold, hot, or blended.

Place an order according to your desire because it will make you enjoy your favorite coffee in a realistic manner.

2: Choose a Size

Starbucks has its own famous and unique sizes for different drinks and coffee; thus, the size must be considered before placing an order. The tall one is 12 oz and the grand one is equal to 16oz. They also have different sizes for hot and cold drinks, a venti hot cup is equivalent to 20 oz, and an iced is 26 oz.

All locations of Starbucks offer a short drink that is equivalent to 8oz. At US Starbucks, several coffee drinks are served in 31oz cups. If you want more espresso, then in such a situation, you have to ask for more shots of espresso but remember it will cost more. But you’ll have the perfect amount of espresso that you want.

3: Add a Little Flavour

The most important thing is to know about the required amount of sugar and syrup in your coffee. To add flavor to your coffee, you’d need extra syrup that will cost you. Sugar is free at Starbucks, but syrup flavor is not.

If you are not sure about the flavors of syrup, ask the Barista for help and tell them your favorite yet the most popular flavor of syrup, or you can ask for a menu as well to choose it on your own. Don’t limit yourself to sugar or without sugar.

Some syrup flavors like vanilla or caramel come with no sugar element, so if you are a bit health conscious, these are for you. When you order your coffee, ask for seasonal syrup flavors. There are some specialties that Starbucks has in syrup flavor, according to the season. Like in winter, they have pumpkin, and in the summer season, coconut is available.

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4: Choose the Liquid Base

Some coffees are made with milk, and some are with water as the base. Starbucks has other varieties of milk, such as almond and coconut milk. There are different options available for milk, such as soy milk, 2% milk and nonfat milk, etc.

At Starbucks, you can get any kind of coffee such as iced, hot, and blended ones too. If you want to change the form of your coffee, then you have to change the base of your coffee too. For example, you have blended coffee, so it will have a milk base, not water.

Steamed milk is like hot whipped milk on the top of your drink. If you like the form on top of your drink, you can order your coffee with extra foam, but you can ask for coffee without foam if you don’t like it.

5: Consider the Caffeine

Caffeine is naturally included in espresso and coffee. If you don’t like much caffeine in coffee, then you can place an order for half-caffeine coffee. If you want more energy from your coffee, then you can ask for extra shots of coffee.

As you are going to order decaf coffee, you need to prioritize caffeine-free drinks, as at Starbucks, you can get the caffeine removed from any of your favorite beverages.

Part 2: Decaf Coffee Drinks that you can Order

Sitting at Starbucks and enjoying coffee is delightful itself, so the following are the ways to offer decaf coffee at Starbucks.

1: Any Espresso Drink

The most significant thing that you need to know is that any espresso drinks can be taken as caffeine-free by removing caffeine from coffee beans. Decaf coffee offers all the deliciousness as caffeine ones do. Every coffee drink, such as macchiato, cappuccino, latte, mocha, etc., is available in decaf form.

There’s an espresso machine hopper that is always full of decaf espresso beans at Starbucks. Actually, it is a decaf espresso roast that is a roast with molasses and caramelized sugar.

2: Brewed Coffee

Brewed coffee is one of the cheapest things at Starbucks, and you can order it easily. It is prepared in different flavors. Roasts of hot brewed coffee are available at any time. You’ll get freshly brewed coffee at Starbucks. Sometimes it is medium roasted with notes of chocolates and toasted nuts.

3: Pour-Over

An individual hot cup of coffee is when manually brewed, so it is called pour-over. In this process first, hot water is poured into the cup within a pattern of circles, and then coffee is poured into this cup through a filter.

Although, this procedure of pour-over just takes 3-4 minutes. You’ll get this cup of coffee for the same price as a cup of brewed coffee.

4: Clover Brewed Coffee

Clover brewed coffee is not available at all the locations of Starbucks. Like the French Press, it is also a costly machine for coffee. This machine consists of a filter that pours different flavourful oils into a cup of coffee. It is an expensive cup of coffee, but it makes you feel fantastic because it is one of the best coffees.

If you want a clover brewed coffee, then you’ll have different decaf coffee options like pike place and espresso, etc. You can get this beverage in both hot and iced forms.

5: Decaf Frappuccino

Starbucks has two categories of Frappuccino at its locations; the first one is Frappuccino crème and coffee Frappuccino. Coffee Frappuccino syrup is the base of each Frappuccino coffee.  The base of every crème Frappuccino is crème Frappuccino syrup.

Further, If you don’t want a coffee with caffeine, ask for a decaf Frappuccino because you’ll get coffee Frappuccino syrup, and you can replace it with decaf espresso shots.

6: Try a Latte

Latte is formed by steamed milk and espresso shots; this drink can be hot and iced. Furthermore, you can also add any additional flavor. To enjoy this drink, you can also use any kind of milk, such as almond and coconut.

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7: Try Cappuccino

This kind of coffee is similar to a latte because it is made with steamed milk and espresso, but a cappuccino consists of a large amount of foam. In cappuccino coffee, equal quantities of steamed milk and foam are added; you have the option to order it in dry or wet form.

Further, you can add flavors according to your preference, and for sweetness, you can add sugar accordingly. This drink is more fluffy and light than any other liquid.

Some More Ways to Order Decaf Coffee at Starbucks

The following are some more Starbucks drinks that you can enjoy as caffeine-free, but it is better to inform the staff before placing an order.

●     Go for an Americano

To make Americano milk is not used because it consists of water and espresso, and it has a bit extra shots than the other drinks. You can add sugar cream to enhance the flavor if you want to.

●     Ask for Caramel Macchiato

This coffee is actually named after the Italian word ‘Macchiato’ which means marked. Caramel Macchiato is used to pour on the top of the coffee. It is prepared with espresso, steamed milk foam, and vanilla syrup; moreover, it also includes caramel drizzle.

●     Order a Mocha

This drink is almost latte, but an extra amount of chocolate is added to it. You’ll get two types of mocha drink, first with white chocolate and the second one with milk chocolate, you can order accordingly. It is made without foam, but if you want creamy milk, then you can ask for it on the top of the coffee.

●     Iced Decaf Coffee

At Starbucks, iced coffees are not available as decaf; despite this, you can get an iced decaf coffee at Starbucks.

You can make your customized order at Starbucks and get your iced decaf coffee; moreover, you can also enjoy iced espresso drinks on your demand:

  • Iced Espresso
  • Iced Americano
  • Iced Shaken Espresso (previously it was known as Doubleshot on Ice)

Part 3: Order your Coffee Decaf Coffee from Starbucks

Once you have decided that you will go for which one, then you can order it easily according to your preferences. You should start first with the size of your coffee, then decide the temperature, and then the name of your coffee.

Ways to Order

There are some other ways, as well, for you to order coffee from Starbucks and your order is just one finger tap away.

1: Order through an Application

You can place your order through the Starbucks application, and it is an easy way because the Starbucks app is pretty easy to use. The app is named after ‘Starbucks Reward,’ you can just not place your order, but you can pay through its app too.

Once you place your order, then it will let you know how long your order takes to get ready. It will also save your favorite drinks and coffees for the next time. In short, you will get a time-to-time update!

This helpful app can be installed on both Android and iPhone; you can explore a complete menu, get a customized order, and also earn stars and rewards through this app.

2: Place an Order Online

If you don’t want to use the application, you can order directly from the Starbucks website. A complete menu with the price and all the details is mentioned over there. It is convenient to place your order online, collect it from the nearest Starbucks store and enjoy your favorite coffee.

3: Place your Order in a Store

It is another order placement option for you if you have a store near to your house. You can pay through the application, and once you place the order, then you have to wait for a couple of minutes in the parking or waiting area until your order gets ready. After that, your name will be called, and then you can pick up your order. You can also use the seating area to take your coffee; otherwise, enjoying a cozy car or a home comfort is also a great option.

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4: Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an app that helps you to find out the nearest Starbuck store and place an order by sitting in the comfort of your home. In this way, your ordered Starbucks coffee drink will be delivered to your doorstep.

Part 4: Pick up Ways of Decaf coffee at Starbucks

At Starbucks Store, you get plenty of convenient options to place an order, whether you are in the car or on foot. You get every type of order placement and pickup support from Starbuck stores.

1: From Store

To save your time, you can place your order from Starbucks App, and later you can get ahead from the parking area and go inside the store. You can collect your orders as your name will be called. For this, you can visit any of the nearest Starbucks pickup stores.

2: Drive-Thru

If you want to pick up your order from the comfort of your car, you can use the drive-thru option. You can check the menu by staying in your car, placing the order, and even picking by staying in the car.

For time-saving, you can also place an order through the Starbucks app and pick by drive-thru option; if you are app-friendly, it is better to place an order by app than to stand in the line to place the order physically.

3: Curbside

You can visit the Starbucks app to get to know if you have the Curbside Pickup option there. In this pick-up option, you can place an order and pay the amount priorly by using the Starbucks app; then you can drive to the curbside and park your vehicle at the designated spot.

After reaching there, you can update the store team, stay hooked, and within a few minutes, you will get your order right in your car.

Things that you should Avoid at Starbucks

The following are some of the mistakes that you should avoid making at Starbucks for the sake of your and your staff’s comfort.

  • Avoid collecting your drink without looking at the name of the drink mentioned on the cup.
  • Don’t ask for extra add-ins when you have paid once.
  • Don’t create a mess in the sugar area.
  • Don’t cover an extra space in the seating area. (if available).
  • You shouldn’t look for tons of changes in your customized order.
  • Avoid getting in the line until you haven’t decided what you want to order.
  • Avoid asking for an extra hot coffee as Starbucks coffee is made at a particular temperature.
  • Don’t add additional items while paying at the drive-thru.

Our Summary

Having your favorite Starbucks coffee in your desired shot is the most delightful deal, indeed. At Starbucks, you can get an endless variety of caffeinated and decaffeinated drinks; you can also get a customized order and get caffeine removed.

Ordering a decaf coffee at Starbucks is not tricky at all because Starbucks enthusiasts get tons of the easiest and most helpful options to place the order and pick-up options; furthermore, an order can also be delivered to the doorstep.

You can also pick any of the decaf coffee, place an order in any of the handiest ways, and then pick it up in the ways that seem to you the most convenient.