Is Original Acaia Lunar™ Good – A Detailed Review

Acaia Lunar has grown from a start-up to a leading competitor in the specialized coffee industry in a short time. In 2013, Aaron Takao Fujiki introduced the company’s first scale on Kickstarter as a reward for his supporters. As a result of the large price tag, many people were unsure at first, but finally, they successfully supported the project.

The scale’s sleek form and high-tech functionality were the most eye-catching aspects for the coffee professional. Acaia Lunar coffee scales have become the industry standard for professionals nowadays. The following are three of the company’s models, i.e., the Lunar, the Pearl, and the Cinco.

If you are thinking of buying, let’s say, the original Acaia Lunar and wondering if the original Acaia™ Lunar is good, then, in the article below, we will review the Acaia Lunar and discuss how good it is.

What’s In the Original Acaia Lunar Box?

The scale is wrapped like a new smartphone or tablet when you open the box. All of the items are properly arranged in the box. 

The scale is composed of high-quality aluminum and appears extremely durable.

Calibration weight, USB charging cord, and instructions were all included in the box. One thing to remember is that the USB cord does not come with a wall adaptor. If you don’t own a phone charger or USB port, you’ll need to get one. You might not expect to see one inside the box.

Acaia Lunar provides two sets of feet that cling to the scale’s bottom. You may get a set that helps protect your equipment from scuffs while allowing it to move around easily. If you want to keep the scale from slipping, the second pair is meant to be more sticky.

An L-shaped rubber mat sits atop the scale and serves as a scuff-proof surface. To prop up your portafilter, you can flip the mat in any direction.

How Do The Buttons Function?

Two buttons are all you need to get the job done on the glass display. The power button is on the left, while the tare button is right.

In addition to powering the device, you can use the power button for other purposes. To activate the scale, press the button once.

Once the scale is turned on, you can utilize the power button for various functions, including starting and stopping the timer, resetting the timer, and more. To switch off the scale, double-clicking the power button is all that is needed.

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You can also use the tare button for more than one thing. Its primary role is to zero out the scale. Zeros the scale if you don’t know what that implies. If you put a cap on the scale, it will calculate its weight.

If you press the tare button, it resets to zero, even if a cup is on top. To change the weight output from grams to ounces, press the tare button for a long time to select the desired weight.

What Several Modes Make Acaia Lunar Amazing?

The Acaia Lunar’s numerous features set it apart from the competition. Different modes of automation are available on the Lunar. We’ve outlined the capabilities of each mode below:

1.   Mode Solely For Weighing

The default setting is a basic scale when the scale is turned on for the first time. It is calibrated in grams and will display the weight in grams.

2.    Mode With Dual Display

The second mode brings a new level of awesomeness. Weight in grams is displayed on the right side of the display, and the timing is on the left.

For example, to brew espresso, you can use the “T” button to measure your cup and then push the power button to manually start the timer as soon as you turn on the espresso machine.

3.    Flow Mode Is Activated At The Start Of The Timer

The water droplet indicator on the right side of the display indicates the third mode. This mode measures the same as the second model, except it starts a shot timer when the first drop drops in your cup on the right side of the display.

4.    Timer Mode With Auto-Tare And Auto-Start 

The Acaia Lunar searches for constant weight, such as a cup, to be placed on the scale.

 When you place it on the scale, it will mechanically tare the scale in about a second. The dynamic weight begins the shot timer and weighs the shot as soon as you begin brewing a shot. The timer automatically ends when the shot is finished being taken.

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5.    The Auto-Tare Mode With Square And Triangle Icons

When a constant weight is placed on the scale, the scale will automatically tare and begin the shot timer, even before the first drop. Place a cup on the scale and push the start button on your espresso machine. The machine and scale will take care of the rest.

6.    The Auto-Tare Timer Begins With Flow Mode, Indicating A Square Icon

Finally, the Acaia Lunar’s sixth mode accomplishes what it’s described to do. A stable weight on the scale for around one second is required if you do not want to tare the scale after each shot manually. The weight will be displayed without tarnish if there is a dynamic change in weight.

Let’s Talk About Size

One of the most significant variations between the Acaia Pearl and Acaia Lunar collections is the size of the pieces.

Because the Acaia Lunar scale is designed just for espresso, it is significantly smaller, measuring only 105mm x 105mm x 15mm. Because of its compact size, you may place it on an espresso drip tray.

It will be determined mostly by the type of brewing style you intend to utilize whenever you decide which one to purchase.

Difference between Acaia Lunar and Acaia Pearl – As It Is Necessary

For manual brewing at home and in the shop, the original Acaia Pearl is the best choice, while the Lunar is the best choice when using an espresso machine. You need to think about what type of brewing you’ll be doing before deciding.

Although both scales can potentially be used as espresso scales or manual brewing scales, their features and sizes were designed to satisfy different requirements.

Designed with industrial balance technology, the Lunar and Lunar 2021 can resist the harsh conditions of an espresso machine’s drip tray while providing the best accuracy and connectivity.

The electronics inside the 10.5 x 10.5 cm anodized metal platform are protected from moisture by a protective spray coating that seals out liquids.

Coffee shop owners and baristas who care about design will appreciate the Pearl series of manual brewing scales since they are sleek and fulfill coffee connoisseurs’ needs, weighing their beans down to the tenth gram. It’s a terrific tool for individuals who want to brew superb pour-over coffee regularly, with various built-in modes and features to help.

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Key Features

The Acaia Scales can do much more than display weight as smart scales. And this is truly one of the primary reasons you would opt to make the investment and purchase one of them. The available features differ based on the model that you choose.

Several apps are available for both IOS and Android users to choose from. The only difference is that they are all equipped with a built-in timer, auto-tare, and auto-start.

When it is used in conjunction with an app, you can access pre-programmed modes, receive real-time data, and even control the scale from your smartphone or tablet device.

You may have had a poor experience with water or heat exposures on other scales in the past. Drying them on the tray of your espresso machine may often revive them, although this isn’t always the case.

The most outstanding feature of the original Acaia Lunar is water-resistant. Remember to let the device cool and dry after this exposure, but if you want to see how long it will last, go ahead and take the chance.

Our Summary

The Acaia Lunar is a stunning addition to any home or business coffee bar because of its practical design, sturdy construction, and refined appearance. It is a must-have for coffee shops that prioritize quality but do not have shot counters with all of their unique capabilities.

The beauty of the Acaia Scales’ design is the first thing you should mention. They feature an understated elegance that is reminiscent of Apple products. The design is sleek and simple. It’s possible to get any of the models in either white or black (and in some cases silver). High-quality materials are used to produce the scales, and each scale is made and calibrated by hand. So, you end up with a tough and long-lasting coffee scale.

Additionally, all of the electronic components in the Acaia Lunar’s espresso machine are protected from water damage by a water-resistant spray. Rubber heat pads and USB chargers are included with each scale. You may securely hold brewing equipment such as brewers and cups in place on the scale.