Niche Zero Grinder Review: Pros and Cons

Electric coffee grinders are not a new concept; however, the modern Niche Zero Grinder has become the top choice of coffee lovers. You can customize your coffee grounds with this grinder, and it gives you a uniform grind that most grinders fail to offer. 

Also, electric coffee trainers are too expensive, that is why people like to have manual grinders, but Niche Zero Grinder is worth the price you pay for it and lives up to the expectations. So today, we have brought you an in-depth Niche Zero Grinder review to make you understand why you need to invest in it. 

We will talk about its main features, pros, cons, the using methodology, and the price you have to pay for it. Our purpose is to make you aware of the hot deal in the coffee grinding industry so that you can enjoy delicious coffee at home by using Niche Zero Grinder.

The Top Features of Niche Zero Grinder

Niche Zero Grinder has set the bar high for the upcoming electric grinders, and we have laid out some features of the grinder to make you understand why it is so good.

1) Modern Design

Let’s first talk about the design of this very excellent electric grinder, which is quite sleek and modern and will go with the aesthetic of your house very well. You have black and white metallic body options with a very high-end luxurious appearance. 

The casting on the Niche Zero Grinder is aluminum and comes with hardwood trim. Overall, the design of this electric coffee grinder is futuristic and unique.

2) Size – No Hopper

Usually, the sizes of the electric grinders are massive, and they are heavy, but there is no hopper in the Niche Zero Grinder; that is why it is comparatively better and compact. You can place it on the shelves under the counter.

The height of the grinder is 31cm. That doesn’t cover that much space and will look good in your kitchen.

3) Consistency

If your electric/manual grinder is giving you high variance in the grind sizes, then you need to buy the Niche Zero Grinder because it produces the finest and the most consistent coffee grounds.

4) Infinite Grind Adjustment

Infinite grind adjustment is a step-less adjustment in the Niche Zero grinder because you don’t have to keep clicking to reach your desired setting. All you need to do is turn your dial depending on the fine or coarse grind you need.

There is no predefined adjustment that gives you control over the electric grinder. You can decide what suits your coffee brew desire.

5) Noise Reduction

The main issue people have with electric grinders is the noise Niche Zero Grinder has successfully resolved with its modern burrs that can give you the finest grinds at only 72db.

Moreover, the DC motor used in the Niche Zero Grinder moves slowly to avoid noise.

6) Conical Steel Burrs

The hardened steel 63mm conical burrs used in the Niche Zero Grinder are a class apart and grind the coffee beans very nicely and quickly. The burrs grind 25gms of coffee beans in merely 15 seconds. Similarly, for 50gms, you only have to wait for 35 seconds.

Another benefit of these high-quality conical burrs is noise reduction, as it works perfectly under 72db.

7) Magnet DC Motor

Now let’s talk about how the Niche Zero Grinder gets powered. There is an in-built magnet DC motor that helps in grinding the coffee beans at a slower pace compared to other electric grinders. The purpose of the slow motor is to keep the noise down.

However, the DC motor produces Torque which is the rotational equivalent of linear force, and helps increase the ground power.

8) Grind Cup

There is an introduction to a high-quality dosing/grinding cup in Niche Zero Grinder. And because there is no hopper and only a lid for protection without any portafilter cradle, the capacity of the cup is maintained to fit a 58 mm portafilter.

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9) Safety Interlocking Lid

The introduction of a safety interlocking lid has solved all the problems regarding coffee beans popcorning and jumping hence avoiding the waste of coffee grounds and keeping extra coffee stored. Safety interlocking lid works as a hopper replacement when the electric grinder is operational.

10) Durability

The manufacturing of Niche Zero Grinder is of high quality as there is the introduction of solid oak and other premium quality materials. So, it won’t fall apart that easy and will last you for years if you use it the right way.

The parts that make the machine, including the grinding cup, motor, conical burrs, and funnel, are all well-built. So, you can easily grind all sorts of coffee beans in the Niche Zero Grinder without any fear.

11) Fantastic Taste

The power of the conical burrs used in the Niche Zero Grinder put pressure on the coffee beans while grinding them, releasing a fantastic aroma and preparing the most delicious brew ever.

Simple Steps to Operate Niche Zero Grinder

Niche Zero Grinder is one of the top choices made by people lately, both for commercial and domestic use, which is new in the coffee industry. Because people normally use manual grinders at home as they are cheap, but the quality is not as good as the electric ones used commercially at cafes and coffee bars.

Now let’s talk about how you can operate this mid-range fantastic coffee grinder.

  • First of all, you need to ensure that the power source you’re supplying to your Niche Zero Grinder is appropriate and that the voltages are normal.
  • There is a power on and off switch on the side of the electric grinder that you can press very easily. 
  • So in the first technical step, you will have to weigh the coffee beans that you want to grind for your coffee brew, depending on your needs.
  • The next step would be to insert coffee beans that you have weighed correctly into the funnel. 
  • After putting your coffee beans in the funnel, make sure to close the safety interlocking lid that Niche Zero Grinder comes with.
  • After that, you can turn on the power button on the side of your grinder, and the conical burrs grind your coffee beans real good. All you need to do is watch the process while your Niche Zero Grinder makes the best grind for you.
  • The coffee grounds will then move to the grind cup, and voila, they are all yours to make the yummiest coffee cup ever.
  • However, don’t forget to switch off the coffee grinder and unplug it from the power source as well.

How to Calibrate Niche Zero Grinder?

Calibration is super important when using a coffee grinder because it gives you the flavor you want from the beans and gives you the desired outcome.

Niche Zero Grinder is an electrical burr grinder, so you have to calibrate it according to the settings you see on the grind size indicator and align it with the actual grinder settings. Below are the simple and easy steps to calibrate your Niche Zero Grinder in seconds.

Step 1:

The first step is to move your top dial in a clockwise direction and keep screwing it until it reaches a point where you can’t screw it anymore.

Step 2:

The next step is to align the black ring on the grind size indicator to align with the calibration mark arrow, and you have to make sure not to move it any further. You need to know that the black rings move independently of the funnel, so you will have to rotate them until it reaches the arrow.

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Step 3:

The two steps mentioned above were all about calibrating your Niche Zero Grinder. After calibrating your electrical grinder, you can rotate it counterclockwise and set it according to your grinding settings to get the best outcome.

Does Niche Zero Grinder Provide you the Value for Money?

Most grinders that people normally use at their homes are manual, and they are cheaper than the Niche Zero Grinder. Even though this electric grinder is quite expensive, you still need to invest in it if you want to keep having a brilliant coffee experience for years.

We all know that espresso grinders are very expensive, and if you have the taste of it at home without going to a café and spending extra money, we say Niche Zero Grinder is a steal. You don’t waste any coffee grounds by using this grinder, and it’s one of the easiest machines to use.

The grinder size is perfect so that you can put it anywhere in your kitchen, and you get to experiment with all types of coffee beans. It is easy to clean, and also it won’t create any mess like a manual grinder. You won’t have to work your hands to make coffee, but you can improve your coffee brewer skills with the grinder.

However, if you do not have the money to invest in the Niche Zero Grinder, it is not the end of the world because you can save up until you have a solid amount to buy one. 

Why do you need to Have Niche Zero Grinder?

Now let’s talk about some features that other coffee grinders do not have, making Niche Zero Grinder super special and worth buying.

NFC Disc

The first thing that we will talk about is the NFC disc, a 40mm clear polycarbonate disc known as the Niche flow control disc. Installation of this disc has allowed the grinder to keep the coffee beans inside and avoid their jumping and popcorning.

The disc also helps the grinding process by feeding beans to the burrs quickly and making it consistent and quick compared to other grinders without the NFC.

Conical Burr Grinder

Instead of the flat burr, Niche Zero Grinder has vertical-shaped conical burrs that increase the pressure while vertically grinding the coffee beans.

You get to control the size of the coffee grounds, and you also get small pieces because, along with the central burr, the sharp edges pull down the beans.

Grinding Cup

The grinding cup used in the Niche Zero Grinder allows you to flip over the grinds as it has a unique design and can also fit a portafilter of size 58mm. However, if your portafilter is small, you won’t be able to flip over grinds without pouring.

Cord Storage (Retractable)

Another cool feature in the new Niche Zero Grinder is the retractable cord storage. You can use that cord within the grinder base as it doesn’t sit out behind the product like many electric grinders.

This specific electric grinder is a piece of art, and there is so much attention to detail because the purpose of the cord storage is only to make sure that there is no coiling of the product, which is not even a major issue. 

Easy Cleaning

You have to put extra effort with most manual and electric grinders; however, Niche Zero Grinder comes with a 10mm spanner tool and a cleaning brush so that cleaning won’t be a problem.

So, all you need to do is remove the burr and NFC disc with the spanner, and then you will completely unscrew the adjustable collar. After that, you will lift the burr housing and clean it and the removed parts using the brush that comes with the grinder. When you are done cleaning, rebuild your Niche Zero Grinder correctly.

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Niche Zero Grinder is the best electric grinder in the market for a reason. So let’s talk about all the possible pros of that machine which has the potential to give you the best coffee you have ever tasted in your life.

  • The first benefit of using this electrical grinder is the option to play with different coffee beans. You can use it for coarse and fine grind sizes, and the flexibility you get with Niche Zero Grinder is remarkable. You can get great espresso or filter brews, which is rare for grinders.
  • The biggest problem with electric grinders is the noise factor; however, the Niche Zero Grinder has very little noise production.
  • The 63mm conical steel burrs used in the electric grinder make it very fast and very consistent with the quality of the coffee grinds. The size is not common with domestic grinders, which improves the overall coffee brewing experience for the consumer.
  • The grind setting is not even a problem with the Niche Zero Grinder, as you don’t have to keep clicking to adjust it. You only have to move the dial for the type of brew you want to make, and it will get adjusted, giving you a very high level of control. The infinite adjustment dial is not a standard feature.
  • Forget any kind of retention that you might have experienced with your previously owned grinders because Niche Zero Grinder has a straight path design.
  • Niche Zero Grinder comes with an inbuilt calibration system that is missing in many grinders or is very hard to operate. However, you can calibrate your Niche grinder and enjoy your coffee by using some simple steps.
  • There is a dosing cup with the Niche Zero grinder, and we can consider it a pro.


Now that we have discussed all the pros and possible benefits of the Niche Zero Grinder, it is time for us to talk about the cons of the electric grinder.

  • The first disadvantage of using this electric grinder is that you will not enjoy the automatic switching of the machine. Compared to the other modern features and advancements in this version of Niche Zero Grinder, an automatic switch on and off feature could have been a plus.
  • Price is the next con of this electric grinder as not many people may find it affordable. If we are honest, this grinder is out of budget for many people. However, that doesn’t take away the benefit of the machine to be used in a commercial and domestic setup.
  • Considering the price you pay for the Niche Zero Grinder, the capacity is a little less; however, it’s still great compared to the other electrical and manual grinders.
  • Lastly, you will need a power source to operate this grinder as it is electric, which means you cannot take it to a picnic or any other place with you unless there is a power source.

Final Words

There is nothing better than the beautiful aroma of freshly ground coffee, and Niche Zero Grinder, the best electric grinder, provides you that. So, we want to conclude our Niche Zero Grinder review by highly recommending you buy the grinder.

And we hope that after reading it, you will buy the grinder and enjoy perfectly consistent grounded beans. Niche Zero Grinder has surpassed all the previous electric grinders of its kind in terms of aesthetics, features, and ease of use. 

Moreover, it’s an excellent investment if you want a coffee grinder that will stay with you for years without any damage. However, you need to read this review in detail to understand the reason for your investment.