Bocaboca Coffee Roaster Review: All You Need To Know

A well-roasted and brewed coffee are all you need to make your day refreshing.

But a well-roasted coffee often loses its flavor quickly. So how do you make your coffee for a great start? If you are into buying pre-roasted coffee beans from your nearest store, it is obviously a convenient method, but you will never be able to taste the freshest beans.

For the richest taste, the time you roast the beans is very important. As roasted coffee beans quickly lose their flavor, you should always roast them in small batches.

A good quality coffee roaster can be a great investment for a freshly roasted and flavorful cup of coffee. Once you decide to bring a good coffee roaster home, you will know that there are several good coffee roasters with different specialties and prices.

Typically, there are two main types of roasters, Manual and Automatic. Manual roasters are more on the affordable side but have a small bean capacity, whereas automatic roasters are expensive but easy to use.

Today, we will talk about the Bocaboca coffee roaster as it is also among some of the best coffee roasters in the market. Roasting coffee beans sounds like a bit too much work, but a good coffee roaster can simplify the whole process.

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We will get you through Bocaboca coffee roaster specifications, what we liked about it, its weak points, and what users have to say about it.

So, let’s get started:

Why Should You Roast Coffee At Home?

Only Coffee fanatics can explain the aroma a batch of freshly roasted coffee has.

Beans yield the best flavor when roasted and kept for a few weeks for degassing before brewing. This is important as it allows all the gases like carbon dioxide to be released that can otherwise disturb the real flavor.

If you get the hang of roasting coffee beans at home, you will find yourself in a new world of aromas and flavors. You may blend different beans together or try another way to roast your favorite coffee beans.

This way, you might end up having a completely new and amazing cup of coffee.

And roasting coffee beans can be an easy task with a quality coffee roaster. You just need a good coffee roaster, and everything is done.

Since we are reviewing the Bocaboca coffee roaster, let’s see what it offers us.

Bocaboca Coffee Roaster Overview

Bocaboca coffee roaster comes in two sizes. One has a capacity of “250 grams,” and the other has a “500 grams” capacity. So, you have got two options to choose from. If you need to roast large quantities of coffee at once, Bocaboca 500 will serve the task.

If you look at its design and appearance, you will be delighted by its elegant yet elite design.

Its main body consists of a roasting barrel and glass, thermometer, timer, handle, and temperature control switch.

The roasting barrel design ensures the perfect taste for your coffee, just as by your favorite local barista.

The roaster also has a cooling area with a wicker tray and fan. This helps reduce the heat and remove the chaff. But the cooler has to be purchased separately.

Specifications of Bocaboca Coffee Roaster:

Manufacturer: JISAM TRADE

Bocaboca Coffee Roaster 500 Gram

Price of Bocaboca coffee roaster 500 gram with cooler$894.99
Dimensions bodyBody –480mm x 195mm x 205mm
Dimensions coolerCooler- 385mm x 205mm x 200mm
Capacity:100-5000 gram
Power220V 60HZ, 1200W
Item Weight10kg

Bocaboca Coffee Roaster 250 Gram

Price of Bocaboca coffee roaster 250 gram with cooler$568.90
Dimensions body340mm x 170mm x 203mm
Dimensions cooler282mm x 170mm x 86mm
Capacity:150-250 g
Power220V 60HZ, 500W
Item Weight6kg

Build and Design

Because of its elite design and effective working, the Bocaboca coffee roaster has gained much attention and good ratings. The exterior wooden design gives it a sleek look that matches any interior design.

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If you have a small kitchen or don’t like the mess on shelves, this coffee roaster is ideal for you. It keeps all the important parts hidden in the wood exterior, and your kitchen will appear organized and clean.

Bocaboca coffee roaster is specifically designed for home use and is relatively easy to use. The English user manual will help you understand the instructions and roast beans flawlessly.

The roasting barrel is covered with transparent heat-resistant glass, and you can watch the roasting process and adjust it accordingly with the help of a specially designed stirring vane.

The heat-resistant glass is sturdy enough to last the roasting process for a long time. Other parts of the machine are also strong and durable. One can comprehend the extraordinary quality the whole design depicts.

The bean roasting process is also noiseless. So you would never hear coffee beans smashing and popping against the walls of the roaster. You may see a little smoke while you roast a small number of beans.

As it works with electricity, the wood exterior serves another purpose. It is common for people to get electrocuted while working with metal appliances. The wooden exterior keeps you safe from electric shocks. With this wooden exterior, you will be safe from such hazards.

Size of the Coffee Roaster

Being a coffee lover, you probably already have a coffee maker in your home. Maybe it is a grind and brewer or an espresso machine. You may want to try hot coffee or cold brew coffee, bulletproof coffee, cappuccino, or latte.

Whatever your daily choice is, when you long for a strong cup of coffee, you cannot wait. Imagine roasting coffee beans every time and then waiting for some time to consume them.

Isn’t it too much waiting? And this is where the size matters.

The best way is to get a coffee roaster a size that can roast coffee beans worth one or two weeks. Drum roasters typically have bigger capacities compared to air roasters.

Bocaboca coffee drum roaster also has great capacity and comes in two versions; 250 gram and 500 gram. Bocaboca 250 has 150-250 gram capacity, whereas Bocaboca 500 has 100-500 gram capacity.

Other than that, the size of the whole roaster also matters. Bocaboca is quite compact, and you can fit it easily in the room or over the counter.

Choose the size that fits your home needs. However, if you select a 500-gram product, the price will go up to $300.

Temperature Control

Typically, when you roast beans in a coffee roaster, there still remains a lot of heat in the coffee beans, and you need to cool them down to avoid over-roasting.

If you have a Bocaboca coffee roaster, you must have noted that there is no such problem using it.

It is a product of modern technology and works with electrical and infrared systems. The infrared rays heat the coffee beans uniformly and quickly. This is why it roasts beans at low temperatures compared to other traditional air roasters.

On the side of the main body, there are two dials. One acts as a power button and temperature control switch, and the other is a timer button.

For coffee enthusiasts, it gives complete control over heat and timing for roasting the beans in whatever way you want. It has a small learning curve, and you will find it easy to use compared to other roasters with similar capacities.

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Once you pour beans into the barrel, set the time to 15 minutes to start the process. Do not shake the roaster’s main body or drop it from a high place.

The built-in thermometer makes the overall process of monitoring the roasting process quite easy. The controls are set in such a way that it rapidly cools down coffee beans at an ideal temperature making the whole process simple and doable.

Cooling System

When you think of roasting coffee beans, the first thing is, have you heated them enough? And how is the cooling system of the machine?

Apparently, only heating is important, but efficient and fast cooling is also essential for perfect roasted beans.

Just think of baked food kept in the oven for a bit longer, and it absorbs more heat and gets more cooked. The same is the case with coffee beans.

If you heat the coffee beans more than required, they will be roasted above the level they were needed to be.

So, after careful roasting, a faster cooling system is necessary. Generally, coffee roasters have a cooling pan in the roasting chamber itself.

So, whenever the beans are roasted to the desired temperature, the cooling pan cools them down.

Though the Bocaboca roaster itself lowers the temperature, we do not see any cooling system given with the Bocaboca coffee roaster at the same price.

So, the machine does not come with a cooler.  If you need a cooler, you need to buy it separately or devise some other way to do the job.

If we look at its price tag, it is not very expected of a coffee roaster to not have a cooler. Bocaboca coffee roaster would be a much better option to purchase if it came with a cooler.

If you separately purchase a cooler, you will get rid of the cooling problem—the cooler consists of a wicker tray and a cooling system. The roasted beans are rapidly cooled over the wicker tray with the help of a cooler.

The powerful fan quickly cools the roasted beans to the desired roasting point and also collects the chaff that escapes from the strips of the wicker tray.

Users have also mentioned that they prefer the Bocaboca roaster oven Behmor 1600+ for it gives more manual control over heat and timing while roasting.


You want a coffee roaster, so you must keep yourself ready for some dirty hands. The continuous working of the coffee roaster will cause pile-ups of grease and oil.

Sticky beans such as landholdings stick more to flat surfaces. The metal ends needed to be cleaned very often.

Since it’s going to be your long-term investment, you need to clean it regularly. Else, you will incur the problem quite often. You may hear a knocking noise or notice it’s slow working.

If we look at its cleaning process, it’s not very simple. You have to detach the barrel cover and take the drum out. Then keep the drum and parts in hot water and strong vinegar for a few hours, scrub with an abrasive sponge or soapy steel wool, and clean the wood thoroughly.

You may find it quite tricky at the start, but you will get used to it with time. However, we cannot say that its cleaning will be simple and doesn’t take much time. If you are not confident enough to clean it yourself, ask someone pro at it.

Customer Service

After going through dozens of online reviews, we find that you may get a defective piece. The problem is often solved by returning the defective piece and getting a better product. But again, considering the price, customers must not have to go through this much hustle.

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Another important factor in deciding whether to get a coffee roaster or not is its price tag along with its features.

Bocaboca 500 gram costs $894.9, and Bocaboca 250 gram costs $568.90 along with a cooler.

Looking at their price tags, we cannot say that Bocaboca coffee roasters are on the cheaper side. But this does not imply that everything will be in the tip-top position.

We would recommend you first figure out what your budget is. Once you decide the amount to invest in a coffee roaster, look for suitable options in that price range.

If you are planning to start a small coffee roasting business, it’s advisable to invest in a good machine with good capacity and produces excellent quality roast.

As far is concerned about Bocaboca coffee roaster, produces incredible quality roasts, and the whole roasting process is also easy. But the cleaning process is a bit difficult and might disturb your workflow.

What do users of Bocaboca coffee roasters have to say about it?

We thoroughly analyzed the users’ reviews and now pen down what users say about the Bocaboca coffee roaster.

Customers loved its wooden exterior and found its design quite attractive and sophisticated.

You can order it from the manufacturer and other distributors too. Most probably, when you order, you will be asked to either have a 110 or 220-volt version.

Get the one that will be ready to plug in the switch without any extra stuff directly.

250gram roaster best roasts the beans when filled up to “225grams,” and anything over 230 grams becomes uneven.

The best thing that customers found was its time to have great control over roasting.

Another essential thing mentioned by most users was to let the roaster rest for about an hour before going for the second round. Otherwise, the roaster’s heat guard will turn the roaster off the mid-roast.

Also, don’t forget to turn up the timer a few times during roasting. Otherwise, the roaster will turn off itself. This is the machine’s safety measure to ensure that the roaster is not left unattended to welcome any hazard.

If you do not want to buy a cooler, you can manually cool the beans instead and use that money for the 500g model.

Overall, the 20g model is cheaper, lightweight, easy to handle, clean, and residue rarely sticks to its sides. The 500g model is bigger and can be challenging to handle.

Also, the residue sticks to its side.

A problem with the 250-gram Bocaboca roaster is that it doesn’t have an analog thermometer, whereas Bocaboca 500 g roaster has an analog thermometer.

Things We Liked About It

  • Avery organized looking roaster
  • Very compact
  • Produces no noise
  • You can easily confirm the roasting process via transparent glass
  • Good control over-roasted beans
  • Uniform roasting and uniform color of coffee beans
  • Heat-resistant transparent glass
  • Available in two capacities, 250 g/500 g
  • Efficient electricity consumption
  • Cooled down rapidly after roasting
  • Sturdy and durable

What We Didn’t Like About It

  • Needs 2000 watt setup transformer
  • Does not come with a cooler
  • A bit expensive
  • May delivered as a defective product
  • Cleaning is not easy

Final Verdict

Having a coffee roaster at your home gives you a whole new dimension of coffee flavors. If you have read the above review, you must have been very clear about whether you need to buy a Bocaboca coffee roaster or go for another option.

If you can afford the price and have no problem cleaning it, we recommend you go for the Bocaboca coffee roaster. However, if you have a low budget and want a decent coffee roaster, this is not a good option for you.

You will quickly understand its works with a minimal learning curve and master the perfect method to roast the coffee beans and get fantastic flavor.

Remember that whatever machine you purchase will take your commitment and patience to get the hang of it.