Best Costa Coffee Competitors and Alternatives You Should Consider

Costa Coffee is a UK-based coffee chain that rivals the likes of Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Cafe Nero alike. Their delicious and quality coffee makes any early morning or late night worth the hassle

Some of you might not live by a Costa Coffee. Luckily there are several other ways to get your caffeine fix. Whether it is from their easy-to-use Nespresso pods, their whole bean blends, or with some of their competitors, there are other ways to indulge in great coffee.

What is Costa Coffee?

Costa Coffee hosts a variety of delicious drink options. Their menu has anything from drip coffee to espresso drinks to frozen beverages. Costa Coffee has just introduced a new line of golden caramel coffees to their expansive menu.

Based in the UK with coffee shops open worldwide, there is no excuse to delay a Costa Coffee run. Costa Coffee makes it easy to order their delicious coffee. Their interactive menu explains the differences between lattes and cappuccinos, teaches you how to build a macchiato. Perhaps best of all, their menu helps you select the flavors you love.

While Costa Coffee is a coffee shop chain, they have many other ways of serving delicious coffee. Costa Coffee has partnered with UberEATS, Deliveroo, and Just Eats to ensure that you always have access to quality coffee.

Their canned coffees can be ordered online as well. Sometimes it is good to be the master of your coffee. Costa Coffee makes brewing your morning cup easy with their line of at-home brewing products. These products include whole bean roasts and Nespresso pods.

Not every coffee chain has its own recipes online, but Costa Coffee does. While these recipes may not be what you would ask your barista to make, Costa Coffee’s delicious recipes pair perfectly with both their handcrafted beverages and their coffee bean blends.

Costa Coffee has many delicious flavors, several of which are unique to Costa Coffee. The flavors and aromas of their coffees are enough to make any mouth water. Costa Coffee has inspired Monday morning workers for years.

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Costa Coffee is a coffee shop that cares about its consumers. While it is the place to go for quality coffee, sometimes we just do not have access to their delicious drinks. Therefore, this article’s list of Costa Coffee alternatives and competitors can help.

Costa Coffee versus Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks and Costa Coffee are very similar coffee houses. Both proudly serve specialty coffee drinks that can only be ordered at their locations. They are widely known, and both have extensive fan bases.

One of the biggest distinctions between the two large coffee chains is the menu items. While these two coffee houses are both community gathering places where people chat and drink delicious coffee, Costa Coffee has many more food items on its menu than Starbucks does.

Starbucks hosts several small pastry items such as cookies, slices of bread, and cake pops, but they only serve a select few sandwich options. In contrast, Costa Coffee’s menu more closely resembles a restaurant.

Starbucks specializes in various drink flavors. As a result, it tends to carry more syrups and has a wider variety of drinks to choose from. There is a lot more to mix and match at Starbucks than there is a Costa Coffee.

Costa Coffee does not carry any fruit-flavored beverages as Starbucks does. Starbucks sports raspberry, strawberry, very berry hibiscus, and many other fruity flavors. These flavors are not typically used in coffee drinks, which is why they are not available at Costa Coffee.

Costa Coffee versus Dunkin Donuts

While Dunkin Donuts has become famous for its flavored coffees, it is first and foremost a donut shop. This is what sets it apart from Costa Coffee. Dunkin Donuts serves fresh donuts daily with tons of mouthwatering flavors to choose from.

We all know that coffee and donuts just go together. Dunkin is just ahead of the curve. Along with delicious donut choices, Dunkin Donuts carries more flavor combinations than Starbucks and Costa Coffee combined.

Dunkin Donuts carries so many unique flavors that it would take forever to try them all. Some drinks taste like Captain Crunch, others are iced cappuccinos, and the lattes have multiple mocha variations.

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Costa Coffee focuses on the quality of its coffee’s flavor. They specialize in delicious black coffee or exquisite espresso drinks. Dunkin Donuts has delicious black coffee and espresso drinks as well, but they focus on the variety of flavor options available to their customers.

Costa Coffee versus Cafe Nero

When it comes to classy coffee, Cafe Nero has your back. With its relaxed atmosphere, Cafe Nero is the perfect place to go when you need coffee shop vibes. Cafe Nero’s coffee shops are the best place to relax and sip on coffee while chatting with a good friend.

Although Cafe Nero has fewer options than the other three coffee shops, they pride themselves on the quality and composition of their drinks. Each hot espresso drink is made with care and precision.

Cafe Nero offers some of the most authentic coffees in the UK. By staying true to espresso’s roots, their lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos taste much better than their competitors.

While Cafe Nero does offer flavored coffees and other beverages, it is the simplicity and quality of their drinks that set them apart from Costa Coffee.

How to Order Costa Coffee

Not everyone has access to Costa Coffee and sometimes its competitors just do not

have the same appeal. Luckily, Costa Coffee has a first-rate delivery service, prepackaged products that can be purchased online or at a grocery store, and Costa recipes that you can try at home!

Online Delivery Service

Costa Coffee is dedicated to getting its delicious coffee into the hands of its customers. Right on their website, Costa Coffee offers coffee drink delivery with not one but three different delivery services.

With growing concerns around Covid-19, it can be a lot safer to stay inside. But staying safe does not mean losing out on any of Costa Coffee’s delicious drinks. Costa Coffee has partnered with the safest food delivery services to ensure the health of its customers.

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Costa Coffee products can be ordered and delivered with UberEATS, Deliveroo, and Just Eats depending on your preference. Alternatively, you can order Costa Coffee through any of these delivery service apps.

Prepackaged Products

Costa Coffee has created a signature line of whole roasted coffee bean blends that you can purchase online, in their store, or the supermarket. These flavorful coffee bean blends are unique to Costa Coffee and can give you a taste of this famed coffee house right in your own home.

Instant coffee and Nespresso pods of these delicious Costa blends can also be purchased. These products are easy to use and can brew all the things you love about Costa Coffee right into your cup in minutes.

At Home Costa Recipes

Costa Coffee’s website is the place to be for coffee enthusiasts and bakers alike. Not only does it provide easy access to ordering Costa Coffee drinks and coffee beans, but it also provides delicious recipes.

The Morning Mocha Overnight Oats are a delicious way to start your day and pair perfectly with an iced white chocolate mocha latte. The creamy cappuccino milkshake tastes just like the Costa classic drink you would order from any of their locations.

The caramel espresso martinis combine everything delicious and aromatic from Costa Coffee espresso shots with the flavor of a caramel martini. Costa Coffee knows what its customer base wants.

Sometimes it is just not possible for us to order our favorite Costa Coffee drinks, but this company has made it easy to drink their coffee no matter where you are.


Costa Coffee is one of the most popular and beloved coffee shops in the UK. Their rich and savory drinks perfectly complement any early morning or late-night venture. Although there are thousands of stores worldwide, sometimes we do not have access to Costa Coffee.

There are many alternatives such as competitors and Costa Coffee’s at-home brewing products, but none of these alternatives include skipping coffee.