4 Best the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Competitors and Alternatives

The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf is a favorite coffee shop of many, but what should you do if there isn’t one in your area? This company sells many of its drinks online. They are delicious and easy to make at home.

If homemade coffee is not your forte, there is no need to worry. We also name a few of The Coffee Bean’s biggest competitors that sell similar drinks! Read on to learn how to get your caffeine fix!

What is The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf?

The Coffee Bean and the Tea Leaf is a well-known coffee shop and tea house that sells a variety of delicious drinks. When it comes to choices, The Coffee Bean has them all. Coffee lovers will adore the rich and creamy espresso drinks with unique flavor add-ins.

The cookie butter and pumpkin spice lattes have recently been added to the menu as seasonal fall drinks and fans could not be happier. Tea lovers will find the aromatic herbal teas refreshingly sweet and brewed to perfection.

The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf is a unique coffee chain because it boasts a large variety of teas to choose from. There is anything from simple green tea to complex black tea latte blends on The Coffee Bean’s menu.

Along with its beverages, The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf serve an exceptional range of breakfast and pastry food items all day long. Parfaits, frittatas, and croissants can all be eaten with your coffee or tea of choice at The Coffee Bean.

This popular cafe has just as big of an online menu as it has in its store. The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf website shows dozens of flavorful coffee blends to choose from including whole bean and pre-ground bags.

It hosts both Nespresso and Keurig coffee pods so single-serve coffee lovers do not have to miss out on these delicious drinks.

The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf is a beautiful cafe that offers not only a wide variety of coffee drinks but offers plenty of sweet and spicy teas as well. With such a big online store and plenty of shipping options, it is hard to believe that some people do not have access to The Coffee Bean.

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Although it is sad when we can’t order our favorite drink, there are plenty of alternatives and competitors to choose from. Read on to learn more!

1) Teavana Versus the Coffee Bean

Teavana is the place to go for The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf fans who prefer its teas to its coffees. Teavana specializes in tea of all kinds. It has green, black herbal, oolong, and even milk teas.

Teavana is a special case, however, because it was recently bought by Starbucks Coffee. Although Starbucks didn’t change any of its products, the last Teavana store was closed in 2008.

Teavana tea can no longer be purchased in-store, but many of their delicious brews can be purchased at Starbucks. Starbucks does not sell entirely of the Teavana menu in their store but any teas you can’t find at your local Starbucks can be purchased through the Teavana website.

Teavana uses specially made tea bags that are shaped like a pyramid to better brew their teas. Along with detailed instructions and brewing information, Teavana tea is easy to brew and tastes just like your favorites from The Coffee Bean.

2) Starbucks Coffee Versus the Coffee Bean

Starbucks Coffee and The Coffee Bean have very similar menu items. They each have delicious caramel sauces and rich mocha syrups. Although The Coffee Bean has better mocha syrup, Starbucks has the better caramel sauce.

It is thicker and creamier than the caramel sauce The Coffee Bean uses so be prepared for a mouthwatering treat if you have never tried it before. Starbucks has a ton of other flavor options to choose from as well including vanilla, hazelnut, peppermint, and many more.

Starbucks is great for quickly obtaining that piping hot or refreshingly iced hazelnut oat milk latte on your way to work. Its frappuccinos and refreshers may not count as coffee or tea, but they are so delicious it doesn’t even matter.

Speaking of teas, if you are a fan of The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf’s exquisite tea blends, you will be happy to hear that Starbucks teas are just as delicious.

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3) Beans and Brews Versus the Coffee Bean

Beans and Brews is a coffee house like both Starbucks and The Coffee Bean. The menu lists dozens of beautifully blended espresso drinks. Iced and hot beverages are popular at Beans and Brews.

There are tons of flavorful drinks to choose from at Beans and Brews that cannot be ordered at The Coffee Bean such as their refreshers and the seasonal Pumpkin Pie Fritalia. Most any drink you can order at The Coffee Bean, you can order at Beans and Brews.

The downside is that Beans and Brews do not have the range of store locations that The Coffee Bean has. Beans and Brews only have locations in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and Nevada.

This limited range means that if you are lucky enough to live close to Beans and Brews, you probably do not have access to The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf

This is because The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf are located along the East and West coast states. Although it primarily resides on the West Coast, there are plenty of locations open for coffee lovers along the East coast as well.

For people who do not live near one of their locations, Beans and Brews offers an online store where their signature coffee blends and drink kits can be shipped right to your door.

The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf Online Store

The Coffee Bean and the Tea Leaf only have locations along the East and West coast. For coffee and tea lovers who do not have access to their delicious coffee, there is a vast menu in their online store.

Whole Bean Blends

The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf offers light, medium, and dark roasts as well as various blends meant to emphasize different flavors of the coffee.

Their Bali Blue Moon Single Origin Blend has a delightful toffee and walnut flavor while their medium roast Breakfast Blend has a well-balanced and robust flavor.

There are plenty of whole coffee bean options to choose from at The Coffee Bean and the Tea leaf’s online store.

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Nespresso and Keurig Pods

The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf has created its own line of single-serve coffee capsules that are made from hand-selected teas and coffees. These coffee pods are made for the Caffitaly CBTL brewers.

The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf also make Nespresso pods and Keurig K-cups so that no matter what your brewer preference is, everybody can enjoy the delicious taste of quality coffee.

Homemade Drinks

Along with their coffee blends, The Coffee Bean offers many flavored instant coffee powders that can turn any cup of hot water into a delicious, creamy latte. These instant coffee powders are incredibly easy to use and can give you a taste of The Coffee Bean no matter where you are.

Some of the most popular powders include the Special Dutch Chocolate, the Cookie Butter, and the matcha tea. These homemade drinks can be brewed hot or iced and are perfect for lazy days.


The Coffee Bean uses whole leaf teas to provide your drinks with the most flavor. These whole leaf teas are made possible by the pyramid-shaped bags they use. Much like Teavana’s pyramid-shaped tea bags, The Coffee Bean offers premium tea in beautifully engineered packaging.

Along with tea bags, The Coffee Bean also provides tea capsules, pouches, and loose-leaf teas. Tea lovers are sure to find their perfect blend among The Coffee Bean’s many cultivated flavors.


While no coffee house or substitute can really replace our beloved Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, there are ways to enjoy its delicious coffee when you are not near one of its locations. Starbucks, Teavana, and Beans and Brews are all great alternatives to our favorite coffee shops.

The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf’s signature flavors and blends can easily be made at home if you have access to the internet. All their coffee bean blends, tea bags, and some of their cafe drinks can be shipped right to your door so you can enjoy their taste wherever you may be.