Golo Diet Review 2022: Should You Invest in It?

Dozens of brands are selling their diet plans in the market (Mediterranean diet, keto diet, etc.) that are made up of different nutrition principles.

One of those diets is the Golo Diet, the newest one, which is gaining more attraction from the users.

The Golo Diet works to balance users’ hormone levels through exercise and supplements – it also consists of a weight loss diet. The Golo Diet focuses on managing insulin levels and blood pressure to improve consumers’ health.

Though it is an adequate diet, various users claim it is heavy in price and brings challenges.

Some research even explains that its benefits are limited. Hence, buyers feel confused and wonder whether it pays off their price and needs or not.

Does it work the way it claims? If you are also messing with such questions, you can read our Golo Diet review 2022 – including its meal plan rundown, price, and commitment it demands.

Golo Diet Review 2022: How Worthy Is It To You?

Unlike other diets, the Golo diet is a specific diet plan with some flexibility. The company created this diet in 2009 – to use this diet plan, users need the program to require a particular supplement from Golo and LLC.

The actual purpose behind this diet is to reduce weight by increasing the metabolism rate and minimizing insulin resistance, which leads to enhancing blood sugar by preventing health conditions associated with weight gain.

The Golo Diet advises eating three meals daily with the Release supplement, ideally with a water glass. The Release can be taken either after or before each meal; Each meal includes one or two food chunks from the diet’s four food groups: carbohydrates, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. There is no all-inclusive meal plan for Golo Diet; various meals can be tried with Golo Diet.

Like many weight-loss plans, the Golo Diet forbids processed and refined foods and added sweeteners. The diet encourages users to stick with whole foods whenever possible.

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By buying the Release pills, a consumer can access recipes, online resources, meal plans, one-on-one coaching, tools, and support. A 30-day supply of Release comes at $59.95. However, if you order a 60- or 90-day Golo supply plan at once, you can reserve $20 or $60, respectively.

Ingredients Of Golo Diet

The Golo Diet includes three minerals and seven natural, plant-based ingredients:

  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Banaba extract
  • Apple Extract
  • Salacia extract
  • Magnesium
  • Rhodiola extract
  • Berberine extract
  • Inositol
  • Gardenia extract

The ingredients of the Golo Diet are recognized as safe by the FDA. Petersen explains that their amount is not large enough to create reversing mineral deficiency, and she especially notes the apple extract ingredient in the proprietary blend that adds fiber to the diet to make it enriching.

Since these ingredients are typically recognized as safe doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise while taking the supplement, particularly when the consumer has diabetes and taking medication to treat it.

Foods To Eat on The Golo Diet

●      Seafood

In both forms – fresh and frozen

●      Whole Grains

Quinoa and brown rice

●      Legumes

Pinto, black, and garbanzo beans

●      Animal Protein

beef, pork, eggs, chicken, milk, yogurt, and cheese

●      Healthy Fats

Olive oil, coconut oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and flax seeds

●      Nuts

Walnuts, almonds, and cashews

●      Other Vegetables

Potatoes, winter squash, sweet potatoes

●      Fresh Fruits

Every fresh fruit, especially berries

●      Green Vegetables

Broccoli, kale, asparagus, and zucchini

Foods To Discouraged on The Golo Diet

Foods to avoid on the Golo Diet include

  • Refined foods
  • Added sugar
  • White bread
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Sweetened beverages
  • Sweet baked goods
  • Processed foods, such as plant-based meat substitutes, lunch meats, sausages, and

Pros Of the Golo Diet

Numerous benefits of the Gold Diet motivate the users to buy it, such as,

Encourages Healthy Foods

The Golo Diet encourages whole foods instead of processed foods by emphasizing healthy fats and reducing added sugar levels, as it is an expert-endorsed strategy for beneficial weight reduction.

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Adaptable For Dietary Needs

The company ensures that the Golo Diet can be customized to meet the users’ particular dietary preferences and needs.

The release supplement of the Golo Diet is gluten and all significant allergens-free. But users can consult the doctor before taking it or any supplement if they are using any medication or going through any medical condition.

Provides Nutrient-Dense Whole Foods

The Golo Diet suggests whole foods and nutrient-dense options, such as whole grains and leafy green vegetables, which are appropriate for any balanced diet.

Encourages Exercise

Exercise is an integral part of the weight-loss journey, so the Golo Diet understands this fact and motivates the followers and users to exercise regularly.

The practitioners of the Golo Diet are directed to join 15 minutes of exercise in one day or 105 minutes weekly. A high-intensity workout is a preferred exercise.

May Lead to Weight Loss

Many users successfully lose weight while using the Golo Diet weight loss as it combines high-intensity exercise and simple caloric restriction.

Consumers who use 1,300 to 1,800 calories and reduce some extra calories daily will most likely create the calorie shortage needed for weight loss.

Cons Of the Golo Diet

The Golo Diet is based on safe and proven strategies, yet only a few factors justify this supplement’s effectiveness.

Not Clearly Backed by Science

When studies are published in journals, the researchers generally follow specific guidelines to elaborate that they have applied well-designed and unbiased evidence to get their results.

The research that supports Golo’s effectiveness doesn’t suggest those rigorous strategies.

Unfounded Health Claims

The Golo website constitutes a statement needed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that demonstrates that “Golo doesn’t diagnose, cure or treat any disease; moreover, it is not evaluated by the FDA.”

This statement upsets various consumers who also find information on an about page about healing metabolic dysfunction and how the system can repair your metabolism, manage insulin, and balance hormones.

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Supplement Required

Many of the individual ingredients in the Golo proprietary supplement have been studied, and some show promise for people trying to lose weight. But more evidence is needed before any elements become standard care for obesity or metabolic disorders.

Is the Golo Diet a Healthy Choice for You?

The Department of Agriculture (USDA) suggests that consumers fill their plates with a mix of grains, protein, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products for almost every meal.

Although the Golo Diet recommends eating one or two fuel groups, it also aligns with another approach saying to use the food from almost every fuel group. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an American male consumes 2,475 calories daily, while a woman consumes 1,833 calories.

It indicates that a typical woman might minimize calories by 500 calories per day while a man on the Golo Diet would reduce his intake by 700 calories per day. 

One more thing to notice – the diet’s food plan is not as simple as the user considers at first glance.

Users will be appreciated if they determine their eating plans depending on the “metabolic fuel matrix.” It also covers personal metabolic rates, regular physical activity, and the “fuel values” of particular foods.

Our Summary

Golo Diet is an effective and safe diet with numerous beneficial ingredients; moreover, it doesn’t bring any risk to consumers.

Still, no evidence proves that the GOLO diet is more advantageous for weight loss than other diets.

So, before taking any diet, a consumer should consult with a nutritionist and physician, and in the same case, the Golo Diet.

A consumer needs to overview current health and goals and then find the physician recommendations on Golo Diet before starting.

If it fits your long-term and short-term weight loss goals, investing in it is not a bad deal, but a pregnant and nursing woman shouldn’t take it at that particular time.