What is Your Review on Cool Turtle Mask Insert? Is It a Scam?

The world is dealing with dust particles, viruses, and their mutants, and it seems like there is no end to it. So, to protect you and others, experts keep stressing about wearing masks.

But the problem with them is that the regular masks hardly let you breathe properly. That’s not it. These masks also do not let you have a chat with another person smoothly and always cause skin rashes.

These problems can be solved if you get a little more space between the mask and your nose without compromising the protection quality. Cool Turtle claims to do all of this and also to improve your life’s quality. But Is that the case or is it a scam? You will find out here as I have done a Review on the Cool Turtle Mask Insert in detail.

So, if you really want to know about it, stay till the end.

Review On Cool Turtle Mask Inserter: Is The Mask Enhancer a Scam?

The Cool Turtle Mask is not a scam because of the benefits it offers to its users. It is designed keeping in mind the complications faced by the people wearing a regular mask and the shortcomings of the mask available on the market.

The biggest shortcoming of the mask available is that people find it really hard to breathe in the regular mask. Well, bid goodbye to this problem as this mask enhancer will create space between your nose and the mask. Thus, there won’t be any breathing problems. 

That is why people are happy about this product and have been using it to spend the day comfortably.

So, yes, Cool Turtle Mask Inserter is Legit.

Still hesitant about it? Then read the next part about why it is best for you.

Why Is Cool Turtle Mask Inserter Best For You?

You must have to learn about a product’s benefits to fully understand why it is worth buying.

Below are the reasons why Cool Turtle is one of the best products you can buy:

Top-Notch Design

The first thing people notice about anything is its design.

Cool Turtle has a flexible structure that fits right from the tip of the nose to just above the chin. Its structure is like a turtle shell, hence its name.

But That’s not it.

PPC (Polypropylene Carbonate) is used in manufacturing and is known as an eco-friendly substance. So, the environment is not harmed at all by this product. Instead, you save yourself from a lot of irritation and frustration.

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The mask inserter has the following measurements:

  • 4.3 inches wide
  • 3.5 inches in height
  • 1.5 inch thick

Wondering whether it will flatten your face as your breath? Don’t worry; It won’t. Each of these things makes it easier to wear a Cool Turtle Mask all day without any worry.

Improves Air Crossing

When you attach a Cool Turtle to your non-medical mask, it becomes breathable.


Because it allows air pockets to roam freely within the enhancer, that makes breathing easy.

Reduces Mask Friction

Mask Friction is a source of concern for those who have sensitive skin as it can lead to skin rashes and acne. Luckily, Cool Turtle reduces the friction and allows air to pass through properly. This also reduces the humidity within the mask and makes you feel comfortable. The best part? No rash or acne appears on the face.

Great For You If You Wear Lipstick/ Balm/ Ointments

Regular face masks mess up the lipstick and any ointment you apply on the lips. Sick of this? Well, not anymore. Use Cool Turtle Mask Inserter to get rid of this problem.

When you insert it, it acts as a “guard” around your lips so that no smearing takes place. In fact, when you wear this mask inserter, nothing touches the lips, and whatever you apply on them will stay exactly the same.

Keeps The Regular Mask Clean

After applying makeup and lipstick, it feels like a big No-No to wear any regular mask. If you still put it on, then all the “cosmetics” you used will smear, and their patches will be visible on the regular mask. This will make it dirty, and you might even have to throw it in the garbage can.

If you wear a Cool Turtle Mask Inserter, you will not have to deal with these problems, and your regular mask will stay clean. Impressive, right?

Does Not Affect Protection From Virus

Some people are wary of the inserter masks because they think they will impact the mask’s ability to guard against viruses and dust. That’s not the case. Cool Turtle Mask Inserter does not impact the performance of the regular mask in any way.

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Perfect For Asthmatics

Asthmatic people already face breathing difficulty, and regular tight masks are making things worse for them. But the great news is that they can breathe without a problem if they wear Cool Turtles.

The space it creates and the air pockets in it make it easier for people with Asthma to continue breathing.

You Can Have a “Comfortable” Conversation

In a regular mask, having a conversation with any person feels stupid. You don’t understand half the things the other person is saying to you, and they are also experiencing the same. It is because the regular masks are tight, and do not let words come out of your mouth properly.

Since a Cool Turtle makes space, you can have a conversation smoothly. There won’t be any “I am sorry, what?” in chatting anymore if you wear this mask.

It’s Green

The Manufacturer’s cunning idea of making the Cool Turtle Mask green has made your people’s lives easier. How?

Well, because the green color is easier to spot. Imagine you have to go somewhere urgently and you can’t find your mask in your drawer or the “messy pile” you make when feeling lazy and then not cleaning it up.

Even if that’s the situation, Cool Turtle will be easy to spot, and you will be good to go.

It’s For Everyone

Gender has nothing to do with this mask. Anyone can wear it and have a comfortable day. So, you should try this mask at least once and see for yourself whether it is worth it for you or not.

How To Use Cool Turtle Mask?

To experience all of the good things described above, it is crucial to wear the mask inserter properly. But don’t think it will be a complicated procedure that will take lots of time.

It is super easy to add Cool Turtle to the mask you are already wearing.

  1. First, wear a regular mask as you do.
  2. Next, slide the Cool Turtle Mask right under the regular mask and adjust it from the nose to the mouth.
  3. When done with your outdoor activities and come home, the first thing people do is remove the mask. Well, you should do it carefully when you have inserted the Cool Turtle. Just grab the edge first and then slowly slide it. After that, remove the other mask you were wearing. The reason why you should remove the Turtle mask first is that it will not have any support if you remove the outer mask first. So, the chances of it falling will be high, and its structure might be affected too.
  4. Lastly, you should wash the Cool Turtle Mask with soap every time you wear it.
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Till now, Everything seems really good and easy with the Cool Turtle Mask Enhancer. So, it must be a completely good product with no issues, right?


Cool Turtle Mask is not 100% perfect as it has some problems with it.

Problems With Cool Turtle Mask Inserter

After knowing about the benefits of this mask, it is also crucial for you to know the complications attached to it. Let’s begin.

1.   Shipping Is Not Express

It might take up to three to six weeks for your Masks to reach your home. Yep. When you visit the official website’s FAQs section, it is clearly stated that it will take weeks to deliver your order. So, if you can wait a long time, you should order it. 

2.   It Isn’t Stable

The Cool Turtle Mask keeps on falling, which can cause frustration among the users. The reason for it not being stable is the unavailability of the proper clipping. So, prepare yourself mentally for this problem.

3.   Not Available In All Sizes

Another problem with Cool Turtle is that it is available in one size only. This will become a problem for those who have a big jawline or nose.

But if it fits, you should keep wearing it for a better quality of life as its benefits outweigh its problems.

Final Words

A Cool Turtle Mask is one of the best things you can buy during this “Mask Era.” The reason is that it can solve all the problems a regular mask brings. It can protect the skin, help you breathe smoothly, have an uninterrupted conversation with anyone, and do not smear lipstick or any ointment.

In addition to this, countless more benefits are attached when you use the Cool Turtle Mask enhancer. There are some complications, but the benefits outweigh them.

So, yes, it is definitely credible, and you should use it whenever you can.

That’s it from the Review on Cool Turtle Mask Insert.