Novimaxx WiFi Booster Review: Does it Actually Boost Internet Speed?

Novimaxx claims its product as the “world’s first WiFi boosting device that bypasses the internet providers’ speed throttling.” In the era when everything has turned digital, users are curious to know if Novimaxx actually boosts internet speed.

Here’s what you need to know:

It is not a WiFi booster but a WiFi repeater, costing way more than the original Chinese WiFi repeater. Its website mentions fake reviews copied from other fake websites while users are tricked into spending as much money on it as possible.

The following guide provides a detailed review of how Novimaxx WiFi booster is not a reliable device to invest in and how its website creators manipulate and scam users.

What Does Novimaxx Claim?


According to the manufacturers, Chris and Matthew, the reason for slow WiFi signals everywhere is because the “internet providers are deliberately slowing down your internet speed.” This is done to market their expensive internet packages more and provide better internet speeds to their high-paying clients.

In such a manipulating situation, Novimaxx is claimed to be the savior, “an ingenious device that could actually bypass the data cap.” In simple words, Novimaxx works in the following ways:

  • It blocks the data report to internet providers, preventing them from limiting your bandwidth.
  • It increases the speed and range of your existing WiFi signal.

The following are some of the features of Novimaxx WiFi Booster.

Easy Installation

The device is extremely easy to operate as far as installation is concerned. All users have to plug the product into any electrical outlet and enjoy an ultra-fast internet speed in just 60 seconds.

Can Bypass Dead Spots

According to Novimaxx, their product can even bypass dead spots in any space. Dead spots are surfaces that restrict the WiFi signals, making them weaker with each layer. Thus, Novimaxx can work in spaces with weaker internet connections or no internet strength.

Because their WiFi booster can strengthen the WiFi signals, bypassing any wall, steel, and multiple floors, users can cover their entire houses or office spaces with Novimaxx.

Large Wireless Coverage

Novimaxx doesn’t need a bunch of cables like other WiFi boosters. Its wireless technology can cover any space while the device needs nothing to connect to the WiFi router. Thus, no pre-installation equipment is required for the booster to install and work.

WLAN Security

Without any hindrance caused by dead spots, a fast WiFi connection means a greater risk of losing data. The creators of Novimaxx ensure their clients the safety of their product as it allows them to use a secure internet connection anytime, anywhere.

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Innovative Design

The NoviMaxx WiFi booster is compact, space-saving, and portable. It is claimed to be best suited for students, office workers, and travelers as it doesn’t need any cable to operate, nor is it heavy or large-sized.

The Truth: Does Novimaxx Actually Boost Internet Speed?

Indeed, the Novimaxx WiFi booster looks like the ultimate product you need to enjoy a fast internet connection. However, when it comes to if the Novimaxx WiFi booster actually works, the results are disappointing.

The following are a few of the many reasons why Novimaxx WiFi booster is a scam and should not be your top choice if you are concerned with a high internet speed.

Marketed as a WiFi Booster, But Actually is a WiFi Repeater/Extender

Throughout the Novimaxx website, the manufacturers have marketed their product as a WiFi booster. But the truth is that it is NOT a WiFi booster but a WiFi repeater.

A WiFi booster lengthens the reach of WiFi signals in any given space and thus, improves internet connection. On the other hand, a WiFi repeater also expands the range of WiFi signals, but unlike a WiFi booster, its working can be impacted by various factors.

These factors include the initial speed of the internet coming from the source, the distance between the repeater and the router, and the number of devices connected to the internet.

Novimaxx is claimed to be a WiFi boosting device, but on more profound research, the manufacturers deny the very claim they initially made.

On their website’s FAQ page, in answer to a question about how the product works, the creators have answered, “NoviMaxx WiFi Repeater Is a WiFi repeater, which means that it takes the WiFi signal from your router and extends it.”

Furthermore, it is important to note that WiFi booster, WiFi repeater, and WiFi extender are various terms interchangeably used by internet companies. Yet it doesn’t mean they are similar; instead, there are significant differences between how each works.

Nowhere on the official website is Novimaxx, referred to as a WiFi repeater. It is always marketed as a WiFi booster.

Thus, Novimaxx is not what it is claimed to be. It will not block the data report sent to your internet providers nor increase the WiFi speed or make it bypass dead spots. It is simply a WiFi repeater whose working can be impacted by many factors (as listed above).

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The Reality of Internet Speeds

Novimaxx is not a WiFi booster but a WiFi repeater, but do devices like that really work? Here’s the thing, signing up for an internet service means paying for a data plan that will transmit a data speed “up to” a given range.

It is because there are various factors always hindering the internet speed; these factors are both controllable and uncontrollable. For instance, you can reduce the number of devices connected to your router, but there is nothing you or your ISP can do about the physical obstructions or your location (the distance between your internet provider and router).

Thus, it is never a once-in-a-lifetime situation where you can just buy a device and get strong internet signals forever (as claimed by Novimaxx).

However, you can take some actionable steps like moving your router to a better location, adjusting your router’s antennas, or changing your WiFi frequency channel. Yet relying on a device while believing it will automatically create signals that bypass obstructions and give you faster internet bears no fruit.

Fake Product

Novimaxx doesn’t work as it is claimed to, which means it is a fake product. Surprisingly, such scams have been in the market since the start, and scammers just change the product’s name and market it on a new website.

This gives the impression that the device is recently created, making most innocent users fall into the trap of wasting their money on a useless product.

Similar to the scenario mentioned above, Novimaxx is also not a new product in the market. It is a copy of a Chinese WiFi repeater and has been sold under various names multiple times.

Here’s the evidence:

Note that these devices are just a few of the long list of products sold under different names. There is no difference in these devices; some don’t even have the official logo under which they are marketed.

All of this makes Novimaxx WiFi booster extremely suspicious, bringing the truth to the surface: it is a scam.

Fake Reviews

Of course, users are constantly tricked into these scams by showing great reviews. Novimaxx’s website also has these top-rated reviews from its clients who, by the way, never existed.

In reality, these reviews are fake and have been copied from other WiFi booster reviews. One can easily find the exact words written for another product by pasting the reviews mentioned on Novimaxx’s website in the Google search box.

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For instance, the five-star review given by Andrew on Novimaxx’s website is straightaway copied from a PHOR 4 WiFi Booster Review on another website. Even the customer’s name is almost the same, let alone the words.

Furthermore, another suspicion about Novimaxx comes into play when one tries to find how its clients would have posted their positive reviews on the website? Apparently, there is no way to comment on the website. Also, notice how all the reviews are five-rated, which is not reasonably possible.

Plus, there is no date mentioned when the comments were posted. There are no images of users, just the pictures of the Novimaxx WiFi booster, which are not enough to verify if the product is actually authentic.

All of this means the reviews are not original, and the product is marketed under fake reviews to scam people.

Manipulating Pricing Strategies

Lastly comes the price. It can be seen that the original Chinese WiFi Repeater just costs near $10-$11, while the fake Novimaxx WiFi Repeater is marketed at “$49.95 instead of $99.90 ”.

Users are also offered a 50% discount and a 10% off on top of that 50% discount in the name of the sale. But even after that, one single pack of Novimaxx WiFi repeater with 50% off + 10% off will cost $44.95 (not to forget the $9.95 shipping, making the total price to be $54.90).

Users are also tricked into buying “at least 3-4 WiFi Repeaters positioned around the far ends of your home to get the greatest benefit.” A three-year protection and replacement warranty is also marketed for only an additional $9.99.

It can be easily seen how scammers try to manipulate users into giving away all their money for a fake product. Why would you spend $140-$150 on something that costs no more than $10-$11?

The Bottom Line

In the modern era, the internet is full of scammers. It is essential to keep a close eye on everything and deeply research before investing your money into a product.

Like other fake products, Novimaxx is also marketed to gather as much attention and money as possible. It has been sold under various names on different websites, despite the visible doubts its claims carry.

It is not a WiFi booster and it doesn’t do anything it claims. It is just like other fake products on the market; everything about it is copied from other sources.