Restofinisher Reviews: Is It Good? 5 Best Alternative Include?

Wood furniture is all the hype in the boho interior design, but the problem is that wood wear and tear looks very visible in woody furniture. All you can do for that is send it in for a polish.

But, if you want to do it at home, many wood polishers are available online too. Restofinisher is a very famous wood polisher that makes very high claims regarding its performance. But is it legit?

Restofinisher is unreliable because it doesn’t have an ingredient list on the bottle. Also, it only has positive reviews on the Restofinisher site, and the legitimate sites have already declared this product a scam. But, there are better alternatives to Restofinisher like Pledge Restoring Oil or Guardsman Anytime Clean & Polish. Want to know more about this wood polish thingy? Then make sure to keep reading.

Does Restofinisher Actually Work?

No, Restofinisher doesn’t work, and people have claimed that it only does what any regular oil would do to your furniture. However, it claims to deeply penetrate into your wooden furniture and prevent it from fading its color.

It also promises to bring the original color and shine of your furniture back; however, its product itself doesn’t seem to back up these claims. It works just as well as any oily product, so it is better not to rely on something like this.

Also, the site has hundreds of positive reviews where people can’t stop gushing about how good this product is but, in reality, people who have spoken up on public platforms and who’ve actually tried this product declare it a total waste of money.

They think that it is not worth buying and is too expensive for what it is. So, it is better to invest in something that has some real reviews, and that actually works instead of just making false claims and then introducing a subpar product in the market.

Does Restofinisher have any Good Reviews?

Yes, Restofinisher has a lot of good reviews but only on its official site. If you scroll through the legit sites that review products, you’ll only find negative reviews about the product. The main reason why people don’t tend to rely on Restofinisher is that it is very gimmicky and doesn’t even look legit.

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We gave it a go and bought the Restofinisher online. It actually was a little expensive for a furniture polisher, but we still tried it. You’ll first notice that the consistency is very runny instead of a slight tinge of thickness so it can hold onto your furniture.

Also, I’ve been habitual of cleaning my furniture with different sorts of oils, and Restofinisher gave me a very similar result as Olive Oil does, is it a coincidence? Also, another problem was that it made my eyes itch.

Yes, Restofinisher made my eyes burn after using it for a while. So, oils or wood finishers don’t do this as long as they’re not toxic, which is what this product claims to be. The site also looked gimmicky to me, but I had to give it a try because of the hype.

I followed the proper procedure of wood polishing, and yet, the results were not really worth it. First, it takes a long time to dry out, and then it doesn’t even bring back the lost shine of the furniture. So, why even spend your money on a product that actually is good for nothing?

How to Know if Restofinisher is a Scam?

Restofinisher is a scam which is pretty evident by the reviews. However, if you still have some doubts in your mind, then we have a list of the things that actually prove how unreliable this product actually is, so let’s get right into it.

No Ingredient List

The Restofinisher doesn’t have an ingredient list, which is your biggest alarm. It doesn’t disclose its ingredients mainly because there aren’t many. Many people claim, and we’ve also experienced it, that the Restofinisher acts a lot like Olive oil. So, it might as well just be Olive oil poured into a bottle with a couple of additional ingredients.


The brand claims that the polisher is not toxic, but it actually is not just toxic but also highly flammable. The product could be highly irritating for some people as it could trigger eye sensitivity.

So, not just that the brand is selling something that doesn’t work, but they’re also selling it under the name of not being toxic when it clearly is very toxic.

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No Code

Every product being sold needs a UPC or at least a bar code scanner, but the bottle of Restofinisher contains neither of them. It comes with just the company’s name and a made-in-China logo. So much so that the bottle doesn’t even contain the manufacturer’s name, which is very gimmicky.

False Claim

The company claims to ship Restofinisher from the US on the website, but it comes all the way from China. Not that it makes any difference, but it just shows how the company is making such a false claim so openly, just to sell their subpar product.

Best Alternatives to Restofinisher?

Restofinisher is clearly not the best furniture polish, so we’re here with the best furniture polish of 2022. All of the polishes that we are listing above are highly reliable and free from all sorts of gimmicks. Let’s dive into it.

Pledge Restoring Oil Furniture Polish

The pledge polish is one of the finest for making your wooden furniture as good as new. It doesn’t leave any residue and makes your furniture smear-resistant. Also, the best thing about this polish is that it comes in the form of a spray, making the application easier than ever.

It can clean up crayon marks, fingerprints, and rings from your wooden furniture without any hassle. Though you need to be a little careful while spraying it, so you only spray the areas of your furniture, other than that, this polish is an absolute hit.


  • Resists all kinds of smear
  • Clears out crayon marks and water rings
  • Doesn’t leave any residue
  • Comes with a spray applicator

Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care

Scott’s woodcare cleans out everything on your wooden furniture within seconds. It is very hydrating and doesn’t dry out your old wood. In fact, it nourishes your antiques which most sprays fail to do.

The Scott’s spray doesn’t leave any residue behind it, and you don’t have to buff it a lot to get the perfect shine. It’s also smear-free and doesn’t result in any sort of buildup. Scott’s has a very oily formula and comes in a spray applicator.

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  • Cleans the furniture quickly
  • Doesn’t require a lot of buffing
  • No residue or buildup
  • Completely smear-free

Guardsman Clean & Polish for Wood Furniture

Guardsman wood polisher makes sure to keep the color of your furniture intact, and it also reduces any signs of discoloration. Most polishers leave a very greasy residue behind, but Guardsman clean and polish doesn’t leave any sort of residue, and it works as both a polisher and a cleanser.

It also works great at water and crayon marks. The polish also hides any scratch signs on your wood and provides UV protection, reducing the chances of discoloration. It also doesn’t contain silicone or wax, so there won’t be any streaks left behind.


  • Has a spray-on method
  • Dries really quick
  • Works as both polisher and cleanser
  • Cleans crayons and watermarks too

Weiman Furniture Wipes

Weiman wipes are the easiest option for you to make your furniture look as good as new. These wipes are highly convenient and protect your furniture against all sorts of smearing. You also get a glossy finish with these wipes.

The wipes can polish your furniture quickly and leave no smudge behind. Also, these Weiman wipes are scented with lemon, so they leave a pretty good aroma around the house. When it comes to UV protection, the Weiman wipes provide that too.


  • Clears out all marks and smudges
  • Provides UV protection
  • Convenient to use
  • Have a very glossy finish


So, Restofinisher indeed isn’t a good choice for you if you want to add a little pizzaz to your wooden furniture. But there are better alternatives to it. Make sure not to fall victim to the claims of Restofinisher because it really doesn’t work.

I have listed some of the best Restofinisher alternatives, so make sure to give them a go if you want to use a legitimate polisher for your furniture.

Also, these polishes are made explicitly for wooden furniture so that they won’t harm your furniture in any way. On the other hand, Restofinisher could be bad for your old wooden furniture as we don’t know its ingredient list.