Eco Tune Plug and Drive Review 2022

If you’ve never heard about fuel savers, you’re certainly missing out on a lot. One such fuel saver that’s particularly the talk of the town is Eco tune Plug and Drive. This saver is all the hype but does it actually work, and is it legit?

Eco tune Plug and Drive doesn’t work and is not worth your money mainly because it does nothing for your car fuel. It only has enough power to keep blinking, and that’s it. There is nothing inside this device that could reduce the consumption of fuel by your car. So, it definitely doesn’t work. And we’ve also got a detailed Eco tune Plug and Drive review, so keep reading.

Eco tune- Detailed Review

Eco tune has a lot of positive reviews online, but most of those reviews are paid. These reviews don’t say anything about the product’s credibility and use the same kind of words, so they could also be bots.

If you want to read the real reviews of people, you can read them on the internet, other than their own site. People clearly had a bad experience with Eco tune Plug and Drive, and some say that it’s nothing but an expensive flashlight.

So, according to the reviews, this device does nothing other than blinking, and it has nothing inside it that could save your fuel. All the claims made by the company are nothing more than a marketing strategy.

Eco tune has been in the market for quite a while now, and with its strong marketing, people buy the device. But most of them end up disappointed when it doesn’t save fuel. You will obviously need a much more advanced device if you want to save fuel because something like this would not help.

In addition, the online reviews about Eco tune Plug and Drive are quite harsh, to be exact. People think it is a waste of money, and considering the high cost of this device, you should definitely not buy it if you really want to save your money.

Does Eco tune Plug and Drive Work?

No, Eco tune Plug and Drive doesn’t work because it has no technology that could regulate your fuel consumption. The narrative that Eco tune is marketing about saving fuel is absolutely false and nothing more than a scam.

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The device doesn’t have any sort of drive for CAM and doesn’t even have any technology to build and maintain a connection with OBD. You would only be able to see a power unit to provide energy to the flashing light.

So, even though this flashing light might make you think that the unit is working, it actually is doing nothing more than a flashing light. And if you’re paying so much for just a small light on your car, then you need to do better.

Plus, the consumption of fuel is determined by the type of car you’re using, its size, weight, rolling resistance, tire size, and friction. So, you just can’t plug anything and wait for it to change these basic functions of your car completely. There really is no evidence that such small devices could do anything of this sort.

Also, for Eco tune to work, you would need to redesign your whole car. The unit claims to be suitable for all types of cars, which, again, isn’t possible because every car has different needs of fuel, and you can’t just apply the same formula to every car in existence. We hope that you realize that Eco tune is nothing more than a scam. But, let’s have a look at the claims this company has made throughout the years.

Claims by Eco tune Plug and Drive

Eco tune plug and drive has made many claims when it comes to fuel saving. So much so that people started believing that they’re missing out on a lot if they don’t own this device. So, let’s look into these claims one by one and find out what’s the truth.

55% Reduction

The company claims that there is a chip inside this device that reduces the fuel consumption by 55% for your car. But, people claim that they haven’t seen one such chip inside Eco tune, and there is no science or evidence behind the claim either.

Plus, initially, the device claims to reduce fuel consumption by 55%, but when people actually open it, Eco tune says that it only reduces the consumption by 15%, which definitely doesn’t sound like a lot and is not worth it at all.

Re-alignment of Molecular Structure

Eco tune also claims that its chip could be connected to the car, and it will immediately start re-aligning the molecular structure of fuel. It will help the fuel injectors not use a lot of fuel, and you’ll end up saving a lot.

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But in reality, the chip has no apparent mechanism by which it could re-align the molecules. In fact, the scientific claims that Eco tune makes are all bogus and nothing more than a marketing strategy to lure people in. This device is only made to make money, and there is no evidence that could back up all the claims made by Eco tune.

Worth Every Penny

Ecotone claims that their device is worth every penny, and you’ll end up saving hundreds of dollars on your fuel by using it. But trust us, this device doesn’t work, and you could know if you read a few unbiased and unpaid reviews on the internet that absolutely hated this device.

Even though Eco tune is easy to use and lightweight, it doesn’t do much other than having a flashlight that blinks for some reason. So, it doesn’t save you any money and is not worth your time, effort, and money because it’s not cheap and definitely a bad investment.

OBD Communication

The Eco tune unit is installed in the OBD 2 port inside your car to improve its fuel efficiency. It makes sure to connect with OBD and save you a lot of fuel by remapping your engine and analyzing the driving style.

But, the Eco tune unit itself doesn’t contain anything that could help with OBD 2 communication, and that could help it understand the fuel pressure and driving style. The base on which all other claims of Eco tune are based pretty much sounds a gimmick. And a lot of such devices already are on the market that are nothing but a scam, so make sure to be cautious.

Should I Buy an Eco tune Plug and Drive?

No, the Eco tune Plug and Drive costs a lot of money, and considering the fact that it does nothing for your fuel, you should definitely not buy it. This device is an absolute scam and nothing more than a gimmick, so you should not be investing your money in something like this.

Any scientific evidence does not back all the claims made by Eco tune, and people have tried this device on their cars, but their fuel consumption remains the same. So, it’s pretty much proven that these fuel-saving devices do nothing but increase your expenses.

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 Also, if you really want to buy an Eco tune, it is better to read the Eco tune Plug and Drive review of someone who has actually used it. And you’ll realize that this device is useless and only blinks from time to time, which also makes no sense.

Is Eco tune Plug and Drive a Scam?

Yes, the Eco tune unit is a scam because it makes false claims and charges a lot of money for doing practically nothing. You cannot regulate your car’s fuel consumption by using something of this sort, so yes, it’s a fully-fledged scam.

People have called out Eco tune on the internet several times, but some people continue to buy their devices only because of their heavy marketing. Eco tune promotes its devices like they’re very legit and work wonders for all kinds of cars.

The cherry on top is the paid reviews of Eco tune that all sound very similar and some people who just think the product is easy to use. But, if you actually look inside the product, you’ll find out that it has nothing that could regulate your fuel consumption, and it’s all a waste of money.

Moreover, Eco tune is selling this device at high rates even though it does absolutely nothing for your fuel regulation. So, you might be paying a lot for getting literally no results. Just make sure to beware of such scams and products that make high claims but have nothing to back them up.


Finding a good quality fuel saver might sound like a big deal because it could save you hundreds of dollars. However, most of the devices of this sort are nothing more than a scam, including Eco tune. You cannot rely on these devices because they don’t have any credibility.

If you read the Eco tune Plug and Drive review of someone who has used the unit, you’ll find out how unreliable it is and how any legitimate science doesn’t back it. So, it is better to use your money on something that actually works instead of something that only makes false claims.