10 Best Costa Sunglasses For Big Heads

You must know that only the right things look elegant on your face. There are a lot of people who love costa glasses but have trouble finding the perfect size for them.

Yes, you heard it right.

Glasses’ size also varies according to large or small heads. Only the exact extent of sunglasses can protect you from harmful radiation from the sun.

Are you searching for the right Costa Sunglasses for you? Don’t worry. Costa always cares about their customers.

Costa has introduced specific sunglasses for big-headed folk. You have to recognize the right shades for yourself.

This write-up will teach you about the best Costa glasses for big heads. So, spare a few minutes to read this writing. Here we go.

1. Costa Fisch

The most initial recommendation for big-headed peeps is Costa Fisch. When we talk about the Costa Fisch display, it’s astonishing. The black matte frame with the beautiful blue lenses brings the Costa Fisch to the sky.

Costa Fisch will cover your whole eyes with its tinted lens. The bio-resin nylon frame is another yes to choose the Costa Fisch for your trip. The best thing about Costa Fisch is you can wear it wherever you go.

The visit can be formal or informal, but Costa Fisch can be your best partner. Costa Fisch is fabricated with vented nose pads, which assist you in withstanding haze on your lenses.

You can also find your desired colored combo in the Costa stores.      

2. Costa Pilothouse

Costa Pilothouse is the most precious creation of Costa. The titanium metal of Costa Pilothouse makes it different from other sunglasses.

Costa Pilothouse provides you with wide polycarbonate lenses preventing destructive radiation.

Numerous people have varied face shapes, so they may face tough times while finding the perfect shades.

Nonetheless, if you choose Costa Pilothouse, you can adjust the nose pads according to your desires.

Yes, you heard it right. Costa Pilothouse comes with flexible and air-cushioned snout pads.

The most selling Costa Pilothouse is the blue & black combo. The light blue lenses and black metal frame will make your stare perfect.

There are also colored rubber bands on the pointers of temples that stimulate the glamor of these trendy shades.     

3. Costa Rincon

Costa Rincon is an excellent option if you’re searching for cool yet beneficial sunglasses.

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Costa Rincon has wide square lenses, which can be suitable for big-head folks. Most of you might be confused about the weight of Costa sunglasses.

But don’t worry. Costa Rincon comes in very lightweight yet vast molds. While purchasing your Costa Rincon, you should notice whether the glasses suit your face shape or not. It is a fact that rectangular shades hardly fit any face shape.

You can alter the frame size depending on your front silhouette. You will have to choose the best frame for you in a minimal range of frames.

Undoubtedly, Costa Rincon has outstanding shades to wear.

However, the two most popular frames in Costa Rincon come like the boom in the optical mart. These two wanted sunglasses are given below.

  • Laid-Black Style
  • Oh-So-Casual

It depends on you which Costa Rincon frame will win your heart. 

4. Costa Baffin

Costa Baffin is another creation for massive head folks. The innovation of Costa Baffin was appreciated because the fishing net was recycled to make Costa Baffin. The Costa Baffin sunglasses come with elegant green wide lenses, protecting your eyes from glints and specks.

Costa Baffin feels soft because of its recyclable froth snoot rugs. As the whole creation was decided to accomplish only by recyclable things, aluminum was also a choice.

Costa has recycled the aluminum to give detailed finishing in Costa Baffin.

Thousands of people have purchased the Costa Baffin due to its prosperous and sophisticated layout.

Costa Baffin has introduced a limited color range. The most popular Costa Baffin is the Gray and Green combo.     

5. Costa Apalach

When people wanted another creation in Costa for big-headed chirps, Costa Apalach was the innovation.

Costa Apalach appeared like a bang in the optical mart. Costa Apalach is made with blue lenses entrenched in the elegant gray frame.

You might not know that the lenses of Costa Apalach only come in 580G. The best thing that you’ll love about Costa Apalach is the Costa Logo.

You’ll see a Costa logo in a diamond contour on the rack of Costa Apalach.

This diamond shape logo makes every second person purchase the sunglasses in nanoseconds.

You’ll also get an adjustable core wire in your Costa Apalach. The Costa Apalach will wrap your eyes and under the eye area. This coverage will protect your eyes from glasses.   

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6. Costa Permit

Costa Permit is a cinematic invention of Costa sunglasses for big-headed people. It might seem small-sized, but you’ll find it a perfect fit after putting it on.

The color combination of Costa Permit is the initial reason that anyone could buy these shades.

You’ll get your Costa Permit with a duo of blue lenses and a matte sand frame. Most of you might be irritated by the local material of sunglasses.

However, the Costa Permit comes with a Nylon frame material that will be comfortable.

The best thing you can get from sunglasses is hydro lite temples, and Costa Permit possesses hydro lite synagogues for ease. Are you afraid of fogging up glasses? Take a breath.

Costa Permit is designed with vented nose pads, which induce sufficient airflow. So, if you’re searching for better sunglasses, let’s give them a try at Costa Permit. You’ll fall in fascination with these trendy colored shades.

7. Costa Fantail

Here comes another excellent option for you, the Costa Fantail. You’ll be amazed that Costa Fantail can provide you with dual functions.

The initial purpose of Costa Fantail is to protect your eyes from UV rays.

A big-headed person can quickly get complete eye coverage from these shades. The additional benefit of Costa Fantail is it can also be used underwater.

With Costa Fantail, your eyes will be protected with another layer of the pigmented lens.

You can pick sunglasses of your color preference. Now, whenever you crave jet skiing, grab your Costa fantail while putting on the nose pad, and you’re done.

You’ll be wholly protected from sharp waves of water and the harsh radiations of the sun.

The only deception that you might talk about Costa Fantail is that it is not available in large size.   

8. Costa Reefton

You must have seen that good sunglasses can be the best partner for fishing. If you’re big-headed and wearing small glasses, a little leak of light on your eyes can miss your prey.

But there’s no need to trouble yourself.

Costa has introduced excellent shades for you. The Costa Reefton comes with the following features.

  • Broad Lenses
  • Cam-action Spring Hinges
  • Hydrolite Nose & Temple Pads
  • Co-molded Temples

Don’t these features seem exciting? The extensive lenses cover the whole eye area. Most of you have faced a situation in which your sunglasses kept slipping. Nevertheless, here’s some good news.

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The modern frame of Costa Reefton will fit in your head adequately. Now you can do all of your outdoor work without any hassle.

You can only get a little color to choose from for your Costa Reefton. The impressive thing about Costa Reefton is it is only designed for persons with big heads. 

9. Costa Spearo XL

Costa has inaugurated the Costa Spearo in two basic versions. I.e

  • Costa Spearo
  • Costa Spearo XL

The Costa Spearo was discovered for the medium-faced folk, while the Costa Spearo XL is the invention for big-headed people. Costa Spearo XL also comes with wider lightweight lenses.

Most of you must be annoyed due to fogging up your sunglasses. Regardless, here’s a solution for you.

Grab your Costa Spearo XL, and you’ll never find your lenses wet due to its vented nose pads.

Due to its two versions, there’s a little color addition in Costa Spearo. You can choose your best match in the following given options.

  • Blue
  • Green 
  • Gray

You can also find variations in the gray color of Costa Spearo XL. If you forget your sunglasses whenever you go out, here’s the best remedy.

Costa Spearo XL offers a strap hole that can fit any strap. So, you can hang the Costa shades around your neck with the help of a belt.  

10. Costa Tuna Alley

Costa Tuna Alley is the last but not most diminutive partner for big-headed cheeps. It is said that the Costa Tuna Alley was honestly designed for nights.

Whenever you go to parties or any crowded place, the Costa Tuna Alley can protect your eyes from the flares and make the view more beautiful for you.

The colored lenses of Costa Tuna Alley will enhance the shadows so that you can see them more clearly. You can get Costa Tuna Alley in the following shades.

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Gray

Final Words

Hopefully, you’re relaxed to see the best choice for you in this writing. Now, you don’t have to roam in shops in search of a perfect match for you.

Just glimpse the article for a few seconds and choose your favorite sunglasses model. Visit the Costa store and grab your desired shades now.