Monos Vs. Samsonite: Which One Is Better?

No matter what the touring place is, luggage is your consistent partner. Baggage can vary according to your visiting site and motive.

Nowadays, various policies are introduced regarding baggage weight. If you’re an enthusiastic traveler, you need a high-capacity and good-quality bag to carry all your essentials.

Monos and Samsonite will be the most dominating when you dive in to explore the best luggage brand. You might be worried about choosing either Monos or Samsonite.

The bag’s brand choice also varies according to people’s choices. However, it is said that Monos is better than samsonite in styles, but samsonite has countless suitcase variations.

This write-up gives you a comprehensive guide on the characteristics and distinctions between Monos and Samsonite suitcases. So, without further bustle, let’s get straight into it.    

What Do You Know About Monos?

Monos is the newly rising luggage brand. If you’ve fond of traveling while carrying stylish bags, Monos is designed for you.

Monos offers all kinds of travel necessities. However, suitcases and bags are the most hyped products of Monos.

It is said that high-quality fabrics have been used to manufacture Monos luggage for their customer’s satisfaction.

Besides this, Monos luggage also delivers a few accessories with their bags.

These side products include

  • 2 Shoe Bags
  • Antimicrobial Laundry Bag
  • Vegan Leather Luggage Tag

Monos have introduced various kinds of bags. Here are a few excellent models of Monos luggage.

  • Monos Carry-On
  • Monos Check-In Medium
  • Monos Check-In Large
  • Monos Carry-On Plus
  • Monos Carry-On Pro
  • Monos Carry-On Pro Plus
  • Monos Hybrid Carry-On
  • Monos Hybrid Carry-On Plus

Hence, Monos have designed two limited editions with a sparkle in various colors and styles. You can purchase any of Monos’ luggage according to your needs. 

Features Of Monos Luggage

When purchasing suitable luggage, they must go through its features beforehand. The outstanding traits of Monos Suitcases are given below.

1) Shock Resistance

Shock resistance is the initial feature that attracts people to buy a Monos Bag. Wherever you go shopping for a suitcase, you must ask whether the bag is shock resistant or not.

Are you wondering what makes Monos luggage shock-resistant?

Let it be more clear to you. Monos luggage is manufactured with the most credible and expensive German Polycarbonate. The polycarbonate makes it resistant to impacts. 

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2) Silent Run Wheels

Are you fed up with the noisy wheels of your backpack? If yes, here’s fantastic news for you. Monos have offered silent run wheels for their customers.

Isn’t it amazing?

No matter where you’re sliding your luggage, the reels will give you a smooth and non-noisy experience. 

3) Adjustable Telescopic Handle

It has been noticed that many suitcases have fixed height handles that can trouble you. If you’re a short person and the handle of your bag is high, you will regret the whole journey.

Monos have smartly worked for your convenience by launching the adjustable telescopic handles. So, you can alter the handle according to your height and ease. 

4) TSA Combination Lock

Luggage locks are mandatory whether you’re going on a business trip or holiday. With Monos luggage, you’ll get the best YKK zippers (Known for their best quality). Each zipper will have a TSA lock to latch your bag.

This perfect combination of high-quality zipper and locks makes people purchase Monos luggage. 

5) Compression Straps

Most of you might be struggling with various bags on a single trip. What if you can carry all your necessities in a single piece of luggage? Yes, it is possible with Monos’ suitcase.

In Monos luggage, there are Y-shaped compression straps that compress all the stuff on one side and make another side spare for more stuff.

Cons of Monos Luggage

Besides windfalls, every product possesses some drawbacks too. So, here are the cons of Monos luggage.

  • Monos’ luggage is non-resistant to scratches.
  • Lightly pigmented luggage will be shabby instantly.
  • Monos introduced a minimal edition of backpacks.

Nevertheless, these shortcomings can be improved with time and a little more effort.

What Do You Know About Samsonite?

Samsonite has a vast history with travelers. Samsonite was introduced in 1910. With time, Samsonite kept on introducing modern yet more reliable products. Presently, you’ll notice a wide variety of travel products at Samsonite. Such as:

  • Handbags
  • Makeup Bags
  • Suitcases
  • Toiletry Bags
  • Backpacks

And many more. You can get your Samsonite backpack from the most significant online market _ Amazon, or by visiting any Samsonite store.

As people have been purchasing luggage from Samsonite for many years, samsonite has become one of the trustworthy brands.

Samsonite has launched hundreds of backpacks yet. However, the best suggestions among all the bags are given below.

  • Samsonite Solyte DLX
  • Samsonite Omni PC Range
  • Samsonite Andante Wheeled Duffel Bag
  • Samsonite Spinner Underseater

You can pick any bag of your choice from these inventions. The bags will range from low to high prices.

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Features Of Samsonite

The product reviews vary according to people’s choices. So, it’s better to go through all the features independently. Here are the most liked features of Samsonite.

1) Wide Range Of Luggage

Being a historical brand, Samsonite has inaugurated a wide range of luggage.

Whenever you visit the Samsonite store, you’ll see a flood of travel accessories and bags, including hundreds of varieties in a single niche.

It’s in human nature that people instantly get bored of the same thing. So, folks love to explore the different varieties of luggage in a solitary mart. 

2) Budget-Friendly

The best feature among all the brands is Samsonite, a budget-friendly brand. It doesn’t mean that you can find only cheap luggage on Samsonite.

You can discover all kinds of bags, including affordable and expensive ones.

So, if you want a bag for instant use, you can go for the cheap suitcase. Meanwhile, if you’re willing to spend a handsome amount, you’ll also get your suitable match in the same spot.

3) Customization

Nowadays, cute little additions can boost the product scale to the sky. Likewise, a tiny sparkle of customization blew up folks’ minds to get their Samsonite bags asap.

Yes, you heard it right. You can customize your name or any quote on the handle of your Samsonite luggage.

Undoubtedly, this feature makes your luggage the best of all plain-handled bags. Besides glamor, you can also recognize your bag in hundreds of luggage in no time.

4) Durability

Durability is the essential feature on which no one can compromise. Sound quality is a primary reason behind the prosperous years of Samsonite luggage.

Your Samsonite luggage will resist shocks and scratches depending on your purchased type.

You can buy polycarbonate or an aluminum pellet Samsonite bag to keep your stuff safe inside the luggage.

Cons Of Samsonite

Here are the few flaws of Samsonite luggage fetched from customers’ reviews.

  • Lack Of Features
  • Compromised Quality

These cons are making a few consumers disappointed.     

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What Are The Major Differences Between Monos & Samsonite?

You have explored all the features and drawbacks of both Monos and Samsonite Luggage.

Here comes the time to uncover the significant fact: Which is better? So, without squandering a single moment, let’s hop in.

1) Designs

If you want to purchase your luggage based on modern styles, Monos will be the recommended brand.

Monos luggage has up-to-date styling with elegant features. Meanwhile, Samsonite is following the old framework to design their bags.

When you place Monos and Samsonite suitcases together, Monos will be the most attractive one.

2) Affordable

Most of you might be unable to spend hundreds of dollars on a single bag. If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly bag, Samsonite will be the best option.

Samsonite has introduced a wide range of backpacks in a very affordable range.

Nevertheless, if you can’t afford Monos but are still willing to buy only Monos luggage, you can wait for the sales to purchase your desired product in the low range.  

3) Warranty

Monos and Samsonite both offer a warranty on their products. But here the question arose, is the contract worth it?

In the case of Monos, you’ll get a 100-day warranty only. Though in these 100 days, if your product got demolished or eradicated, the company will alter it if possible or give you a new one.

Meanwhile, Samsonite offers a warranty that varies from 3 to 10 years after the product purchase.

However, various people said it’s an indifferent method because the firm hardly claims their fault.

4) Excellence

When it comes to quality, Monos and Samsonite both offer the best material luggage. Yet, it has been noticed that in the affordable range of Samsonite, the probability has been lowered compared to the expensive ones.

So, you’ve to check the product’s quality while purchasing carefully.

Therefore, there will be nothing wrong if we say that Monos’ luggage is better in most circumstances.   

Final Words 

You’ve got all the crucial aspects of both Monos and Samsonite luggage. Now, you don’t have to rush to various shops to inspect the features of backpacks.

You have to spare a few moments to skim the article. And it’s time to purchase your desired suitcase from the brand that suits you.