Luvsome Cat Litter Review – Is It Worth Buying?

If you have a cat, you know how important it is to buy Top-quality Litter. Cats defecate on the litter box and then bury their poop and urine into it.

If the litter you buy is of inferior quality, your home will smell like cat urine until you throw it out completely. The foul smell will remain for a while, making breathing difficult for you, your roommates, or any guest that comes to your home.

So, I can’t stress enough about buying only the best cat litter. But whenever you search for top litters, you come across different brands. One brand that is now being discussed among every pet owner is the Luvsome.

But the problem is, there is no review available on the internet about it, which makes people hesitant to purchase it. I decided to write a Luvsome Cat Litter Review to clarify your confusion.

In this review, you will know if Luvsome cat litter is worth buying or not. So, stay till the end.

Luvsome Cat Litter Review- Should You Spend Money On It?

Luvsome is popular among pet owners for the delicious cat treats. There are different kinds of pet food manufactured under the Luvsome.

You can get both dry and wet food treats, which the pets (especially the cats) love.

But the product that is now being discussed the most is Luvsome Cat Litter.

The thing is- cats don’t accept any litter you buy. They are smart. Most of the time, they reject a poor-quality litter box and poop beside the box.

This causes real frustration as only you have to clean out. But the great news is that you don’t have to deal with this if you buy Luvsome Cat Litter.

Luvsome cat litter is indeed worth it. It has many features or characteristics that make it one of the best litters in the market. These features or characteristics relieve both cats and cat owners in so many ways.


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Why Is Luvsome Cat Litter The Best?

Luvsome Cat Litter is truly a great product to buy for your cat. The reason? Because of all the great things attached to it.

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These are:

It Traps Odor

The biggest benefit of the Luvsome Cat litter is that it effectively traps the odor. Most of the litter these days is that they don’t keep the smell of urine and feces.

This makes the home smelly, and sometimes, you find it difficult to even stay in your home. But this problem won’t arise if you buy Luvsome cat litter.

Absorb Urine

Luvsome cat litter is also a great choice because it absorbs the urine. The litter is made from Clay, which can absorb the liquid and turn it into soft clumps.

The cat urine will stay on top if you buy low-quality litter. This will make the environment smelly, and your cat won’t use the litter box either.

Perfect Quantity Of Dust

In the Luvsome Litter box, a perfect amount of dust is added. The dust plays a role in covering the feces successfully and also suppressing the odor.

Note that dust is not in the highest quantity. This is also great for the environment as higher quantities of dust can cause air pollution.

So, Luvsome Cat Litter is eco-friendly as well.

It Clumps Well

Cat owners prefer litter that clumps because it is easy to handle it. Luvsome Cat litter is clumpy, and the company advertises on the box that it is “Scoopable.”

As Natural Clay is the main material in the Luvsome, you can just scoop the litter covering the feces. Then, you can add more litter to the box, and the cat will use it again.

In comparison, Cheaper liters are not scoopable as they do not clump. You just have to throw out the whole litter and get a new one.

Offers Both Scented And Unscented Litters

The company manufactures both scented and unscented litters for cat owners to buy. It all depends on your choice. Scented ones have a great fragrance, so many owners prefer them.

Unscented ones are also in demand as some people don’t want their homes to smell like fragrant litter. Manufacturers make both of these litters; what you want is up to you.

Price Is Reasonable

Another reason Luvsome is now getting popular daily is that the price is reasonable considering how many benefits it provides. The price of one Luvsome litter is between 6 to 10 dollars depending on which one you are buying.

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On the other hand, many other cat litters cost more than 12$.

Available Throughout The Year

One problem with top-quality litter brands is that they are not always available. They get out of stock, and people have to wait or buy a new one from another brand (generally, they have no idea whether the new litter is good or not).

Contrarily, Luvsome cat litter is available throughout the year. No matter which time or season, you can get a new one from any nearby store or online from Kroger.

Made in the USA

One of the most credible proofs to ensure a product is legit is the “Made in USA” tag. Products manufactured in the USA are made with safe ingredients/materials, follow safe practices, and are not damaging to the ecosystem.

Americans are always wary of non-American products, especially Chinese ones, as they think they are not made by following the safest practices.

For their relief, Luvsome Cat litter is USA-made and is legit.

Note: You can only enjoy the benefits of Luvsome Cat Litter when you use it correctly.

Wondering how to use it?

Well, it is not complicated and not so different from other scoopable litters.

How To Use Luvsome Cat Litter?

On the box, there are instructions printed on it about how to use it. There are three basic steps:


First, clean the litter box thoroughly. It should not be dirty or contain any residues of the previous litter. Then, fill the litter box with Luvsome Cat litter.

Make sure you make a layer of 3-4 inches, not more than that. If you only want the best results, do not mix Luvsome with any other litter.


Wait for your cat to defecate or urinate on the litter and bury it. After that, just scoop the dirty clump and carefully dispose of it.

Add Again

Lastly, add some Luvsome litter again to maintain the layer. It should not be less than 3-4 inches, or else the cat won’t use the litter box. 

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Precautions Of Using Luvsome Cat Litter

One more reason to love Luvsome is that the company prints precautions on the box to let people know which things to avoid if they don’t face any troubles or complications.

The precautions you should follow while using Luvsome Cat litter are:

Wash Hands After Handling Litter

Whenever you add or scoop the litter, wash your hands. The materials used in the manufacturing will harm you if the residues stay on your hand and you later eat snacks without washing your hands.

Hand washing is specifically stressed when you dispose of the litter clumps because the cat feces have germs and parasites that can make you ill with infections.

Don’t Flush In Toilet

Manufacturers strongly suggest you don’t flush the litter in the toilet or a tank. Also, don’t throw it off in any outdoor gutter. It is done to protect the water quality of the town.

Pregnant, Breastfeeding, And Those With Weaker Immunity Should Stay Extra Cautious

Toxoplasmosis parasites in the cat feces can cause serious infections in those with weaker Immunity, pregnant with a child, or breastfeeding ladies.

That is why it is advised for them to wear gloves and masks when handling the litter.

Bottom Line

All-inclusive, getting high-quality litter is of supreme importance. If you somehow end up with an inferior one, your home will smell like cat urine and feces.

Whenever people search for the best cat litter, Luvsome cat name appears many times. However, there isn’t any review done on it. That’s why I wrote a comprehensive Luvsome Cat Litter review.

Luvsome Cat Litter is a legit and effective product that every cat owner should buy. It traps odor, absorbs urine, makes scoopable clumps, and comes in both scented and unscented varieties.

In addition to this, they are available throughout the year, so you are free from the worry of Luvsome going out of stock. Plus, the “Made in USA” stamp increases the legitimacy.

So, I suggest you go for this cat litter.

A Happy cat means a happy owner!