Regenix Reviews: Is It Legit?

Are you having extensive hair loss and don’t know what to do or which product to use?

You are not alone.

Millions of other people are suffering from the same thing. Generally, hair starts to fall when they get thin.

People search for and try different products to stop this, but they fail to stop hair fall 99% of the time.

The reason?

Ineffective Products! One of the hair loss prevention products the world is talking about is Regenix.

If you have hair loss, you must have heard or read about it somewhere because it has been one of the popular products for decades.

But many people have doubts in their minds about whether this hair-thickening product is legit or not.

If you are one of them, you will know about it when you read this well-researched article which also has some Regenix reviews by verified customers.

So, stay till the end.

Regenix Reviews: Is It Good?

Regenix has always been in the news or under the experts’ discussion because of the company’s claims.

The biggest claim is that the product can thicken the hair, eventually stopping the hair loss within weeks. That’s why people often hesitate whether to trust its products or not.

Well, Regenix is definitely legit, and the products really do work. The company has been treating hair thinning for over three decades now. It is indeed a long time, that fake brands can’t sustain.

But there are many other reasons to believe in the credibility of the brand.

It Is Custom Formulated

The best thing about the Regenix is that it is custom formulated. The company understands that not every person has the same “hair thinning” problem. There are a lot of factors involved which should be considered before deciding on the treatment.

Therefore, Regenix asks you to mail the hair sample. Experts analyze your hair and then custom formulates the treatment for you.

Also, the hair specialist will make a report of your condition and send it to you so that you can also know about your situation.


The biggest reason to believe the credibility of any product is to know what kind of ingredients it is made up of.

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Regenix products are not made from any drugs or chemicals that have side effects. The company adds natural and biopharmaceutical ingredients that are 100% safe.

On top of this, Regenix has stated on the official website that these ingredients are derived naturally by following the safest internationally recognized practices.

The main ingredients are chamomile, tea tree oil, and lots of other nutrient-rich products.

It Is Quick

The manufacturer claims that you will need only six months to see positive results. When we talk about other treatments’ spans, then we can know that six months or 180 days is really a short period.

Some other hair falls treatments last over a year, while a few can go a lifetime too.

Endorsed by Credible Institutes & People

Another reason to know the product’s legitimacy is to check who is endorsing it. When it comes to Regenix, the company has been trusted by many credible institutes and people.

Regenix has been discussed one:

  • The Zoe Report
  • People
  • The Hollywood Reporter
  • LaunchPad
  • Elle

In addition, Actor Mathew McConaughey has been promoting Regenix products for more than 20 years.

He says he uses these products and really sees their miraculous side. Bill Edwards, the CEO of Regenix, told the media that the actor has been using the products since 1999.

Mathew also said in “The Late Show” that the secret of stylish hair is Regenix.

So, if you are a fan of Mathew McConaughey, then you should also go for the Regenix products!

Decided to buy them? Great! Now, let’s see how to use them.

How To Use Regenix? The Complete Treatment

Using Regenix products is simple as everything is divided. The whole treatment process is in three stages.

Stage 1: Cleansing

In stage one, you take a “Regenix Starter Pack” that has enough medications for 30 days. This starter pack is the first step in your fight against hair fall due to hair thinning.

In the starter pack, there will be:

  • 12 vials
  • A Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Deep follicle cleanser
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The starter pack will cleanse your follicle. This is super important if you want stage 2 to succeed.

Any kind of dirt in the follicles will stop the shampoo, conditioner, and other products from reaching the “roots” of the hair. The products must reach their as this will make the hair stronger.

In addition, Regenix claims that the starter kit can also remove dead skin, improve circulation, and lead to a better scalp condition.

Stage 2: Progress Check

After taking the starter pack, you send your hair sample via mail to Regenix. The lab is located in LA.

When you order the starter pack, Regenix also sends the complete information about how to send the sample and where you should mail it.

The hair specialist will analyze your situation and give you a three-month supply to prevent hair loss.

Usually, it does not take more than three business days to complete the tests on your sample and give you feedback.

Stage 3: Hair Thickening

After taking the three-month supply, you again send the hair sample to Regenix. The hair specialist will analyze your progress.

After checking, the hair specialist will decide whether you should enter stage 3 or not. In stage 3, you will be given some more customized products rich in nutrients to strengthen the hair.

If you stay consistent throughout the process, your hair will be stronger after six months. Sometimes, it can even take eight months if your situation is bad.

However, if you don’t use the products at the time suggested by the specialist, then don’t expect the hair to thicken magically.

Where To Buy Regenix?

You can get Regenix products only from the official website ( If you see any other shop or website selling them, then chances are the Regenix products they have are either fake or really more expensive than you can get from the official website.

Right now, Regenix has reduced the Starter Pack price from 249$ to 199$. Currently, I don’t have the information on how long Regenix plans to continue with this price.

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If you go to the official website and see a price on 199$, then immediately buy it.

Can a Bald Person Use Regenix?

No, bald people should not use Regenix products as they will be of no use. Regenix is only effective against the thinning of hair. It is not a cure for baldness.

People are also hesitant about Regenix because it is not FDA-approved. But does this mean you should not use it?

Well, for this to know, let’s read what the customers are saying about this product.

Regenix Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are super helpful in deciding whether you should buy the product or not. If people are talking positively about it, it means the product works.

When you read about Regenix reviews, then it is clear that people are satisfied with it.

Let’s see some of them.

Linda Becker commented that she and her family use Regenix products. They all were having hair fall due to thinning of hair, but luckily, they started using Regenix, and now they all are extremely happy with the results.

Warmack said that Regenix products had turned the hair fall situation around. This has reduced stress and made life happy!

Marlene Gibson commented that Regenix products feel like you are in a Spa. These products smell great and are really effective.

Moniqua said that she started having hair loss after menopause. But after using Regenix products, everything became normal, and her hair got better than ever.

Final Words

All-inclusive people dealing with hair fall due to hair thinning often complain about not finding effective products. In search of them, they get to know about Regenix.

There has always been hesitant about the company, and there really are not any worthy reviews on it.

So, I decided to write a review on Regenix.

Yes, Regenix products really work, and they can prevent hair fall by acting on the “roots” and making the hair thick and strong.

Dozens of positive Regenix reviews by verified customers also back this statement.

So, if you also want your hair to grow thicker and stronger, then go for Regenix!