Crisan Hair Oil Review: Is It Good?

Hair fall can ruin your life! Yes, you heard it right. No matter how happy or content you are, hair fall could spoil your mood in seconds.

And don’t even get us started on the receding hairline because that could be traumatic for some people.

 In this situation, Crisan came up with a hair oil that claimed to be the holy grail for all your hair problems.

But is it legit?

Yes, Crisan hair oil actually works and is highly rated across different platforms. It has high-quality ingredients that help with getting rid of scalp issues and hair fall. The oil is sulfate-free and is safe for all hair types.

So, wanna know my experience of using Crisan oil? Keep reading!

Does Crison Hair Oil Actually Work? – Is It Good?

Yes, Crison hair oil is legit and delivers the results it promises. Your hair becomes a lot softer and smoother after using this oil. When I first used it, I didn’t see immediate results because that’s not the case with oils.

You have to use them for a couple of weeks to see whether they’re working.

So, I kept using the Crisan oil for two to three weeks and realized how hydrated it made my hair. The moisture was retained better, and my hair wasn’t lifeless and dry anymore.

It doesn’t completely transform your hair because that would be almost impossible for just a standalone oil to do.

But, it does improve the condition of your hair by hydrating them and providing necessary nutrients to them.

It is a very convenient oil, and I sometimes use it in a hurry when I am about to go out.

So, you don’t have to be prepared and sit in one place to use this oil. This oil worked perfectly for me, and I have pretty damaged hair.

My biggest concern with commercial hair oils is that they usually have sulfates or parabens, and I can’t use them for my color, but Crisan has proven to be a holy grail in that regard too.

It doesn’t make my colored hair rougher and instead helps a lot with softening and hydrating them.

Does Crisan Oil Work for Dandruff?

Yes, Crisan oil works for dandruff and its effects. It reduces the redness of the scalp and constant itching caused by dandruff.

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I personally don’t have dandruff, so I can’t vouch for that, but people on the internet swear by this oil and that it reduces their dandruff by leaps and bounds.

Dandruff often results in a dry and flaky scalp but what Crison does is that it completely nourishes and hydrates the flaky scalp to make sure that the flakes aren’t obvious.

Dandruff could be a little embarrassing when you’re wearing darker colors, so Crisan promises to help you eliminate that dandruff.

In addition, people testify that their redness and itchiness were reduced after using this oil for a couple of weeks.

Just ensure you aren’t expecting the results in a day or two. You would have to wait at least a few weeks and let the oil work on your scalp.

Does Crisan Work for Hair Fall?

Yes, Crisan reduces hair fall substantially and strengthens the hair locks. It cannot miraculously stop all your hair from falling, but it does make sure that you don’t lose more hair than what is normal.

Also, for a stand-alone oil, it is a leap to claim that it completely eradicates your hair thinning.

But yes, I noticed that it reduced my hair fall, so I can vouch for that; however, it didn’t completely stop the hair from falling for apparent reasons.

Also, if your hair fall is for genetic or medical reasons, then Crisan won’t do much for you.

But, if your hair needs some nutrients to get strengthened, then this oil can actually work wonders. So, it shouldn’t be expected from Crisan oil to fix your genetic baldness or hair fall.

The oil claims to strengthen the hair, and I experienced it after using the oil for a few weeks; the hair on my comb was substantially fewer.

So, yeah, it works for hair fall and reduces hair thinning but only to a certain extent, and you should really not expect Crisan to be equivalent to any medical procedure for your hair fall.

Is Crisan Hair Oil Safe to Use?

Yes, Crisan Hair Oil is safe because its ingredients are very mild. It doesn’t have harsh or damaging ingredients, and hence, it is completely safe to use the oil for your hair. Let’s find out how Crisan hair oil is safe:

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Gluten is a great binding agent for most hair and skin products. Also, most hair oils add gluten as it helps with thickening the hair strands. However, a whole lot of people are also allergic to anything that has gluten in it.

So, Crisan hair oil is gluten-free, and even people who are intolerant to gluten could easily use it. It makes the hair oil a lot safer for everyone.

And even those who aren’t allergic to gluten should know that if we apply gluten topically, it doesn’t do much.


Crisan oil is sulfate-free, which means it is completely safe for people who have damaged or color-treated hair. I’ve gone through the hassle of finding a sulfate-free oil, and I know how big of a struggle it is.

Being sulfate-free means anyone and everyone could use this oil without worrying as it isn’t going to harm their hair by any means.

Also, just make sure you pair this oil with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to get the most out of it.


Crisan oil is vegan, which means all its ingredients are plant-based. It also is cruel-free, and the brand takes pride in being an animal-friendly brand. So, if you’re vegan and don’t support animal cruelty at all, then Crisan oil would be just right for you.

Most oils that I’ve come across use some sort of animal-derived ingredients. So, it is harder to find a vegan and cruelty-free option in the market. I would totally buy this oil again just because it is organic and cruelty-free.


Parabens are also not good news for your hair. They could damage the hair, yet some brands continue adding them to their products. But, Crisan oil is free from parabens. So, it doesn’t harm your hair at all.

You can apply it any time of the day, and you’ll get the best results. Also, if you want, you can massage your hair with Crisan oil regularly, and because all its ingredients are organic, you don’t have to worry about hair damage.

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Disadvantages of Crisan Oil

Crisan oil is great and all, but there certainly are some drawbacks that prove that this oil isn’t perfect either. So, let’s get into it.

Coconut Oil

It contains a massive concentration of coconut oil, and many people are allergic to it. Some have even had an allergic reaction to the oil only because it contains coconut oil. I luckily am not allergic to it, so I didn’t experience any allergic reaction.

But, there are people who were not happy with the addition of coconut in the hair oil. So, could be a drawback for those who actually are allergic to coconut oil.


Another con of this hair oil is that it is very expensive. A bottle of this oil costs more than $60, so people find it a little too much for just hair oil. Some luxury hair care products are cheaper than this, so the price of this oil is a huge turn-off.

If I would decide not to repurchase this oil, it would be because of how expensive it is for what it offers.

Not that it’s entirely bad, but you could get a luxury shampoo at a cheaper price than this for sure.

Allergic Reaction

The oil has claimed to be completely free from all sorts of toxins, yet some people have had severe allergic reactions to it.

Even those who were not allergic to coconut had a scalp allergy, and their dandruff started acting up.


Lastly, you’ll see hundreds of good reviews for Crisan oil across different platforms, and it is because the oil actually works.

Some people did have some sort of reaction to the oil, but that might be because of a sensitive scalp.

For what it’s worth, the oil is pretty expensive, but it does work. So, if you don’t mind the price, you should definitely give it a go.

Most people on the internet assume that this oil is a scam for making such big claims. But, it simply is an oil with good ingredients that actually work. You should know that it doesn’t do something miraculous, but it definitely works.