Is SoapCover Bar Shampoo Legit Anti-grey Soap? What is your Review?


Are you looking for a way to restore your natural hair color? Then you must have come across the SoapCover Anti Gray Soap Bars. If you’re wondering whether this soap works or not, read more and find out.

What is SoapCover Bar Shampoo?

The SoapCover bar shampoo claims to restore natural hair color and prevent gray hair after three washes. The brand’s official website reveals that this soap bar is free from toxins and chemicals like hair dyes, SLS, parabens, phosphate, and sulfur. Such chemicals can cause severe hair damage, so this is one of the advantages of this bar shampoo. 

How does it work?

SoapCover bar shampoo revitalizes the pigment cells by increasing blood flow to the scalp. In this way, it detects and gets rid of gray-colored hair in three washes.

This bar shampoo has an exclusive cold-pressed formula, and as a result, you are left with smooth hair texture and natural-colored hair with a subtle look.

How to Use SoapCover Bar Shampoo?

This bar shampoo comes with really simple directions for usage. While showering, simply apply the soap to wet hair and apply mild pressure till it starts to foam up.

Rinse the soap with clean water and try to use the soap as many times as possible. According to the SoapCover brand, you can see visible results after three washes.

Important Features

A bar shampoo that gets rid of gray hair is undoubtedly a unique product. However, to test whether the product is effective or not is a whole other question. Here are some special features of the product that may convince you to try it out at least once.

Organic formula

The brand SoapCover manufactures this bar shampoo using organic ingredients. In the past few decades, a significant percentage of people have started investing money in organic products, such as dietary products, toiletries, and others.

So, if someone is looking for a shampoo with 100% organic formula they can opt for SoapCover’s anti-gray hair bar shampoo.  

Here are some significant ingredients of the soap:

  • Citric Acid
  • Cocoa Seed Butter
  • Butylene Glycol
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • English Walnut Leaf Extract
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract
  • Caramelia Root Extract

Effects blood circulation

Organic ingredients in the bar shampoo replenish the hair pigment cells and affect the blood circulation rate in a positive way. This change in blood flow encourages healthy hair growth and reduction in the presence of gray hair. 

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Safe option

Millennials nowadays have started to make morally conscious decisions for the sake of the environment. Since this soap is made of natural and pure ingredients, it poses no threat to the environment.

Yes, the SoapCover gray hair removal bar shampoo is entirely eco-friendly. So, if you are one of those people who want to ensure greener earth, then you should invest in such a product.

Natural look

Hair dyes cause substantial damage to your hair. This soap is free from dyes, parabens, and pigments. The soap’s natural ingredients replenish healthy hair texture and gradually eliminate gray hair. Regular usage doesn’t only revert gray hair into its natural color but also gives it a subtle look. 

Perfect for daily use

Many shampoos contain sulfates and parabens, so one cannot use them frequently. Regular usage of sulfate shampoos can result in a dry scalp, damaged hair texture, and in worst-case scenarios, hair fall.

On the other hand, SoapCover gray coverage bar shampoo contains nothing but organic ingredients that have a fast effect on hair. Its organic formula is ideal for everyday use. Moreover, it comes in a round shape, so it easily fits into your palm during your shower routines.


This bar shampoo is suitable for the hair on your head and your beard. With its fast-acting formula, you would find yourself looking young and fresh as the bar shampoo eliminates gray hair in no time. 

One-year money-back guarantee

SoapCover’s warehouse is somewhere in Miami, but the brand provides worldwide shipping. Customers won’t have to pay for shipping if the total order exceeds 60 dollars.

Another fantastic feature is their one-year money-back guarantee. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the product and returns the product within 365 days, they receive a full refund.  


Customer reviews can make or break a brand’s reputation. If the reviews are positive, they help attract more consumers.

Overall website review

The website is professionally developed and designed. The brand provides 24/7 customer support services, and the phone number is given for customer support and assistance. The website is new, so it features no reviews, and this makes potential consumers feel iffy about investing in the product.

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There is no other way to contact the brand besides the provided phone number. Following are some factors that make customers doubtful:

  • The absence of their email id
  • No address of the warehouse
  • No presence on social media platforms 

Lack of reviews

If the reviews are negative, it can bury a product and the brand’s name altogether. In contrast, if a brand’s website has no reviews, we become suspicious because it represents that they haven’t been able to generate many sales or the brand has deleted negative reviews off their official website.

SoapCover’s website features no reviews or testimonials from its consumer family. Hence, we have no insight into what the consumers feel about this product.

Lack of information

Professionally developed websites have terms of services mentioned on their page. This section lets consumers know when the package will be delivered, details related to payment methods, and how to contact customer care representatives if you have to want to exchange or return a parcel.

Similarly, the official website claims that this product is available over Amazon as well. However, that is not true. Besides, they said that infamous magazines like Men’s Health Grooming and Glamour mentioned this product and its effectiveness. Critics claim that no such feature has been found in both organizations.

Negative reviews

If you look for SoapCover’s Bar Shampoo product reviews over the internet, the product or its website might never convince you to give it a chance. The internet is filled with negative reviews for this product.

Buyers claim that this product smells good; however, it doesn’t help or affect the gray hair problems. Even though it works great as a shampoo, it doesn’t fulfill its actual purpose. 

A few purchasers claim that they have used the whole bar and witnessed no changes in their hair color. This factor alone has brought the trust index down to 2.2 percent. Consequently, it dragged the rankings lower.

Why are anti-gray shampoos harmful?

Everyone wants healthy and shiny hair. It affects your overall look, and perfectly styled hair can make you more confident. If you pay extra attention to the health and style of your hair, you must worry about your hair turning grey as you age.

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Although this is inevitable, there are some measures that you can take which will make your natural hair color last longer.  

Most commonly, people choose to try out anti-gray hair shampoos. However, there are some valid reasons why you should avoid such shampoos.

The most important reason is their chemical-ridden formula. If you’re looking into such shampoos, make sure that they are free from the following ingredients:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Sodium
  • Lauryl Sulfoacetate Sodium
  • Ammonium Laurel Sulfate (ALS)
  • Laureth Sulfate Sodium
  • Lauroyl Isethionate
  • Sodium Lauroyl Taurate

All these ingredients fall under the category of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). This ingredient produces a lot of lather and helps get rid of dirt from the hair.

At the same time, it is harmful as it can leave your scalp extra dry and your hair with a rough texture. Regular usage of such anti-gray shampoos can create severe problems like baldness and an itchy and dry scalp.

How to prevent gray hair?

The best way to prevent gray hair is to find an SLS-free shampoo. If you cannot find such shampoo, at least reduce the usage. Moreover, while you shower, ensure that you properly rinse out the formula. Organic products may not turn gray hair back into natural hair color, but they can surely reduce the speed of greying.

Hair greying is not only common for adults but is now noticed in teenagers as well. Premature greying may or may not have anything to do with the hair products you are using. Greying of hair can be a result of hereditary genes as well. Some families tend to experience premature greying more than others.


Many anti-gray hair products have recently surfaced on digital shopping platforms. These products make claims that are too good to be true. Scamming is quite the trend these days. Based on the reviews, most people wouldn’t want to experiment with their hair. Moreover, the claims the brand made aren’t backed up by any results.

On the other hand, if the positive features of the bar shampoo tend to impress you, you can surely give the Soap Cover Bar Shampoo a try. If it doesn’t show results in 3 weeks, you can discontinue its usage.