Are Kroger Flowers Good? Here Are Some Detail You Need to Know

Indeed, Kroger is one of America’s most renowned chains, and chances are you have often stopped there to shop, perhaps for a bottle of wine and chocolates, groceries for home, or even clothing or makeup. Still, there are quite a few surprises about some of America’s most popular retail chains and what they sell the most

The secret to Kroger is that it has its own floral department and sells more flowers annually than anything else. But the real question is, “Are Kroger Flowers good?” Kroger’s flowers aren’t only good; they’re incredible. So, anyone looking for flowers at a reasonable price can head over to Kroger and get their hands on great-looking flowers. 

About Kroger Flowers

Despite its long history, Kroger has undergone numerous changes since its founding. It has grown to be a reputable household name. Still, despite its fame, the majority of Kroger’s customers will be startled to know a few things about the store, such as the fact that it sells more flowers than any other item on an annual basis.

Given its scope, Kroger has even been deemed the world’s largest florist (via Moneywise). With roughly 2,700 locations scattered across the country, an average Kroger supermarket sells around $225,000 in flowers yearly, escalating at a rate of 5.6% yearly.

Despite the sales figures not being openly available, it can be assumed that the retailer is doing comparatively better than that, given they are ranked the leading florist in the country.

Besides saving a significant amount of money on groceries, Kroger also gives its shoppers an incredible opportunity to save money on its beautiful flower collection that is ideal for any occasion. 

Are Kroger’s Flowers Good?

Of course, one of the most sought-after questions that come to mind while purchasing something as exquisite and breathtaking as flowers is, “Are Kroger flowers good?” or “Should you just stick to spending a bit of extra money at your nearest florist’s for the perfect floral arrangement?”

You will be surprised to know that Kroger’s flowers are more than just good. In fact, Kroger has some of the most amazing flowers. If you are looking for great-looking flowers at a fairly reasonable price, you will undoubtedly find something of your liking at Kroger. 

Whenever we head out to shop for something, we usually shop around to find something of good value at a reasonable price. Still, even when the price of something is on the lower side, we begin to doubt its credibility and value.

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For instance, finding a $50 item on sale for anywhere between $5-10 will start raising suspicions in our minds, making us question whether we are getting a good deal or not. With many products, it is usually preferable to opt for a renowned brand item rather than opting for something more inexpensive, and flowers are no different.

Numerous professional and A-grade florist shops can do an outstanding job arranging flowers for you. Still, if you are shopping in Kroger, their flower section is definitely worth checking out, and you can see an entire aisle of flowers available to shop from.

Hands down, Kroger’s flowers are incredibly affordable and good value for money. Flowers are more costly at a florist’s shop because we usually pay the florists for the time they take out to arrange the flowers, and almost always, the vase it comes in.

Moreover, florists often charge more as you can customize your bouquets and floral arrangements to your liking. However, Kroger allows you to get flowers at a cheaper rate and arrange them on your own in your preferred vase. 

Kroger Flower Prices

A small bouquet of one dozen miniature garden roses at Kroger is usually priced at $9.99. More giant bouquets comprise a combination of seasonal blooms like lilies, daisies, and carnations are also available at $9.99.

You can also custom-order Kroger flower arrangements for bride bouquets, centerpieces, etc. They offer discounted prices on bulk orders, where 200 red roses will cost you roughly $150. If you require Kroger flower arrangements and a vase, prices start at $29.99.

Kroger Flower Occasions

Kroger takes great pride in offering customers an impressive selection of floral arrangements for just about any occasion. Apart from romantic events and Valentine’s Day, you can purchase these flowers to celebrate an anniversary, the birth of a new baby, etc.

Each floral arrangement at Kroger is tailored to feature a distinct variety of flowers, and some of them come with a vase for long-term storage.

Is There Any Difference Between Kroger Flowers and Florists’ Flowers?

Kroger’s flowers are generally of good grade, super convenient, and hassle-free, especially if you are stuck for a last-minute present and have limited options. Still, is Kroger the best place to get your flowers from, especially if you are buying them for someone special?

Indeed, there are multiple reasons why a florist’s flowers will always be preferable over just an ordinary supermarket’s flowers. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Florists are professionals who make flowers their business and specialize in dealing with bouquets and floral arrangements.
  • Florist flowers last longer and stay fresh for an extended period.
  • Florists’ flowers will generally be of superior quality and hence, more costly.
  • Florists generally have a wider variety and selection of flowers available, including custom-flower arrangements for special occasions like funerals and weddings. 
  • Florists are more experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about flowers than supermarket personnel. Hence, they can give better advice and more enhanced service.
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Still, despite these factors, it is generally more convenient to shop for flowers from Kroger. Kroger’s flowers will be a good option if you are looking for budget-friendly and good-quality flowers. Their flowers only cost a fraction of what you would pay at a florist’s shop. However, there is a limited selection of flowers available, so they might be unable to fulfil special orders. 

Are Kroger Flowers Worth Buying?

According to Teri Rose, Kroger’s director of floral merchandising, customers can always count on Kroger’s professional florist to help them find the best-suited item for their loved ones from their expansive variety of distinctive floral offerings. 

BLOOM HAUS™ is incorporated in the e-commerce assortment of Kroger, meaning customers can conveniently order and pick up their choice of flowers at nearly 1,000 ClickList stores, joining a vast array of everyday products, fresh food, and flower selections at reasonable prices.

With Kroger’s home delivery service facilities, BLOOM HAUS™ flowers are also available to buy, allowing you to liven up your own day or that of your beloved friends and family members. 

Whether you need it for any special occasion, gifting, or just because, BLOOM HAUS™ offers customers the freshest, most elegant, sophisticated, and fabulous new line of flowers. These flower arrangements are cultivated with top-notch care.

The BLOOM HAUS™ personal selection is an excellent way to brighten any celebration, uplift your mood, and make somebody’s day extremely special and memorable.

All BLOOM HAUS™ flowers have the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal, indicating the product meets all the environmental and social standards designed to safeguard water, forests, wildlife, soil, and the people and communities who work and dwell in those farms and forests.

The green frog seal also ensures that the flowers they buy from Kroger are grown and harvested using socially and environmentally-responsible measures. 

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How to Make Your Kroger Flowers Look More Expensive

One of the most significant reasons why florists’ flowers stand out from supermarket ones is that a professional takes the time to carefully and neatly arrange and position them in a vase.

Being a supermarket, Kroger’s flowers might generally be short-lived and of less superior quality than that of a florist. But don’t worry. Even if you have a tight budget, you can make your Kroger flowers look as good as a florist’s.

Here are some tips to transform a bundle of flowers into a spectacular and expensive-looking floral arrangement. 

Use a smaller vase

You do not need to keep flowers at their maximum height in the bundle. Instead, you can easily trim them down and organize them in a small vase. After cutting the stems by a few inches, neatly arrange your flowers as you like, and use a smaller vase for it. 

Use filler

Adding simple fillers such as baby’s breath and a little greenery or other items to your bouquets can make them look a lot prettier. You can find affordable fillers that go well with your Kroger flowers and add that additional grace and elegance to your bouquet. 

Place two bouquets together.

If you need an impressive floral arrangement for a party you’re hosting, just buy two bouquets at Kroger and combine them to come up with a fuller, customized, unique, and more beautiful and expensive-looking floral arrangement. The vase should be vast enough to accommodate two full bouquets. 

Do floating flowers

A floating flower arrangement will impress your guests and woo your loved ones. Just remove the stem entirely and place the flower head in the water. Get a large, wide bowl and fill it with water.

Place the flower heads on the top so they can float. If you want to match your flowers with a theme, you can add dye to the water for extra color.

How to Purchase Kroger Flowers

You can purchase your favorite flowers in your nearest Kroger store during their regular business hours, 9:00 pm, at 24-hour locations, delivering fresh flowers 7 days a week. The Kroger staff can also take orders for large occasions and events over the telephone at the store location.

When buying flowers from Kroger for a large event like a wedding, you should speak to a manager to ensure the correct price quotations and determine if the location can fulfil your order in an orderly and timely manner.