What Are Your Xebec Tri Screen Reviews? Is It Legit Or a Scam?

Tired of switching to different tabs on your laptop screen? Well, almost every person I know is frustrated with it.

Jumping from outlook to sheet to CRM feels irritating most of the time. But the problem can be solved if your laptop has more than one screen. Xebec came forward and announced the “Xebec Tri Screen,” with which you can add one or two more screens to your laptop.

Many have found this claim to be too good to be true and often search whether this claim is legit or a scam.

To find out, I decided to buy the Xebec Tri Screen and what I found was truly astonishing, which I have written about in this article. Moreover, I also read Xebec Tri Screen Reviews from other buyers and have listed some of them here.

Let’s begin!

Xebec Tri Screen Reviews? Is It Legit Or a Scam?

Let me begin by declaring that Xebec Tri Screen is 100% legit. It is not a scam as it does exactly what it claims.

When you order it, you get two elegant-looking screens. Attaching it to your laptop will complete the trinity of the screens (aka Tri screen). Do whatever you want on these screens; you can disconnect them whenever you have to. It’s that easy.

Why Is Xebec Legit?

The biggest reason why it is legit is the sum of extremely helpful features it has that can make your life simple.

Let me now describe them.

Easy To Set Up

Xebec is super easy to set up. You don’t have to connect the screens to your laptop with so many wires tangle. Plus, other screens also need magnets and glues to connect properly. These complications don’t arise when you buy Xebec Tri Screen.

All you have to do is attach one or both screens to any laptop using the Tri-screen Adapter. For this, you will need to download and install a DisplayLink driver. It is completely free and will take only seconds to download. 

Next, connect the adapter by plugging it to the USB-A port of the laptop and the other end to the Xebec Screen. That’s it.

But if you have an M1 Pro or M1 MacBook, there is no need to connect the laptop with Xebec screens using the Adapter. You can set up these devices in less than 15 seconds, and there is no need to install any software.

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Compatible With Any Laptop

Xebec tri screen has a universal attachment feature. It means it is compatible with any laptop.

Whether you own Mac or Windows, Xebec screens will have no issue connecting with it. It will keep on giving you the best experience that will make your time on the laptop truly enjoyable.

Boosts Productivity by almost 45%

Having multiple screens has been shown to improve productivity. It’s true. You can see all stats or graphs you need right in front of you and don’t have to open other tabs.

Here’s an example from a user who has made the Xebec tri screen a vital part of life. Wayne uses Xebec whenever he has to attend any meeting. On the Main screen, zoom is on for video calls.

On the other screen, he takes notes, while on the third screen, he opens reference materials. This has improved efficiency and made life of Wayne easier.

Other people who work in the corporate also love Xebec because they can open outlook, docs, or sheets and CRM on their screens and don’t have to keep on switching from one tab to another. This boosts productivity to a great extent which ultimately benefits the business.

It is Compact and Portable

Xebec screens are in a slim body and can stay on even if you don’t have to use them. Furthermore, it only weighs around two pounds, which means it is half as heavy as any standard laptop.

This feature is extremely helpful when you have to travel a lot. They are easy to carry and easy to fit in any bag. Just make sure you don’t put any heavy objects on top of the screens as this might affect the pixels.

Easy Payment Method

Another impressive feature Xebec offers is the supportive payment method.

If you want, you can pay the whole amount at once when you buy this Tri screen. But if you are a little short on money, then you can also choose the option of paying in 4 interest-free payments via Sezzle.

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Excellent Shipping Policy

Xebec offers one of the fastest shipping services. It delivers your order within two business days only (but if you are a resident of Hawaii or Alaska, it might take more days).

Xebec also keeps on updating you via email about the shipping. Also, if you want to check where your order is, you can go to the tracking link sent to your email. It will provide you with your package’s current location and also show you the estimated date of when you will receive your order.

That’s not it.

Xebec offers free shipping to any part of the USA. If you are not a resident of the USA, then you should know your country’s import guidelines. The import fees and some other fees will apply if you order outside of the USA.

Warranty Is Available

Xebec has also further cemented its legitimacy by providing a warranty of one year. It applies to the manufacturing defect or fault in any material. Until the warranty period is valid, Xebec will repair or even replace your Screens with new ones.

What Will You Get In Xebec Tri Screen Box?

You will get a box from Xebec within a few business days. It will include:

  • 2 Xebec Tri Screen
  • 2 USB-C
  • 2 USB-A to C adaptors
  • Extension Cables
  • 2 x HDMI cables
  • A Charging Adaptor

Plus, there will also be a manual to help you with setting up the tri screen. Indeed Xebec has offered unbelievable features that are not commonly found in others.

Still hesitant? Let’s now see Xebec Tri Screen Customer Reviews.

Xebec Tri Screen Reviews By Customers

Reading customer reviews is the best thing you can do if you want to know if the product is legit or not. The majority of five-star or positive reviews mean that the product does what it claims. If most of the reviews are negative or one-star, then the product is definitely a scam.

You have read what I experienced in the reviews section above. Here is what other buyers have to say about Xebec Tri Screen after using it.

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Kenneth said that buying Xebec Tri Screen is money well spent as it has made traveling and work easier. The screens can fit easily in the bag and are super light to carry.

Giovanni said he hated switching from outlook to team to CRM to do the work. But now, he can just open these three right before his eyes using Xebec Tri Screen.

Ricky said having three screens makes the laptop more functional and works easily.

Christine said that the delivery and customer service of the Xebec are the best. The experience gets better using these multiple screens to do any work.

Steve B commented that he was so impressed with the Xebec tri screen that he recommended it to his ex-girlfriend.

These and hundreds of other reviews on different platforms is proof that Xebec is truly the best. Almost every review I came across was positive and with five stars.

But when I read these reviews, I saw one complaint the most by the people.

Problem With Xebec Tri Screen

Some people have complained that Xebec Screens are smaller than they thought.

The truth is, Xebec is like a secondary screen, and they can’t outsize the main screen. Moreover, Xebec advertises the size of the screen. It is not hidden what buyers find out when they order. So, it is not a hidden problem but something that is helpful. Smaller screens are easier to handle and light to carry.

To avoid any frustrating situation, I suggest you always read the product description before you buy it.

Final Thoughts

Xebec offers two screens which you can add to your laptop, making it Tri Screen. It is legit because of the number of features it provides to its buyers.

The benefits you get are: easy to set up, compatibility with any laptop, boosting productivity, light in structure, portability, excellent payment method, fastest shipping service, and one year warranty.

That is why there are hundreds of positive Xebec Tri Screen Reviews, and numbers are increasing continuously.

So, if you are in need of more screens, then do buy Xebec Tri Screen.